World of Warships – Anchors Aweigh Arpeggio Might

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Two replays from two ARP ships, one with the Kongō and one with the Myoko. Kongō fights on Strait and uses the long range of the ship to our advantage. Quite a few long range citadels on the enemy will our team eventually turn the tide. We were able to do a ton of damage to the enemy and win the game. The Myoko is playing on Two Brothers, we push the western flank with a destroyer. Multiple US BBs show up and one by one they fall to the combined might of torpedoes and HE shell fire. Once the west is secured, we return home to defend from the who successfully pushed the eastern side of the map. Hope you enjoy both of these ARP games and have a wonderful day!

Tier V ARP Battleship Kongō Replay
Tier VII ARP Cruiser Myoko Replay


  1. The use of “ever so slightly’ is so much, haha :)

  2. Hi, good games, fun to watch and gives the wish that my enemy would sail
    straight line too. 😉
    In the game with the Myoko you took a risk at the end not protecting your
    BB and go hunting for CVs you will never be able to shoot at. That drop
    could end the winning for sure if the NM would have been detonated. With
    the AA ability of the Myoko combined with the AA of the NM I don’t think
    even a torpedo would have hit the water without a plane.
    Just a question, doesn’t the Myoko have 10km torpedoes? They might have
    been useful against the DD and the Atlanta. I don’t know exactly , but I
    think you should have been able to fire them into the smoke. That would be
    sure a distraction for the DD and perhaps deny him the second salvo. But
    these are just after battle thoughts.

    I like the idea of a huge explosion because of a detonation. The size of
    the explosion should vary depending on which ship has been detonated. I
    would even go one step further and put a temporary small smoke screen (dark
    grey to black smoke) at the position where the ship is sinking. That would
    be even realistic as often big smoke clouds float for minutes above the
    water even the ship was long gone.

  3. i had to laugh as I heard how you pronounced “Karlsruhe” 😉 for the
    future: just pronounce it as it’s written (“karls-ru-he”)

  4. Brian Lock (神通)

    Hunt those Shimakaze down

  5. Magoskillz Magoskillz

    better to use AP or HE on carriers?

  6. I am doing a lot better with my ARP Kongo than I do the first time I played
    it too.

  7. notser got an org** from the dispersion :)

  8. burning love!!! HIT!!!

  9. I unlocked the ARPKongo and it immediately vanished from my list of
    unlocked ships. I don`t no why? Did not even get a chance to take it out

  10. I will get myself a Myoko soon :)

  11. bad tactics on the kongo video Notser:
    as U started to engage the Karl coming through the middle the first
    destroyer was visible on the mini map that took out your first carrier
    (going between the islands). if U had continued to sail towards the middle
    U might have been in a position to stop the 2nd destroyer from taking out
    your other carrier.
    since both CVs were taken out so easy no one was in a position to even
    think about capping,, they were to busy
    running for their lives.

  12. My Myoko with Demo Expert is a damn flame thrower. 20% fire chance, 5-6k
    damage volleys, I love the Myoko.

  13. Reasonable Notser reminds greedy Notser to move. Classic Notser.

    Edit: I hate those mapedge huggers. They dont do damage, don`t cap and are
    most of the time the reason for a loss.

  14. “Be prepared for bright colors” … I thought I was prepared but I so
    wasn’t, my poor eyes!

    Great stuff as always, Notser.

  15. After I got my Arpeggio Kongo I watched the anime, and is good. If you are
    a little curious you should watch it.

  16. dear notserdiary, 2day some bastards ksed 11 ships that would let me pass
    to 2nd stage of the arpegio missions

  17. Just wondering how you managed to unlock your FPS to go beyond the 80 or so
    that the game is limited to? One thing about games with a Midway in them
    that I really don’t like is the ability of just that one ship to
    singlehandedly determine the outcome of the match. If one team has a decent
    player in a Midway and the other team has a potato, the decent players team
    will win 100% of the time no matter how good anyone else on his team is. I
    have seen a Midway kill an entire team all by itself esp in those 7v7
    matches that happen way too often for tier 10.

  18. arpKONGO is stronger than normal kongo??

  19. gg x 2 !!!

  20. Maths not my strong point but can’t work out how @34:10 the Credits total
    is 394’600. Shouldn’t the auto repair & resupply be deducted? Just
    wondering lol . . . :)

  21. Great replays as always Noster. I’m on my third step to get my own Kongo.
    Hopefully, I can get that done by the end of this month!

  22. Great vid, mucho entertaino 😀
    Oh and grats on the Gearing!! Welcome to the Gearing club ^_^

  23. Thats funny , that big building on that island looks like Alcatraz

  24. nice games notser rly enjoying thoose 😀 got the kongo already just need a
    bit more dmg done for the myoko
    btw why dont u try the aislings mod pack? its even linked on the wows forums
    it has alot of cool skins and handy stuff like dmg counter and tracer
    rounds so u can see what the enemy is shooting at u
    if u open the programm it lets u choose witch ones u want, then u just
    click install and enjoy

    after trying it out i can recommend it to everyone =D

  25. very the “two vids in one” format

  26. it takes about 3 min or so depending on who else is playing there tier 10s

  27. why not try ripple fire instead of full salvo against ships which are

  28. Your the citadel Master, amazing killing numbers, I can’t believe how cheap
    they are with the captain (Only 1). Tier 10 take forever to get in, but
    they are worth it.

  29. Enemy Myogi has the A-Hole or the b-hole…..

  30. Time for a assist count as kill ribbon. When you have done 75% off the
    damage. You get bonus for doing that damage to a target but missing the

  31. Arpeggio is actually what got me into WoWS….. So i was thrilled when this
    event released. Have you watched the anime or read the manga?

  32. First view, yay lmao

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