World of Warships – Developer Diaries – 2017 Plans

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Cooperative missions, new ship branches, legendary captains and much, much more—find out what has in store for !

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  1. Carrier revamp?

  2. 2017: More Dasha!

  3. Heres to getting a proper Royal Navy line!

  4. Davian “Captain” Thule

    Trump legendary captain or no update at all!

  5. Seamines will be the new armament i think

  6. plz change guns sounds they sound weird and not good

  7. Nah, I do not want filthy french baguette ships, give me italian cruiser
    tree already!

  8. We want more Aircraft Carriers. Maybe Arc Royal or Graf Zeppelin.

  9. I remember when I was watching the 2016 episode of this, Jesus has it
    really been one year?

  10. please add historical battle for PVE, recreate the battle of pacific and

  11. Wargaming pls try make PVE mode in World of Tanks

  12. Music in a game is the first option i always set to ZERO

  13. Whitedragonking Ocola (Whitedragon1204)

    World of Warships Fixes their problems much faster than the world of tanks.
    You guys are awesome!

  14. The Nation Italy would be nice. And a screenshake effekt while shooting.
    And the special Sweden ship “Tre Kronor-Klasse” as Prem or a new campaign
    ^^ . Have a good day.

  15. fart sounds when ever you fire a gun. coming soon….

  16. Earnable doubloons?

  17. Duck quacks as main battery firing sounds :)

  18. So, 50 new ships and some of them are gonna be premium or like the split
    off Russian DDs. Meaning we can expect something like UK BBs and DDs and
    maybe French cruisers and either DDs or BBs.
    Not gonna complain about that. Still, I wonder if there will be a British
    CV line somewhere down the road. I may not play CVs at all, but I feel like
    they are part of the game.

    And what may that new armament be? Mines?
    I’m not sure if mines would be awesome, terrifying or both. Probably the

  19. Could you do one of these for WoT

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