World of Warships – Pucker Factor 10

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In which PointyHairedJedi shows that you don’t have to be sailing the best ship, you don’t even have to be making all the best decisions all the time. You you can still win, just make sure you keep a cork handy for your pucker hole.

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

If you have a World of Warships replay, consider using a hosting service like

Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every week and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. Notificaton Squad, we’re on the move

  2. When the video uploads as you still down for breakfast ?

  3. I hopped out of an Ace Combat analysis for this.

  4. The Tank Commander

    One of your big fans speaking Jingles! Just respond and I will shut up! Please King of The Gnomes!

  5. Ok srsly Jingles? I mean yes the games were impressive, but how many of the last WoWs vids have been from “celebrities”?

    • Johannes G. F. Bruhn I really like the way you summed up your thought. Jingles likely gets thousands of replays a week. Imagine if the average length of those replays is 15 minutes……that’s 250 hours of replays! If our gracious Gnome overlord reviewed replays for 18 hours a day, it would take him nearly 2 weeks to go through a week’s worth of subscriber’s replays. He would never have time for anything else, or what he did upload would be rubbish. Is there a WOWS replay uploading and host site like we have for WOT? If not, one of the salt mine minions should get that rolling. Perhaps then link it to the salt mine discord and then appoint a review team of volunteers to watch and recommend a couple of possible replay-cast able videos for our Gnome overlord’s consideration. Just my thoughts on the matter.


    • If I want to watch Flambass, I’ll watch Flambass… PointyEared? I’ll watch PointyEared… I don’t care about the chances of my videos being played, I’d just rather see other people’s games. I feel like part of it is just time. He has personal relations with these celebs so he doesn’t need to vet the replays they send him the same way he does from grunts from the salt mines.

    • Whats wrong with that? They are entertaining and that’s what counts. I had a really exciting game too, when I 1v4ed the enemy team at A on Neighbours. Then i watched the replay and it was kinda boring. Rita was in that game too. TLDR some games aren’t as entertaining as they may seem when you play them. Probably the majority of games that Jingles get sent are boring.

    • +firehawk894 but in order to find a great game from a “nobody” worth showing he’d have to wade through hundreds of emails from people with lackluster games to hopefully find one gem, and even that isn’t a given. You want good games from non-celebrities? Everyone and their mother has a YouTube channel, I’m sure you’ll find them.
      To me, I don’t care in the least who sent the replay in. It’s about how good the replay is.

    • And to be honest, i am not that impressed by this battle i mean he did very well in this match but the particular outcome in this match, i have seen that multiple times but that is just my opinion.

  6. Jingles, collab with squire for the sake of our children

  7. 8:39 “going after those two Destroyers” Jingles, you are crap. Calling a cruiser a destroyer lol

  8. Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli Quetzalcoatl

    to be fair, any sensible destroyer would have just turned around and run away so he wins by points before the dive bombers reach him. But in that kind of situation, after that gunfight and so on, who am I to judge? In the end he won and that is what matters.

  9. Doesn’t get good ’til tier VIII? Haven’t they played the Jervis? It’s right fun. Stern turret goes 360 so you can get guns on target faster and it has some nice torps. Not OP, true, but if “not OP” = bad then I like being bad, baby.

    • Johannes G. F. Bruhn

      +Just a random Horse. Well… The change must have been around late november or early december. If I recall that correctly, they changed it so that tier 8’s are waiting for other tier 8’s and lower tiers for a minute or two and the old system – resulting in mostly tier 9’s and 10’s – applies only after that time has passed. So if you play mostly at times with few players online (e.g. the very early morning), the change doesn’t come into effect that often. I definitely noticed the change. Additionally, there seem to be more matches with only t10 and t9 ships.

      As far as premiums are concerned – you know that they don’t nerf those, don’t you? Very simple reason: They sold them for real money. If they nerfed them, they’d subsequently decrease the value of already sold items, which would result in countless claims for compensation.

    • The reason the Jervis doesn’t get that much respect despite being a pretty good DD is that Jervis is a worse version of Gadjah Mada. But GODjah Mada basically is an OP ship, so that comes back to the whole idea of people thinking “not OP = bad”.

    • Just a random Horse.

      +Johannes G. F. Bruhn Yea. 😛 Wouldn’t want to lose out on money, better have dumb premiums that they keep reselling despite reassuring their players they wont 😉 … shame really, some premiums need rebalancing, especially that Missouri feker. I’m waiting for the day they end up reselling it as I don’t put it past them to do something like that. (and I mean sell, because people will pay for that and the ridiculous credit earning it gets.)

    • Johannes G. F. Bruhn

      +Just a random Horse. The only aspect in which Missouri is OP is its credit earning potential. Apart from that and the radar (which I don’t actually use that often on the Missouri), it’s pretty much an Iowa. And I don’t think they’re gonna put it on sale again, simply because of this credit earning potential. The ability to earn more money is the most important aspect of the premium account. If you have the Missouri and play it frequently, you don’t need premium in order to afford high tier play. So the Missouri actually ended up costing them money in the long run, which is exactly why they decided to remove it.

    • Just a random Horse.

      +Johannes G. F. Bruhn That was ma point 😛 They keep adding ships or tanks that are clearly bullcrap in some way, and never rebalance them because of this whole “well I bought it so you can’t change it or I want my money back” … even if in some cases it destroys gameplay. It’s not like they just sold lootboxes and made people gamble for a old premium that they recently buffed to OP levels of bullshit (gave a IS-3 an autoreloader with literally no downsides)… which is toxic both for the gameplay and the mentality of people which they exploit. Getting harder to stick around with this game company as the days go by… at the same time it’s kinda entertaining to see what crap they pull next…

  10. I know this is nit picking but Jingles…the name of that Russian warship is pronounced ” oh-hoe-t-nik” or Hunter. Just letting you know…not that it matters…but historically accurate Jingles “needs to know” 😉 Happy sailing captain.

    • or as the Russians would say ” strelyat dlya effekta ” fire for effect. )))))))))) my wife can’t recall how to say this correctly, so its probably not correct either. but you get the gist.

    • +Jeremy Crowley But the stress is on the second O (Охóтник) so the first O gets, so a-khot-nik

    • +fnfdmgjfndf agreed….I’ve been living in Ukraine for 12 years and still find it hard to TRANSLITERATE some of these words into coherent thoughts. Thanks for the input!! )) so maybe oh-HO-t-nik? lolololol…..impossible that the second ho doesn’t look like hot. Second O sounds like “hey HOE, where’s my money!!” followed by an immediate T and then nik….hahahaha….now I’ve done it. anyway….thx for the upload Jingles. cool game replay.

    • +Jeremy Crowley I’m sorry, I misspelled – I meant to say that that because the first O is before the stressed vowel, it is pronounced as an A
      I don’t know about Ukrainian though – only in first semester of Russian at uni

    • +fnfdmgjfndf I don’t speak Ukrainian either. Contrary to popular belief, 90% of all Ukrainians I know and meet speak Russian not Ukrainian. But yes, the O at the beginning does sound and is pronounced like an A. However, in general conversation, it is almost always rushed and sounds like a lazy, almost drunk O. LOL Good for you on learning Russian…..its an extremely hard language to learn and speak correctly. I applaud your willingness to learn it….you are in for a heck of a time. Uhhhgggg.

  11. I loved playing the Icarus so much I didn’t sell it it’s fun for it’s tier. As for Jeri’s mistake it’s somewhat understandable as the Kamikaze is a very evil little DD when hunting battleships I’m assuming Jedi thought the Kamikaze driver wouldn’t have had that much difficulty

  12. Totally unrelated, but @Jingles, you HAVE to watch the fanmade short(shortfilms) Astartes. Wich is placed in the Warhammer 40k universe. Totally worth your5 minutes

  13. Mr Jingles what’s about limies and lemons Cellerman was about? Any thoughts?

    • British ships used to carry lemons to ward off scruvy for some reason the Americans decided to call us limey’s because of this….

    • +Tom Riley : Actually Limes were normally used because they have even more vitamin C (ascorbic acid) than lemons, but yes both were effective against scurvy.

    • +Richard Linter Where did you read that? Limes have little more than half the Vit C of Lemons. Limes were used in the RN because we had ready access to them in our colonies more than we did lemons. Sauerkraut was also used, being just as popular such as on James Cook’s expeditions.

    • Dear +Lee : Here, at SeriousEats – look at part 3, “3. Lemon and lime juice are not interchangeable”,

      The graph compares Orange, grapefruit, lemon, and lime. Lemons hold 1.4g per [fluid] ounce of juice (~0.03 litre or 30cc); Limes, rather more at 1.8g/oz. Thus a litre of lemon juice holds about (1.4/0.03) ~ 47g, and a litre of (fresh) lime juice about 60g, quite a lot more than lemons.

      Now, Serious Eats is a good site going so far as to cite gas chromatography studies for limes, but one imagines this would vary depending on the cultivars involved, and given how close the comparison it’s perfectly possible some researchers would find lemons outdo limes for ascorbic acid.

      For one thing, over a quite short time juice chemicals degrade in a process reminiscent of the tannic acid / tannin changes in tea. That means sloppy experimental handling can yield very different results from fresh juice.

      One would need some kind of standard test; unfortunately my normal go-to place for this sort of comparison – the United States Department of Agriculture Nutrient Database – is offline due to US Federal budget cuts 🙁

    • +Lee : I should add that I’m familiar with Sauerkraut being used on Cook’s voyages – he laid in 7860lb for Endeavour’s 1768 expedition. Indeed much earlier it had been found that concentrated juice of ANY citrus was much less effective than the fresh fruit or vegetables. There’s a famous story about Cook persuading his crew to eat their “Sour Krout” by serving it liberally to officers at the captain’s table.

      A fascinating ’60s discussion (PDF format) may be seen at:
      – quoting liberally from the likes of Beaglehole.

  14. What?? Pointy Haired Jedi can shoot well in Warships??? What madness is this???

  15. i quite like they saying “turns like a cow in a shopping cart” myself. its more evocative of the situation bringing to mind the image of manuvering a large bovine through the narrow lanes between the shelves of a grocery store

  16. Ahhhhhhh, ships!^^ Claus may be on to something!^^ So he just explained some shit we would otherwise, never known about, Britain, or Uk, or London, I dunno man, them nigas with all that tea. He said ur connected with ships somehow (which OBVIOUSLY this video confirms), and that u can confirm this, priceless knowledge he’s dropped on us today.

    Well, do u?

  17. BestViewedWithCable

    Hey Jingles, Is it true the Queen only feeds her swans, limes? You know, so they dont get scurvy?

  18. Jingles, Klaus wants to know about lymies and the French, the counting of the Queen’s geese and why Canada is ruled by Great Britain?
    At least I think that’s what he wants. lol

    • Canada is not ruled by Great Britain, it is its own Nation, interesting fact, Britain also is not ruled by the Queen, the Monarch has been a titular head of state since the English Civil War, when Britain became a Constitutional Monarchy. The English Civil War ended in 1651, Britain has been a Democracy with the Monarch as a titular Head with little real power for longer than the US has been a nation….

      Limies comes from the Limes that were one of the fruits or vegetables all ships of the Royal Navy were *required* to carry in order to see off Scurvy, a vitamin C deficiency that was fatal for many sailors at the time. When the British gained this nickname, the Royal Navy was the ONLY Navy in the world who made this provision for the health of its sailors. As a result while other nations would often see casualty rates of between 25 and 50% of the crew to scurvy on long voyages, on Royal Navy ships the disease was virtually unkown. In fact, losing a significant proportion of the crew to scurvy at this time was considered negligance by the Royal Navy and would result in the Courtmartial of the Captain and Purser….

      As for Limies and the French, I assume you mean Brits… have you enough time for almost two thousand years of history, most of it seeing the two nations as enemies? Britain and France have only been allies for a little over a century, for the vast majority of their history they have not been on what you could call friendly terms…..

      As for counting the Queens Swans, fuck knows, didn’t think it even still happened…..

    • +alganhar1 Did you see Claus Kellerman’s YouTube video today ? He did a 19 odd minute video showing 2 games of World of Tanks each featuring a British tank. Claus, instead of any game commentary gave a terrible history lesson on the British Commonwealth ending with him asking his viewers to go to Jingles channel and ask Jingles to verify all the info he’d given. Since Claus is Canadian and his info was very suspect and he really was doing it to get his viewers to troll Jingles comments section. I was playing along and making my post about as factual as Claus’s history facts were.

      Your information was very nice and spot on however. TY

  19. I apologize for the comments about limes and lemons and thank you Jingles for setting the record straight about all that stuff about Britain.

  20. I acknowledge that this replay is good… and yes, Flambass’s videos are good. But if I want to watch Flambass or PEJ I’ll just go to their content. I come here to see what good games you’ve come across from us regular salt line workers.

    • Then watch through all the hundreds, possibly thousands of replays he gets a week….

      That there is really the point, someone like Jedi, Flambass or Flamu send him a game, he *knows* it is special as soon as he sees it. Us mere mortals, those he has to watch, and given the number of vids Jingles gets every week I am guessing he does not have time to watch all of them. Literally does not have the time, as in there are not enough hours in a week to watch them all if thats all he did.

    • alganhar1 tbh I bet most replays he gets sent are better than this one right here.

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