World of Warships – 1:42 Scale: German Light Cruiser Kolberg

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This time, we are uncovering the interesting history a German , SMS Kolberg, the lead of the Kolberg-class of light cruisers.

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  1. Nice Wideo

  2. That’s a big scale for ships.

  3. Will you do tank models

  4. I just noticed you’re doing these in 4k. Awesome.

  5. how were the torpedo tubes useless?

  6. SMS Mainz! named after my hometown!!! and Köln gets spelled wit a K not C
    in german(:

  7. DarkFlameDragonSlayer

    So…the Germans thought size didn’t matter, but how you used it?

  8. What is the name of the music playing at 1:45?

  9. Ihr Scheiss Arschlöcher aus Russland. Was habz ihr mit der Tirpitz gemacht?
    Das Ding uist nur mehr Scheisse. Erst teuer verkaufen und dann nerven.
    Schiebt euch euren Scheiss wo hin. Ihr Abzocker.

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