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I decided to give my thoughts on the Alabama, it was recently announced it would be a exclusive reward for Supertesters. Many in the community feel the ship shouldn’t be exclusive, I share those feelings and I’d like to see something done by . The Supertesters do a great job with their feedback but I don’t think they expect more then the early access to many ships before the rest of the community. Hope this was interesting and hope you have a wonderful day!

Tier VIII German Bismarck Replay


  1. give it to supertesters for free and let the rest of us buy it jfc

  2. I was gonna buy Alabama, WG just throw away free money. WG dun goofed

  3. Yeah… this blows. The one ship in game I’ve managed to actually visit in
    person, and now I can’t play it in game. Blah.

    Between this and the Mighty Mo costing a small fortune in converted Free
    XP, I’m not a happy camper.

  4. The torpedo protection is so high because most of your team will want to
    torp you.

  5. We need ijn prem ships come on WG!

  6. second US battleship line?? FACK YEA lets get some freedom naval
    competition agains se Fürher and empror

  7. I’ve already shared my thoughts a couple of times in the official forums,
    but it seems the mods there are frantically closing threads almost as fast
    as people are creating them. The General forum right now is a mess of
    unprecedented degree.

    Here’s what I think: This is a horrible horrible idea.

    I DO believe supertesters should be rewarded for their effort. I do. They
    should be given free ships and camos regularly for their time. As far as
    I’m concerned, they should get all the ships they test for free. The amount
    of time and effort they spend testing these ships more than equals the
    amount of money it costs them for that premium ship once it hits the shop.

    BUT …

    Giving them *exclusive* access to a HIGHLY requested ship class, and the
    only tier 8 USN ship in the game, is PR suicide.

    First off, it’s a South Dakota class battleship, one of three lines the US
    launched during WW2. North Carolina and Iowa are already in game, and
    *everyone* has been clamoring on the forums to release the remaining one. I
    don’t think any other ship class has been brought up as often aside from
    maybe the Deutschland class heavy cruisers (Graf Spee).

    Secondly, it’s a tier 8 battleship. Tier 8 is widely considered THE best
    tier in the game. It is the tier at which most competitive matches are
    played at. This includes most ranked seasons as well as the supremacy
    league. It also happens to the be the ONLY tier 8 USN premium ship.
    Germany, Japan, Russia … all of them have tier 8 premiums. While you can
    counter by bringing up the recent launch of the Missouri, a tier 9 Iowa
    clone(ish), Missouri is out of reach for the vast majority of players as it
    not only costs money, it also requires grinding XP on premium or elited
    ships over *hundreds* of matches, all of which is dedicated to getting this
    one ship. Very few have time for that, myself included. 750k XP is around
    equal to grinding out an entire line of ships, from tier 1 to 10. A tier 8
    USN premium, for fans of the late tier USN battleship line, was seen as a
    godsend by everyone.

    The player base as a whole is enraged. The Community contributors are
    pissed. I have no doubt that even many if not most of the supertesters are
    questioning Wargaming’s decision here. The worst part of all this is that
    many players will blame supertesters and target them ferociously in game
    and on the forums, even if they had no say in this whatsoever. WG may as
    well include a special bullseye camo on this ship as it’s fairly certain
    everyone will be focus firing any Alabamas they see in game… including,
    no doubt, same team ships who will be okay to go pink and lose the match
    out of spite.

    Two possible solutions:

    – Give supertesters the ship for free with a special supertester only camo,
    and sell the ship with it’s regular camo in the premium shop for everyone
    – Give supertesters exclusive access to Alabama, but simultaneously release
    another South Dakota class ship, for example the Massachusetts, for
    everyone else in the premium shop.

    The first option is the best one as it removes any claims of favoritism or
    exclusivity. But the second is still viable as it allows the rest of the
    players to get what they’ve always wanted … a playable South Dakota class
    battleship and the only USN premium tier 8 ship ever available for

  8. I think this was just an honest mistake by WG rus development team. I’m
    sure they forgot that Americans have the same love for our museum ships as
    they have for their Russian ones. Just imagine the Russian fan bases
    reaction if the M. Kutuzov waa a supertester only ship? Much outrage da?

  9. Maybe these “bad” decisions are released on purpose. Wargaming seems to
    have made plenty of unpopular choices in the past, yet keep doing them.
    Could this just be another way to generate traffic for World of Warships
    over the holiday season?

  10. The thing is that WG doesn’t realize that there is a sentiment in ships.
    Especially battleships. They are not mass produced and a good amount of the
    player base play this game because they can have that particular ship.

  11. Every Alabama is going to eat torps in every match it shows it’s face in,
    from ‘friendlies’.

  12. I’m gonna be honest- I’ll be Tking Alabama’s and gunning for them when I
    see them.

  13. Give Supettesters Alabama and we get Connecticut.

  14. FrustratedNameSearch

    The problem is I doubt Wargamming gives one total damn about what anyone
    thinks. They are raking it in and are happy clams.

    There could be an agreement that if an Alabama ever pops up in a game,
    everyone quits on the spot. My only issue is that would also punish
    supertesters. Until they simply quit playing the ship.

  15. Ah but then which version of the Hornet, the one that launched the
    Doolittle raid, or the one that replaced her after she was sunk?…Oh crap
    I may have given WG more money to make.

  16. Magoskillz Magoskillz

    notser, can you make the button on the front page for twitch bigger? when I
    was looking couldn’t find it for a few mins, other people might not even
    notice it, unless you tell them about your twich channel lol, hope I’m

  17. Well the Alabama is only a slightly upgraded NC in mostly superficial

  18. Japan probably needs a few more prems aswell but the usn also doesn’t have
    a tier 8 yet

  19. Ty Notsor for making another sound statement on a significant topic.

  20. I would say give the super testers a choice of any super container in the
    game and a unique camo for all ships with stats according to Tier.

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