World of Warships – 1:42 Scale Borodino

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The first installment of our new 1:42 Scale video series takes an up-close look at the legendary Russian battleship Borodino. Using a detailed scale model of the ship, the video takes a look at Borodino’s journey halfway around the world during the Russo-Japanese War and her loss during the Battle of Tsushima.

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  1. Just like old Russia to take something as badass as this ship and hinder
    its capabilities due to old technology XD (Coal-powered engine, storing the

  2. Kruppstahl FTW

  3. Please start using the metric system FFS!

  4. Admit it, Russians suck at shipbuilding. Take a look at the British and
    Japanese, that’s how you do it.

  5. The Sunken Swede (rilleboy)

    nice story, nice ship …. not so much of a legend, but she did take a
    beating before she sunk, but still not so much of a legend 😛 …. however,
    i think it will be a rank III premium BB and she will have a really short
    fire range, but will still be a real brute in combat.

  6. what a sad storie

  7. that peppy Irish guy

    So your a hero for failing to invade a zone?

  8. that peppy Irish guy

    Lol at this time America had the South Carolina

  9. all that and still they lost the battle

  10. Harrison Abreu (Rerison)

    legenda em português ou espanhol por favor!!!!

  11. metric system motherfuckers, use it.

  12. So…will this ship be added to the game?

  13. UGH! Please Wargaming, these over dubbed videos are really poor.

  14. Lovely to know about the next to non-existent Russian Navy. Now how about
    some stories about the Royal Navy huh?

  15. Don’t want to sound dis-respectful. But what was legendary about this ship?
    It seems she did very poorly in combat in the Battle of Tsushima.

  16. It’s interesting to note that Borodino and her half-sister ships of the
    Tsesarevich class were commissioned from and built by the French and as
    such inherited many traits of French naval design at that time,
    particularly the pronounced tumblehome (the inward curve between the hull &
    the superstructure). Likewise, the modern Japanese battleships that
    participated in the Battle of Tsushima had been commissioned from and built
    by British shipyards and as such resembled British pre-dreadnought
    practices. So in a way, Tsushima was also a battle between the British and
    the French in terms of warship design.

    However, as naval historian Anthony Preston notes in his book “The World’s
    Worst Warships”, this very tumblehome practice resulted in the Russian
    battleships being very unstable and more vulnerable to capsizing due to
    damage to the superstructure, exactly the sort of damage the Japanese high
    explosive shells caused at Tsushima.

    Incidentally, I have a hunch we may be seeing the Borodino in WoWs someday
    as a complement to the Japanese tier 2 battleship Mikasa. I think Borodino
    may have the edge over Mikasa in terms of secondary armament, having larger
    guns with longer range that are mounted in small turrets, but I wonder if
    the devs will also take into account the weakness of her tumblehome design.

  17. Great video, hope wel’ll see more in the future !

  18. ehh re-upload?

  19. Sorry but Heroism? Sounds more like lemmings…they were critically damaged
    and turned around to fight an unnecessary battle they weren’t going to win
    when they could have instead headed to a safe port for at least some
    repairs and resupplying since they lost two ships. Heroism is when you take
    a destroyer escort into a battleship melee to protect escort carriers
    because the enemy mistook your task force for a battle group. What
    destroyer am I describing? Samuel B Roberts? Maybe yall could do research
    on that crew before claiming that this lemming mentality is heroic.

  20. If they have the Mikasa in the game, they should put this ship in it too.

  21. Is very cool the ships ; thas for the game .

  22. We need more pre dreadnoughts in game. : )

  23. That model is gorgeous (Who would’ve thought that statement would be
    referring to a ship?). Can’t wait to see more.

  24. They had a war of 1812 too?

  25. Nice video. Love to see more.

  26. That is a beautiful ship. Would not mind if it where in the game.

  27. Amazing video! Loved it! Cool info about how it’s secondaries could operate
    in any weather condition to.

  28. So when can we expect it in game? im guessing it will be tier 2 or 3.

  29. Add. This. Now. I. Want. Now.

  30. Just going off what I have seen here, if or rather when this class gets in
    WoWS it will be a brawler due to the heavy armor and large number of
    secondaries. I love the look of this class though so I cannot wait for it.

  31. Thumbs up, thank u

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