World of Warships: 0.7.12 update explained

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We went over the upcoming 0.7.12 patch thats about to hit World of Warships. There is lots to go over! New campaigns are coming for the PEF T6 battleship as well as a campaign just for the ship itself. Also the new Snowflake event is coming and we explain this as well. Here’s a break down of the rest of the upcoming patch!


  1. play tons of ships

  2. Co-op is going to explode for a bit.

  3. Mejash it’s 5:00 A.M. ?

  4. I only have 8 mil credits to my name so no T9 rebuys for me lol

  5. So, effectively, I’m going to get some steel in my account. Not enough to buy anything, though. So there’s no point in me bothering with that. Coal? Meh. Not going to go out of my way for that. So, the upshot, no pressure ?

  6. So basically, if I play all the ships like a nolife, in boring coop or potate random, I get 11000 steel. 1 tier 7 Flint.
    Bourgogne is 30000 steel, Stalingrad is 28000, Black is 14000.
    Is this supposed to be interesting ?

  7. High teir is gunna be unplayable lol yolo and whales everywhere

  8. Could you link that google drive file?

  9. Hey Mejash, did you see the patch notes on the Salem? They are buffing the heal. 100% heal of AP damage and i think 67% of Citadel damage… this is in addition to the current heal for HE damage… shorter distance radar aside, this thing will become a monster…

  10. Can you just get WoWs premium in the shop or do you have to use doubloons??

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