World of Warships – Epic Battles #7 – Such Epic Teamwork

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Episode 7 of Epic Battles features a battle from me playing my Iowa on the Two Brothers map. At the start of the battle, the enemy team has the immediate advantage with 2 Midways and 2 Yamatos compared to our Midway and Haku with a Montana and Yamato. What followed was possibly some of the best teamwork I’ve seen in a random battle and this battle made me feel like I was in a legendary naval battle. So sit back, relax and enjoy the awesome teamwork.

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  1. Really want WOWs can show the azimuth that we are facing. That must be help
    for communication ,right?

  2. I wish to battle against you one day!

  3. Andrew Wong (qwertwaszx3425)

    will u do a vid on new japanese carrier torp spread and ideas that war
    gaming have of armour piercing dive bombers and fightera being able to
    actually attack ships like in the trailer? the way I know this is because
    of the 2nd free wargaming magazine

  4. Amazing win!

  5. It’s a beautiful thing when everyone on your side works together including
    the CVs.

  6. Hey iChase, I noticed that even though you shot down 35 aircraft, you
    didn’t get the Clear Sky award. Why is that?

  7. mark the calendar, because most of the time, you see people “doing their
    thing” and then ( of course ) bitch when they loose, teamwork doesn’t seem
    to be the favor nowadays, some times I think a lot of the Captains came
    over from WoT and just keep on doing their little ” I need to get damage
    done for XP” routine, oh well gotta have those too I guess

  8. +iChaseGaming I had a game like that where i was the one who was doing the
    commands for the team the team was so flawless all where doing great and
    you already know what happened to the enemy team with coordination

  9. i think the lack of destroyers helped thing massively, but i love playing
    destroyers ;-)

  10. Very nice battle, but i would have loved to see the end results

  11. “Hurr durr, lemming train! Go back to WoT!”

  12. Lo, I saw this on your stream the other day

  13. Hey Fully! I know that guy! Yes, he’s the Hak Meister. He excels at
    obliterating Midways.

  14. Rail Fanning Ontario

    You need to watch where your going

  15. the ennemy team was full of noob…….did you see tthe 2 scum bag
    Yamhato….BORDER SCRUBBING pathetic

  16. I hope that people look at this vid and take note!!!!

  17. That definitely was a great battle chase. Also good to hear some critique
    of my carrier captaining abilities (I was the Midway captain Chase was
    divisioned up with for those who don’t know). I’ll work on that in my
    battles going forward

  18. Hopefully more teams like this well work together. I do greatly look
    forward to organized play though. That is going to be much better than clan
    wars in WoT in my opinion. Nice video again Chase!

  19. Great video!

  20. nice. The sad thing is that DD earns little to no xp or coin. There should
    be a vote system to help the defenders…I know vote systems get abused.

  21. Been going through your training playlist. Alot of useful information for
    those who havent watched that series. I have a suggestion for a episode.
    How about a video on UI setup and the various settings you use to improve
    the game play and information obtained during game play?

  22. Sometimes I wonder… what makes people downvote this sort of thing? “Argh,
    I hate teamwork it is OP!”? I can’t see it… This is exactly what everyone
    is clamouring for at the higher tiers.

  23. It was fun to see this fight again, as I saw it live yesterday. It was
    really a fantastic teamwork, but nevertheless the enemy team showed also a
    good teamwork, even thought it was not that good coordinated and a little
    bit confused.

  24. this is how battleships roll at the frontlines followed by cruisers. most
    battleships gameplay are at the back and letting cruisers or destroyer take
    the beating. this game is more teamwork base not some random battle.

    great vid chase!!! keep them coming!!! your teamates really did a great

  25. So I’m right now playing my Isokaze and I have a question for those of you
    that are more experienced with DD’s – “how” do I make people not turn from
    my torpedoes? Even though I am undetected it seems like they turn as soon
    as I fire while I’m just cruising around and saying “Oh well, lets fine
    another one…”

  26. this is a one in a million event…

  27. I’m still very new to this game (just got my first T5) but I normally play
    WOT and WT so I do have something to fall back on, having said that I’m
    still struggling with some of the concepts and understanding. This video
    has helped a lot in that regard. I’m a firm believer in teamwork
    where 1+1=3, working together makes you stronger. From what I’ve understood
    so far is that if you’re looking for a ship type that meshes really well
    with a group then US cruisers, with their AA support, is the way to go? Is
    that true and/or are there any other options?

  28. Never have others join up in a team when im playing,most of them split and
    get picked off one by one.Me i stay with battleships, but the aircraft
    carriers stay off in the corner of the map or by a island

  29. Great video and nice to see that temwork can actually happen :)

  30. if your team bring fubuki to the front line, your whole fleet won’t take a
    single damage from the enemy carrier

  31. Epic battle indeed. A joy to watch!

  32. That DD, even though doing his job of screening and Defense probably got a
    really low score. I wish there was some mechanic in the game that rewarded
    folks like that. The DD, doing his screening and defense, the Cruiser doing
    AA Escort for carriers in the back. Things like that while awesome for a
    team, lousy for the individual captain. I know I’ve planted my Atlanta next
    to CVs and hung out till more than halfway through a fight then go join the
    furball at the front when we’re pretty sure the enemy CV is looking
    somewhere else.

    Nice replay.

  33. Chase!!!!!! why you cut off that music just before the (contra) bass
    trombone solo?? that was epic, I love playing that with my bass trombone (2:10)

  34. I almost cry now,cause I play Wows in Asia service.

  35. I was the Yamato staying a bit behind the line…

  36. Never ever seen some BBs in the front off a push against the enemy, how
    refreashing! Often you have to curse them out just to get them moving
    towards the real fight, but as you said, its BBs like this that win the

  37. They seriously need to up the rewards on plane kills, I escort and give AA
    with my cruiser and get nothing, but the most important is it makes cvs not
    care about air cover and just use whatever will give em the most bomber

  38. Great job promoting teamwork. To have someone taking over and providing
    distraction when you are in danger of being focus-fired is priceless. I
    will have remembered those player’ names and return the favor whenever I
    can and treat those players with utmost respect.

  39. Wow that’s what teamwork is!

  40. A man stands at a plate alone, this is the time for what ?,..individual
    achievement !, there he stands alone, but in the field,…part of a team?!

  41. Fun match iChase! Special thanks to all the players on our team during that
    fight. I had support from everyone as a carrier player playing Hakuryu.

  42. New vid 😀 kept up the great work Chase!

  43. Coooool Battle And Good Work!!!

  44. I’m so jelly! I want that team!!

  45. This was exactly what the iowa did in real life, formed up as an aa defense
    for carriers, best battle ive seen to date

  46. What a great game. Thanks for sharing.

  47. so damm jealous of u chase lol, getting a team like that would be awesome,
    playing on the asian server and only speaking english makes any cooperation
    impossible 🙁
    lately all my battles have been won or lost with no regard to my
    contribution……get 6 kills and still lose or get bumrushed by enemy dd
    and die in first 2 minute and win.

  48. is your equipment and captain skills aa-focused?

  49. Teamwork is OP!

  50. Good stuff, it’s hard to find that kind of commitment and teamwork,
    especially at higher tiers. A lot of people are too concerned about repair
    bills and would rather cower away and not fight.

  51. Well done team; Great to see good team work. Can’t wait till we get Clan

  52. first kappa

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