World of Warships – 7.7

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7.7 comes out this week, discuss the additions and ship rebalancing that I’ll cover after the patch is out. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time! – Discord Server


  1. Keep up the good work Notser!! ;D

  2. I’m disappointed the Alsace nerfs went through.

    • Many cruisers in Alsace’s MM spread can resist 15 inch AP when they properly angle. The trick is to not show too much broadside against her, which to be frank should be SOP for any cruiser facing any BB.

    • lol i didnt find alsace op in cruisers. in fact you can bully it with t10 cruisers since most have plenty of 27+ armor near the bow or on it, to bounce 380s. Just poitato that cant angle and want to use all guns versus a ship made to counter them, complained. And as usual, wg only listens to whiners.

    • Yeah I never clicked with the Alsace prefer the Republique by a wide margin. I do not think it needed the reload nerf. The French flavor seems to be smaller faster reloading guns. A sigma nerf to 1.5 and a 26.5 second reload would have been more appropriate in my opinion. Basically a Tier IX Fuso at that point. Like pointed out German and and US cruisers as well as Moskva (immune to Yamato now lol) can basically bully it with those tiny 15 ” guns.

    • DaKillerChipmunk

      Most BB players are too busy eating paint, though…

    • Santa Claus, do you think that 15 inch guns should reload slower than 16 inch guns? You can have 12 guns but you are not going to make any significant damage to bow tanked high tier cruisers.

  3. secondary build Ibuki? i dare you

  4. Can we get a nurnberg guide

    • Hassan Tahir damn, I loved that ship

    • Ernie Kat HOW?? its complete shit

    • hide behind islands/teammates, and spam HE. Aim for battleships, big and easy targets and can rack up that damage easily.

      don’t be afraid to punish broadside cruisers with AP.

      push with your team, never go alone. Your armor is made of cheap toilet paper and you CAN get citadelled from the stern. Its that bad haha

      Never show your broadside to the enemy unless you are behind cover or they are distracted. Stay in the back lines of your team.

      If you do get accidentally over-extend and get focused down by fire, dont panic, angle your stern towards the enemy and kite away while using rear guns. Kiting is what the Nurnberg does best. Dont be afraid to use torps too, if you are close enough.

      Once used to this playstyle, nurnberg is a beast. I had a blast grinding it, I had much more fun than the Konigsberg. Once you progress, the Yorck is fun too. Hope this helped.

  5. I hope they add those permanent camos for more ships eventually.

  6. Christopher watton

    An even more difficult scenario! My God, my win rate on this week’s T-7 scenario is terrible! Lose a couple of cruisers at the start and you don’t have a chance unless you’re really lucky and have great  players – and even then the best I have seen this week is 4 stars. For me, it’s like being up against a bot team of Flamu’s or Notser’s, all focused firing spam HE at me… But, having said that, I am not the best player, quite awful compared to most, probably…

  7. oh Notser, at least try to pronounce Jean Bart with a proper French pronunciation. Think Jean Luc Picard.

    • Or even easier: just pronounce it like the english name “Sean”.

    • It’s very funny how french are always complaining about proper pronunciation of French words when the French themselves are one of the few countries in the world that pronounce every single name, English, Italian, whatever, as if it was French. The French NEVER say English names in English, they use the English word but always read it like it’s French so refrain yourself from correcting others.

    • I’ll care about this some time after he gets Harekaze correct, though I don’t expect him to change because he probably finds it funny or annoying others to be funny. Harekaze, “ha” (like “haha” im laughing) “ray” (like a ray of light) and he has “kaze” correct. I would also be fine with the translation of it, “Fair wind” or “gentle breeze”.

    • Loool … that came in my mind right away. John Luck Pickard. Q is awesome 🙂

    • Really, let’s get real. It is is just like a French rifle, only been dropped once.

  8. Hey Notser are they going to fix the radar problem in the game. Its killing the DD play. When i play my DDs i have stop playing to objective at the start of the game. There are too many times when I almost got the cap to 100% somebody pops radar and I’m dead in less than a minute. So I stopped going for the cap at the start of the game I don’t spot for my team at the start I don’t play the objective that’s really awful to play destroyers now.

    • Anthony, while I would love to see this radar and hydro seeing through islands thing fixed, I think that that’s not the real “problem” with radar. IMO, the real problem with radar is that every other ship on the radaring ship’s team can see the enemy ships that have been radar-spotted. IMO, the only ship that should be able to see an enemy ship that’s been radar-spotted is the ship that mounts the radar that’s active. (Team mates should be able to see the radar spotted ships on their minimap, though.) This change would automatically reduce the overall power of radar on the game. And it’d probably make it so that any MM imbalances in number of radar ships per team weren’t nearly so severe.

    • Yeah, they fixed the destroyer problem. They introduced a whole line of destroyer killers and gave more ships radar. It’s funny someone said use cover in a destroyer. That same person will scream ” I wish we had destroyers that will spot instead of hide behind rocks….”

    • Dark Howling, LOL where do you see cover in the middle of a cap?

    • I predominantly play DDs and I like it. Yes it is makes life harder, but it also limits the DDs. Know your enemy and their limits, don’t over extend, don’t be predictable, look at the map and see where the radar is going to be. And also give it time, we just had two lines introduced that is heavy with radar. It will get better.

    • What has this to do with the dd play.

  9. Alsace is the new izumo

  10. The camos and signal flags are a ripoff in the Arsenal i think.

  11. German BB dispersion should be fixed…Please tell them Notser – I’m getting pretty tired of my Kurfurst.

  12. Glad I didn’t commit to Alsace with purchased premium camouflage.

    • I realize it is so risky to by premium camouflage. Your favorite silver ship can become a meh ship overnight and your premium camo becomes useless.

  13. Hey Notser. Thx, WG forgot to buff the Leningrad, too. Only the sowjet silver ships 🤧😢

    PLEASE, show a full secondary build with the buffed Izumo and the buffed Kii!

    Keep on, great job!

  14. For the love of sanity, plese pronounce Jean Bart at least a bit like it’s supposed to. Hint: the “Bart” part is OK.

    • nice to know im not the only one who goes into fetal position when I hear that shit

    • Griffin W I don’t even speak french. I had to change primary school because of it. But fetal position pretty much sums it up! 😀

    • Lol I listened till that point and he says it wrong couple of times :)) made me laugh in a fetal position though :))). Not a french speaker also but still.. 😀

  15. Risheen Mukherjee

    Remember that time when the game wasn’t so damn complicated? Not 2 years ago it was a completely different kind of game. The more that gets added in the game, the less fun it gets day by day. I mean, I haven’t touched this game in a couple of months now. The long range-HE-Radar-Deepwater torps-meta has ruined this game. Sure people like Notser and iChase and Flamu and Jingles still play this game, but is it honestly as enjoyable as it used to be? So much min-maxing. So many people just throwing money at the game to get ahead these days. *sigh*
    Seriously considering uninstalling one of these days.

    • Risheen Mukherjee You’re spot on with the min max thing. It would be great if there were genuine alternative builds and skills, but there are a number of must haves for each ship and others are a waste of time. Shame. Either make all the skills as useful as each other, or get rid of them and just buff the ships permanently.

  16. I’m using the legendary upgrade for République. So far it’s worthless. 21,1 sec second reload is great. 19,8 sec is just 1,4 sec better. It can make a difference from time to time but you don’t really notice the difference…
    Now going from 26,1km range to 19,8km? Good luck. Try it for yourself, i was also excited till i tried it. I won’t say much more because some dumb limited kid who thinks range is only good for camping will come up with some sort of idiot comment.
    Not good for ranked. Not good for random.

    • I got it and haven’t tried it…since it looks pretty worthless on paper already!
      19,8km is just not enough for that ship…since one of his major strenghts (due to the high shell velo and range) is to shoot enemies at 20km+….
      Especially in competitive, absolutely crucial!
      There are soooo many shots you take at sthing like around 22kms that this upgrade is just worthless…
      I mean, if we would have the spotter plane option….I could see this working….
      But like this, this is just a trolling upgrade to use in random plays and will never be useful in competitive which is pretty disappointing in my opinion.

  17. I hate the aki changes. Harugumo and kitikaze needed the pen, not aki, and aki still suffered

  18. Frank Berkemeier

    It’s getting more and more gimicky, not a good thing.

  19. ULTIMATE FRONTIER is EXTREMELY hard and because of that on NA the ques have plummeted. If WG made these other two OPERATIONS harder, this mode will quickly lose all all interest among players. The winrates should be over 80% with 5 stars at 60-70%. UF is the exact opposite. It is almost impossible to 5 star it and even winning is very hard.

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