World of Warships – Anchors Aweigh Double Strike

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Two ship replays with the Fletcher and Admiral Hipper as the stars. Both games are pretty interesting and have some very memorable moments. Hope you enjoy the two replays and have a wonderful day!

Tier IX American Destroyer Fletcher Replay
Tier VIII German Cruiser Admiral Hipper Replay


  1. 21:15 WAIT – have you actually COUNTED how many times you have ran aground
    in your videos?! LOL!

    Everyone does it! You do it less than most of us I am sure! Also, running
    aground to avoid incoming torpedoes doesn’t really count! Avoiding
    torpedoes is priority number one when they are headed your way, better to
    chance BB shells directly into your citadel than to eat a spread of

  2. The German Cruisers look like they CAN be VERY powerful in the right
    situations against the right targets.

    Personally, though, I can’t help but look at the tier 10 of any given line,
    and compare it against the tier 10s from the other lines.

    And simply put, I don’t think I would like the Hindenburg very much.. I
    mean, sure she has DEVASTATING AP, but so does the Zao! with the difference
    in citadel damage being 500, the Zao seems to have the same amount of
    penetrating power as the Hindenburg, as well as close to the same velocity.

    But what really kills it for me, are the HE rounds! As well as the
    Hindenburg’s lack of armor and speed. But with JUST 2300 HE damage and 11%
    fire chance – you really CANNOT rain firey hell down on Battleships like
    you can in the Zao or even the Des Moines with its 2800 HE 14% fire, and
    BLAZING 10 rounds per minute RoF!

    Referencing WOWSNumbers, the Zao has about 17k average damage per match
    worldwide lead over the Des Moines, which in turn has about 8k lead on the

    And the torpedoes… Pretty close to a waste of deck space really, as a
    Hindenburg from 6Km or less is most often a dead Hindenburg, even if you do
    manage some torpedoe hits, they do less damage than any other ship in the
    game at tier 9 to 10 that can carry torpedoes.

    Obviously I am not saying this because I am knocking your choice to grind
    the line, actually I am GLAD you are grinding the line! I hope you get the
    Zao, Hindenburg AND Des Moines! Because after you own all 3, and have
    played a good 25 or more matches in each, figured out your ideal builds for
    each, I would LOVE to hear your opinion on how the 3 tier X Cruisers

  3. That’s because you are a hard guy not to like, Notser! Your videos are very
    well done, and you have what I see as a rare talent for youtubers of games
    like WOWS or WOT, and that would be you ability to present information, and
    even being able to express your opinion of any given ship without going
    into what is firmly Subjective to preference.

    As an example of the opposite, Quick Baby – USED to passively show his
    bias. Without saying it in words more than once, he made it obvious he did
    not care for the E-50M at all, and LOVED the FV4202 (which WAS objectively
    a FAR worse tank than the E-50M)

    And by passively expressing his dislike for the E-50M, whenever he was
    reviewing a new tier 10 medium tank, whenever it did any ONE thing better
    than the E-50M, he would compare it to the E-50M, but when there was
    something the E-50M was KNOWN for, such as having the highest penetration,
    most accurate gun on any tier X medium in the game, he would then compare
    said tank to the FV4202! Which, by the way – had not only worse overall
    accuracy, but FAR worse gun handling, longer aim time, and more reticle
    bloom in every way. All while having a chassis with NO real Armor
    WHATSOEVER – and even worse, a turret that tier 8 heavies could EASILY
    penetrate with AP!

    All this on a SLOWER tank as well. And judging by what QB USED to say (he
    has since stopped with the passive subjective bullshit since I called him
    out on it really hard about a year or so back, and as a result I can no
    longer comment in reply to his comments. Lol, perhaps his screen name

    And I really don’t have anything else against the guy, but when he is
    trying to push his PERSONAL agenda as if it is truth, with the amount of
    people that hang onto his every word, I cannot let that crap stand

    But you, you remain VERY neutral and factual at all times, and on top of
    that – you are always just so damned polite and pleasant, I would be
    surprised if anyone who KNOWS about your channel and enjoys WOWS – is not
    already subscribed!

    The few times I get a chance to point someone to good channels for learning
    more about WOWS, you are at the top of my list with Aeroon, iChase, and
    recently this French chap named VoulezVousTV are now always at the top of
    my list for pure WOWS content!

  4. Nice vid bud.

  5. You’re not trying hard enough if you have time to look at where you’re

  6. Brian Lock (神通)

    why boarder with the -20% torpedo reload time , you can get the last
    concealment expert and easily have more success with gunnery than torpedo
    since steal burn in WoWs

  7. thanks Notser I really enjoyed the 2 game play your defense if U
    hadn’t beached yourself U would have ate that last torpedo.I have
    personally beached myself before several times to avoid torpedoes ,,
    especially in a cruiser or a battleship.

  8. they should revert the BB change. cuz now its rly impossible to avoid torp.

  9. That was funny as hell man…beg mac for mercy when you know he can’t
    possibly resist a grounded ship right in front of him!

    I enjoy the chat you guys had its good to see some humor.

  10. Great video’s Notser, I was surprised by the second video.Do you have the
    new Sovjet cruiser?? I can tell you its a beast of a ship.

  11. Happy New year….gg

  12. o/ Another Fletcher gameplay :D

  13. I bet Ocean is Notser’s favorite map, one less thing to worrie about.

  14. YES!!!!!! COMP of you hitting islands!!!!! PLEASE!!!! Also you need to play
    with Subscribers! PLEASE!!!! maybe?

  15. Got to love the stone. Nice torp action.

  16. Island compilation video hyyyype!

  17. Lol good video mate the MM in that first one 2 to 1 DD advantage and only 1
    cruiser…. The stuff that dreams are made of ;-)

  18. Oh boy! Drinking beer, eating pizza & watching Notser. Life’s good!
    Thank you for another amazing video! ^^

  19. Ever play on European server? Would not be fun to run into you in a Jap DD
    But just aim at the islands right :)

  20. Oh, wanted to say, HAD A NOSTER SIGHTING! I’m on the west coast (USA)
    fighting with my Benson (I died) you had an IOWA, being a boss in B. LOL We
    did win, but I doubt it’ll be a video, kind of a ho-hum game.

  21. Very good vids again Noster

  22. Thanks for the laughs Noster, I needed that…

  23. Good idea , I like it . That might be a way to burn some of the many
    replays sent out .

  24. And there he did it again, but to be true what were the options? You had
    none. You did the best out of the situation you could. To avoid running
    aground you would have needed to take that torpedo, so no real option. B is
    on this map is a suicide mission without full domination of the surrounding
    area, so you survived much longer than expected. I’m sure you thought to
    die by the Amagi when she turned up.
    And a video of derpy moments (not only sending out landing parties) would
    be for sure fun, but not because we wanna love about you it is more the
    fact that we are happy that such good players like you have also those
    moments. For me it would be ok to see derpy moments from other players too.
    And now I can really say happy new year, as everyone is in 2016 now. ;)

  25. ok so I just had a great game with 3.3k base exp in my fubuki where I 100-0
    a benson in a 1-1 gun fight, one shoted 2 tirpitz, plus some other gun and
    torp damage. Replay was missing. That did it. I was too lazy to activate
    the replay system until now, but no more. Expect some good stuff from me
    from now on Notser

  26. Magoskillz Magoskillz

    could you make more videos of magami?

  27. Awesome start on the new year Noster! :)

  28. Notser vs. WoWS islands deathmatch! Seriously though, anyone who says they
    don’t “go ashore” every now and then is pulling your leg. Love the vids
    Notser, keep it up.

  29. Derpster lol
    My vote is for you using the damage counter mod. From a viewers point it

  30. … we only enjoy it because it’s comforting to know it’s not only us it’s
    happening to.

  31. Hey Chase, Can you please feature the tier 10 German Cruiser Hindenburg, I
    heard the AP is really good and I would like to see how you play it.

  32. tell me how many lvls a commander can havE?

  33. Show some mercy. Hahah that was funny. Good vid! Always enjoy

  34. would you suggest grinding german cruisers, or should i keep grinding US

  35. Another nice vid from the Notser machine….If I had a dollar for every
    time I ran into an island…..
    I also send you a link to one on my for you to email me back
    your thoughts..what went right, what I did wrong..that sort of thing as I
    value your constructive criticism.
    keep up the great work

  36. Particularly impressive Hipper game.
    An interesting stat you could start compiling is how many ships on
    your/enemy team seem to spend a significant period of time doing
    nothing/hiding like gutless f-wits miles from anywhere important.
    Because it seems to me that would be quite a high %, even if not as high as
    your ‘run aground’ %, lol.

  37. Talk-vid timing is off 6:30 forward. You were describing a battle that
    happened a minute later. Not all of us are psychic captains, so it just
    wasn’t as helpful as usual. XD

  38. Hey Notser, about iceland’s – You just human, we all do hit a ground on
    intense firefight around cluster of iceland’s.
    There is 1 reason, collision warning beep and sign we all receiving is way
    too late. I did test on US DD was heading to iceland at 90, waited for
    alarm, turned hard once i heard it and collision at about 45 degrees angle.

  39. oh yay typical edge huggers >< how do you not get upset with people being completely useless by that... They are minimizing the fleet's firepower at any given point on the map because of that... Also Noster I love how optimistic and happy you always are =P

  40. Don’t you hate it when the torpedoes are wide enough to just fit in….
    (don’t think dirty thoughts don’t think dirty thoughts don’t think dirty
    thoughts)… GOD DAMN IT >< Also have to watch out for Izumos stupidly fast turret rotation and really fast reload!

  41. Ur not thinking about using some mods? The minimap mod is amazing

  42. “Stand, Navy, out to sea, Fight our battle cry;
    We’ll never change our course, So vicious foe steer shy-y-y-y.
    Roll out the TNT, Anchors Aweigh. Sail on to victory
    And sink their bones to Davy Jones, hooray!

    Anchors Aweigh, my boys, Anchors Aweigh.
    Farewell to college joys, we sail at break of day-ay-ay-ay.
    Through our last night on shore, drink to the foam,
    Until we meet once more. Here’s wishing you a happy voyage home!”

    boom, anchors away :D

  43. Jose Maria Gil Olmedo

    Happy new yeaaaaaarrrr for everyoneeeee!!!!!☺???

  44. i get a triple’it was just a flesh wound’ in a T2 match( have photo, wanna
    take a look?)

  45. Sadly i run into islands far more than I want to admit, watching your
    video’s always makes me feel better, since you do it more than I do. :)

  46. In my games on Hot Spot, B is never empty orz…

  47. Enjoy the vids, look forward to seeing you run into islands each day. :)

  48. Hey Notser wake up! It is 2016 and I want my video!! Oh – wait… Thanks
    for your work ?

  49. dat bb loaded game though

  50. How you get so many good recordings is a complete mystery to me. I’m far
    too inconsistent to get to so many good games, and in so many different
    types of ship too!
    Love your videos, just wish I’d found the channel sooner. Keep it up!

  51. Hey Notser!

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