World of Warships – Anchors Aweigh Citadel Paradise

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Two Anchors Aweigh games involve quite a few amount of citadels against the enemy teams. First game is in the Roon where we defend a flank from multiple enemy ships while the team tries to push the east. We return to assist in the push but get a little bit caught out when friends pull back. The second game involves the Fuso where again the enemy team pushes a flank where much of my team refuses to fight. We end up defending the base against a onslaught of enemy ships. Hope you enjoy both games and have a wonderful day!

Tier IX German Cruiser Roon Replay
Tier VI Japanese Battleship Fuso Replay


  1. that game in the fuso i really hate when a team fail so massively at
    reading the minimap or they cowards but it can really make my blood boil
    when i see it lol but what a fight notser

  2. “Faster Turret Traverse” I can’t fine that under Commander. What lvl must
    you be? Is it indeed under Commander? Thanks

  3. goid job

  4. i enjoy watching your videos Notser. i used to watch another channel but
    since finding yours i got hooked. great job!

  5. 28:47 — I don’t know what that would be either, *but* I do at least know
    that you’d have to guess that percentage as a function of the angle on bow
    between you and the target. When broadside, it’s calibrated, that’s 90° for
    AOB; when coming straight at you, that’s 0° AOB, and you have to lower the
    guns to lead. So 50% as a guess for 45° AOB. Estimating AOB isn’t hard
    either, although it helps to check out what your potential targets look
    like in silhouette at different angles.

  6. Worldominion Games

    Thanks for all the info on tactics and gameplay! Its really improved my
    play. Keep the videos coming. : )

  7. 可以剪接影片精彩片段

  8. Kalle Blomquist

    27:54: Just look at the chat… doing total bullshit and then feeling
    confident enough to give orders like “Defend the base” five times. Players
    like these make me sick!

  9. They never did kill that Kiev.

  10. god dame 🙁 I hate when all the team go in one side

  11. some destroyers are as long as battleships in low tiers

  12. gg x 2 !!!

  13. Notser, check out the new binocular view in gameplay setting. Some of them
    have angle measruement!

  14. Great video Notser! Tnx for the aimingtips, i think i done the same mistake
    that you did in the beginning so i needed this. Will try this on my high
    tier ships. Good analyze on the team gameplay.
    In the second game im just so amazed how poor some players are at
    understanding the info on the minimap. What did thy think was gonna happen
    when almost all enemy team is in youre base and only a few ships to
    protect?! If you lost the race to the enemy base you ALL need to go back
    and defend and kill of that push. You could have easely won that match if
    it wasent for those cruisers trying mission impossible.

  15. Sometimes, you repeatedly ask a fellow BB to push with you, yet he stays
    like 6+ km behind you and snipes like a pussy, even though you outnumber
    the BBs of enemy team on your flank. Seriously some matches are cancer. You
    can tell a BB to take note of torps from a ship last spotted behind an
    island, and half a minute later that same BB dies from torps. Plus when you
    actually try to give helpful advice people tell you to stop whining.

    Welcome to SEA server.

  16. DanThePlasticMan

    By the way Notser, pretty sure Roon has 8 tubes, not 12.

  17. actually the yorck was buffed so that the shells go 900 m/s which is faster
    than all battleships

  18. Notser, I think you should use the chat more often and ask for assist. You
    seem to never do that. You don’t even use the hot keys. I know, there will
    always be some players who don’t care or who are butthurt because “oh look,
    someone thinks he is an admiral”, but usually you will find players that
    will respond to your call. At least that is my experience from the EU

    One other thing to the aiming: I feel like if a cruiser comes towards you
    at an angle of about 45 degrees, you use the shell flight time for the
    vertical lead. most of the time that is also half the distance to target.

  19. Subroto Haryono

    hey notser can i use overpen mechanics on angled cruiser ??

  20. 3k Games later. I learned something new. I found out aBOUT THE TORP
    Indicator I found about about the Leading Shot indicator in Sec!! omGG

  21. did they ninja change the yorcks AP speed? the tooltip says its just as
    fast as the HE now

  22. I usually lead targets on feel. But I’ve seen a couple videos about aiming
    and I think I’m just doing it almost automatically nowadays.

  23. Only thing left to the game is submarines and kamikaze fighters.

  24. Notser – you mention something about compensating for lead when the ship is
    angling? I’d guess it would be something like horizontal lead = (normal
    lead) * cos (angle), with the elevation or drop being something similar
    using sin(angle), but I think you’d have to compensate for the camera angle
    as well. 😛 Maths are fun! :)

  25. “flub it up”


  26. still waiting for some1 to motivate me enuff to get back to play wows

  27. Kiev are so good at drawing enemy attention lol its their strongest trait

  28. I have poor success rate on Trident.
    When I push my team doesn’t and I over extend.The other bad scenario is
    like in Notser’s game.

  29. Clearly Notser’s gunnery is now OP.. he’ll have to be nerfed in the next
    patch. ?

  30. Great games as always, nice to see you lose sometimes. Keep them coming.

  31. Me (upon reading the title): “Ah, a video about the Iowa!”

  32. Almost every game I find myself trying to defend a flank alone or with 1
    other ship so frustrating. At the same time team mate are asking why your
    all alone doing nothing, WTF? I’m a DD, CA, CL player so most of the time I
    find myself outgunned. In a DD it’s not too bad but vs 2 or 3 CA’s with DD
    support and a BB at long range you can only do so much. One game I was
    called out like you about defending our base because I was not in the
    circle but I had range on everything near the base. Was called a noob over
    and over. Ended up with 17 base defense ribbons and top of my loosing team
    by a wide margin, took 3 of 7 enemy ships with me. In that game 5v2 at the
    enemy base and my dead was slaughtered.

    Notser your videos keep me playing this game. Between you and iChase my
    game has improved 10 fold. Main gun hit percentage has gone up from high
    teens to 25% last I checked, goal is 35% and my KD is at 1.8 from something
    like .6, goal is 2 minimum.

    Keep up the good work!

  33. wow i just got a 2443 base xp in the cleaveland (my least favourite),
    kraken, high caliber, confederate, i never understood the cleavland and its
    fire-arch but after you told me how to aim i might just bother grinding
    past it finally, thanx!

  34. Oh man, vids like this always get my blood boiling. I’ve been in so many
    battles where the team straight out REFUSES to help and listen to
    levelheaded advice. I can ping on the minimap, provide detailed and
    reasonable plans for how to try to get out of a critical situation and
    they. Just. Don’t. Care. The team obviously sees a bunch of enemy ships
    advancing on the homebase and they can’t be bothered to help out.

    I don’t understand that mentality. I really don’t.

  35. George Tselepis

    Is it just me or do you guys also feel weird when notser actually gets sunk
    … I get this weird feeling, you get after eating alot of food, and you
    cant sit up right…

  36. There’s only so much you can do Notser as you know, so obvious what was
    going on and your team took way to long to respond.

  37. Ömer Bekcioglu

    notser unaware the situation with situation awareness 🙂 I mean roon game,
    nice game btw

  38. north carolina is a carrier now??

  39. Good video, I saw something in the second game that made me chuckle as most
    of your team mates were chasing down that DD and the enemy started for your
    base one player flashed “defend the base” 5 times and what did do he do?
    Kept heading for the enemy base. Ya got to love it.

  40. Steve Kanakanui

    i wish more people watched your videos ..maybe then they could learn better
    about strategies and how to help your teams win games …..

  41. Hmmm all that long range calculation talk made no sense to me. Think after
    first day i just look aim and shoot. No idea how i do it but i just know
    where to aim. Only ship what messes whit my aiming in tirpitz no freaking
    idea but i always need 1 or 2 salvos to know where to shoot. Its like
    freaking force shield.

  42. that second match was pathetic. Too disgusted to comment further

  43. Watching those broadsides doing 1-3k damage is the reason I stopped playing
    the Kongo.

  44. Mate, thanks for video and effort to share knowledge about a game. If I
    may, I have a suggestion… As we all learn from your great games, I belive
    we could benefit from seeing some terrible decisions, so maybe you can
    surprise us with compilation of some of those games where you made a bad
    move and got blown up ?. It doesn’t have to be per schedule, just a
    surprise from time to time. Once again, thanks for positive vibe. Greetings
    from Serbia

  45. Gary Mullenhoff

    Boy if they could make this game more team friendly it would be excellent.
    Just not enough incentive for players to work together!

  46. I don’t know how you can stand to play with that new flame effect enabled.

  47. Gareth Fairclough

    The team definitely failed you in that first one. The carriers in
    particular! :(

  48. you should have typed ‘Witness me!!’ and rammed the new mexico :P

  49. Seen a lot of bad decisions in the last couple of days, along the lines of
    that second battle – you recognize the problem, call for help and find
    you’re 1 vs 6, while the rest of your team drives to the enemy cap and is
    constantly reset. Seems some people believe: all I have to do is sit here
    long enough and we’ll win – oh honey, not if you’re being reset every 10
    secs you won’t.

  50. the aiming system you described is totally different to my experience with
    the binocular aiming. in my experience using Colorado as an example target
    if the shell flight time says 11 seconds I tend to use the 7 -8 second
    tic-mark land it seems to work quite well. When shooting at DD’s depending
    on what ship I’m playing, I tend lead using whatever mark is somewhere
    between 1.75x-2x the shell flight time. it’s kinda hard to explain and it’s
    not a perfect system but it seems to work at least moderately well. Tough
    it seems we may arrive at similar calculated leads for similar targets but
    we went about it differently.

  51. the dude at 31:57 XD “Notser u r a pussy, defend the base” What does he
    think you were doing XD honestly, these kids are getting so stupid its not
    even funny LOL

  52. do you have a video of the pensocola in the patch of 0.5.5 i almost have
    that ship but i dont really know how to play it

  53. is advance firing training more better for german cruiser than demolition

  54. that new mexico, needed to take a RAMMING SPEED.

  55. Great video, Notser! As a relative newcomer to WoWs, I’d really love to see
    a good how-to on shooting in various ships.

  56. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Notser a question? If the Roon has 12 torpedos but only 2 quad launchers??

  57. I think you ought not dignify a mindless lemming rush at the enemy base
    regardless of relative disposition of forces with the term “strategy”.
    Just remind us, as though anyone could have forgotten, just how many people
    play this game with absolutely no fucking clue about winning and or
    interpreting the mini-map at least 5 minutes ahead of what it currently

  58. I wish the player could control ships float planes

  59. good game mate

  60. Great game despite the loss — even better when you didn’t react to the
    “pussy” comment .. I see that guy got less than half your score — and he
    was trying to direct you?!! — LOL

  61. its sad when you carry a match, but the team keep failing you, its the most
    frustrating aspect of the game

  62. wow! these games looks so familiar to me! ;-)

  63. Hey Notser, did you noticed that when you aim at the correct prediction for
    the center of the ship the little clock near the time travel blinks?

  64. the worst part is, in the game comments some players are blaming you. Chin
    up Notser, you make great vids
    Here’s some more popular complaints straight outta the salty players
    handbook! other hits include:
    you killed me, that means you must be using aim bots! cheater! imma report
    OMG MM sucks! we should just give up now. Let them win guys!
    *rushes forward, dies fast* OMG this team is soo bad youre all noobs!
    Back seat cv Guy – The guy who expects the cv to do everything he says, if
    cv doesnt, complains loudly.
    Game mechanics guy – blames the actual game mechanics because he died,
    because, the game is bad, not him.
    And everyones favorite, the yeller – this guy complains to EVERYONE on the
    battlefield and usually tries to gain support from the opposite team
    + many more haha!

  65. Teams like the one in your Fuso game annoy the hell out of me, they came
    back to the base way to late and to many kept pushing. I just don’t
    understand how they can’t see that on the mini map, it is so obvious.

  66. 23:00 BAD NOTSER! Ignoring a broadside cruiser for a broadside destroyer
    when sailing a Battleship with AP loaded? THAT’S A PADDLIN’!

    If you had HE loaded, that definitely would have been the best choice. But
    that Aoba, whom you could have nuked or at least took away 1/3 of his HP
    now gets away scott free! Next thing you know, he wil, delete your
    Destroyer buddy!

  67. I don’t think that works with the Cleveland, the shells are just too slow.

  68. Notser – I feel that this should’ve been titled, “Agonizing Team Hell”.

  69. I have been playing around with the Dynamic Crosshair which seems to be
    different. I think once I get use to it, it will be even better. Since the
    lead should then be the same at every level of zoom. When I first switched
    to the dynamic it messed me up as I was use to using ichase method and the
    dynamic one is different. I think it is based on 30knots but not positive.

  70. Any chance you can put the links to the aiming videos in the description?
    One can never improve too much

  71. there are still roons using HE…

  72. 4:23 Doesn’t the Dynamic cross hair scale at max range? It would appear
    to… I still need to play more matches in this patch yet, I have some
    computer work that needs done, including physically cleaning my PC, putting
    2 brand new Corsair SP120 performance fans on my Hyper 212 EVO, then
    re-installing Windows 7 professional on my 500 GB EVO – because ghosting
    like I did, severely gimps the performance of a good SSD!

    Not to mention the fact that while I was tinkering over a year ago to find
    the absolute best 100% stable over clock possible, which is 4.6 GHZ with
    speed step disabled and a core voltage of 1.330 constant.

  73. 4:23 Doesn’t the Dynamic cross hair scale at max range? It would appear
    to… I still need to play more matches in this patch yet, I have some
    computer work that needs done, including physically cleaning my PC, putting
    2 brand new Corsair SP120 performance fans on my Hyper 212 EVO, then
    re-installing Windows 7 professional on my 500 GB EVO – because ghosting
    like I did, severely gimps the performance of a good SSD!

    Not to mention the fact that while I was tinkering over a year ago to find
    the absolute best 100% stable over clock possible, which is 4.6 GHZ with
    speed step disabled and a core voltage of 1.330 constant.

  74. Count that good ap dmg for the königsberg too ?

  75. You’d heal up earlier and survived

  76. RollerCoaster47

    Should have gone for the ram on that New Mexico.

  77. Nice video notser! however when playing wow’s i just aim by eye i have
    never paid attention to the numbers on the binoculars is that good or bad?

  78. What exactly was the plan of the Farragut there? “Damn, I have places to
    go, better get myself get killed quickly!” :D

  79. great vid notser

  80. Ádám Bereczki

    Keep up the good work!

  81. Alistair Fairchild

    Big fan Notster, thank you for all the video’s

  82. first

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