World of Warships – AR Experience at Battle of Jutland Exhibition

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Wargaming, creators of World of Warships, announced the launch of an augmented reality experience to showcase the WW1 cruiser HMS Caroline as part of the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Jutland exhibition set to open at the National Museum of the Royal Navy, Portsmouth Historic Dockyard.

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  1. A person goes to the Jutland Exhibition and says to himself/Herself ” whats
    this ship game “. Inspired by the Jutland Exhibition and patriotic about
    British ships they download the game and find themselves searching for
    British ships . Realizing there are no ships they uninstall the game.
    Frustrated they will likely never return ( But at least we have paper
    Russian ships to play right…………………………….)

  2. In WG’s defense, they have admitted they regret not doing RN before SN.

    If only somebody could have told them that a year ago….

  3. Nathan Peterson

    I won’t argue the first statement of the greatest naval battle of WWI,
    however greatest naval battle ever? How about the Battle of the Atlantic?

  4. I wish WG could make an app that has all the ships on our account in 3D
    rendered models, just for show off and playing the ships with AR would be
    much more awesome.

  5. Song in beginning?

  6. Woah now whats this about the greatest naval battle in history? I thought
    that was the Battle of Red cliffs where Cao Caos forces lost to Sun Quan
    and Liu Bei. In modern history that would probably be the battle of Leyte

  7. I guess because WG now has the 3D model of a C class light cruiser, HMS
    Caroline will be in the game instead of HMS Carlisle. :(

  8. Wow cool

  9. Jakob “Overjake007” Scholz

    Name of the epic song? THX

  10. The Aviation Enthusiast

    Would be cooler if instead of using the iPad, they could use the Oculus
    Rift to get a better picture of the HMS Caroline.

  11. It would only be fitting to add the Royal Navy tech tree….

  12. Wouldn’t a detailed scale model be better?? :

  13. Jhomelray Batucan

    British museum officers worked with WG in creating this…. but the
    question is that will this lead in acquiring of data’s to form the British
    tech tree??? hope so

  14. “The only Dreadnaught battleship left is in Texas”. We should do everything
    thing we can to preserve these two ships, they’re from an era that will not
    grace the waves again

  15. _BooM_CAT_____ _

    world of tanks blitz soogood game.
    why world of warships android game ?? oh

  16. Viktor Pálinkás

    Very nice initiative! :)

  17. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Add helgoland as premium tier 4!!!

  18. I can’t see the point in you going there or taking part when you have
    completely ignored the British Navy in game .

  19. i thought they were putting world of warships in android

  20. FullMetalChicken

    For soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooome reason, they decided not to
    save Warspite. Just saying……………..

  21. So that brings an end to the rumors that WG had problems getting ship
    blueprints from the RN?

  22. B.S Productions

    Can we expect to see this ship in World of Warships? :D

  23. Greg M (Cherokee_140)

    and to think they had Warspite up into the 1960’s and then scrapped
    it….great job england….what a way to save history.

  24. Level up with Doruta DIY

    Great Historical Video!

  25. Centenary of the Battle of Jutland; the largest naval battle in history.

    Still no Royal Navy. Wargaming missed a HUGE marketing opportunity there.

  26. great! I thougt i am the onlyest to remember the largest naval battle in

  27. So this is about Steel Ocean ? They got Royal Navy but not Wows (1 low tier
    premium doesnt count really)

  28. Swedish Modding

    *AH HA!*
    So now one of the 10 3d models required for the Royal Navy cruiser line

  29. In other words,
    Royal Navy propaganda.

  30. Die Movie macher

    I warnt Wow for iPad

  31. Wolf Chanel Thailand

    your buile World of warship android


  33. Nice Job. So… VRGlasses could be the next level

  34. 8th! Holy shit,ever been so early!
    Quick! Beter make a Joke!:


  35. Berk ŞATIROĞLU

    where is Mrs.Perova 😉 we love wargaming!!!

  36. Starstuff Kaiser

    Premium ship someone? ;)

  37. O Royal Navy ey? Be nice if we could play the ships in the game to fully
    commemorate the event

  38. First? Kappa

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