World of Warships – 2 Brothers middle madness

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We are back at 2 brothers and it’s time for middle madness in full swing. In honor of 1 of my most viewed YT videos ever I decided to try and repeat it again and WE HAVE + we took it a bit further and got other crazy things to happen that nobody expected.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. oh boy! 4 am! time to watch flambass

  2. I forgot how you looked in the mask xD

  3. 3:07 When even a Minotaur looks enormous …

  4. Madcap Magician

    Captain Nightwing has entered chat!

  5. Next episode: Going down Two Brothers but in a Grosser Kurfurst.

  6. Destroyer Inazuma

    What a fun video!
    btw whenever I see the Tachibana I can only think of Angel Beats

  7. Oh good old Sunday-Funday. Bring it back in WT pleeeeez =)
    i once bleached my beard. You guys can’t imagine how you suffer from the smells xD

  8. david and martine albon

    I was expecting more War Canoes in the tier 5 DD rush…

  9. HA! well, didn’t expect this. Good stuff. Congrats on 3 years.

  10. 6k goal should be “Mrs waxes my legs”. Who’s with me ?

  11. The return of flying boats! LOL

  12. Can you get hit by deep water torps while being this kind of submarine in the beginning?

  13. I feel that 10000.- waxing session coming…

  14. Here is what would be funny, play a ship at full speed for the entire game, no slowing down!

  15. This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen, and I love it!

  16. She does not look like a “dude” from here. Just sayin’.

  17. All I could think of “Get Down Mr President!!!”

  18. Flambass thinking the whole time: I’m Batman.

  19. Ricky Breckenridge

    This brings a tear and a smile to my face.
    Thank you for making me laugh, wish I hadn’t taken my anger out on the poor FDG.

  20. $10K for a complete makeover including hair, makeup, nails (mani and pedi). Even I would chip in to that one.

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