World of Warships – Anchors Aweigh Arpeggio Might

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Two replays from the two ARP ships, one with the Kongō and one with the Myoko. Kongō fights on Strait and uses the long range of the ship to our advantage. Quite a few long range citadels on the enemy will help our team eventually turn the tide. We were able to do a ton of damage to the enemy and win the game. The Myoko is playing on Two Brothers, we push the western flank with a friendly destroyer. Multiple US BBs show up and one by one they fall to the combined might of torpedoes and HE shell fire. Once the west is secured, we return home to defend from the enemies who successfully pushed the eastern side of the map. Hope you enjoy both of these ARP games and have a wonderful day!

Tier V ARP Battleship Kongō Replay
Tier VII ARP Cruiser Myoko Replay

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