World of Warships – Erie Review – Pew Pew!! Potatoes!

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The tier 1, USN cruiser, the Erie. Carries much pew pew guns, that throw out explosive potatoes rapidly. Decimate enemy teams with your fast firing guns and of course, club seals to make up for bad days on warships. Enjoy the review folks!

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  1. Ghostbuster 1337

    ITS A TRAP!!!!!!!1!!

  2. The 152’s are better for actually getting citadel pens on other tier 1
    cruisers, AND tier 2s.

    Chesters and Chikumas are MEAT for the 152’s on the Erie.

    /source – I used be an Erie Sealclubber.

  3. Michael Haywood

    Best ship ever!!!!

  4. Wow. For a tier one that’s an incredible amount of damage and

  5. Brian Lock (神通)

    Actually, the 127 can pen low tier armor with HE, yus wit HE

  6. Brian Lock (神通)

    This entertain me alot

  7. Collision Space

    I had to research it – you have the Smith on your PA account, a ship not
    yet available on the US server. Perhaps you can give a hint on if it will
    be released any time soon?

  8. Review tier 2 battleship niao!

  9. trolololololololol

  10. I’d never really thought of using the Erie as a seal clubber. I have not
    actually played it in quite some time. I do however keep one in my
    inventory for my youngest daughter to play with when she gets an itch to
    take a boat out on the water. At your advice I’ve actually gone back into
    game and made the suggested changes to Marley Monsters boat. Lol. Great
    game, great vid.

  11. Not complaining about the review, just that you have 68899 experience on
    the thing. Like… What have you been doing to the poor noobs? :(

  12. Ross Godding (Nasheron)

    Ichase I’m surprised you didnt give us some historical background, like was
    the Erie an actual cruiser class in the U.S. Navy? how many ships did they
    build and did any see actual combat service?
    just wondering about this starter ship most of us played ;)

  13. I know you do alot of reviews on this game. How ever the last one i watched
    with a level one cruser was outstanding. new players to the game have no
    clue on whats more efective as a ship build. not only that how you need to
    build your captain to fit the ship. hence faster guns and a great turning
    circal. any advice for low level players to maxamise there hitting power
    and what tactics to use would be a vast help. On all sorts of ships. I all
    so thought i new most of the ship names in the game, but i relized it was
    about level 4 ships. all the level one and 2 and 3 ships i barly know.

  14. lee christmasgaming

    what is the tier 2 “smith” when your in the port? Is that a new ship review
    coming up?

  15. Nearly didn’t watch this as its a tier 1 cruiser but very glad I did. Very
    entertaining, everybody loves to club a seal now and then lol. Nice to hear
    you sound like your having fun again 2 ?

  16. Wait, WHAT? Erie has 5″/51’s now? Those were one of THE best anti-ship guns
    the USN ever made. They’ve got the highest shell velocity in the game.
    They’re the secondary guns on USN BB’s up thru Tier 7, and are the stock
    guns on the Tier 5 Nicholas A hull – on the Nicholas, those things are
    absolute laser pointers when it comes to engaging other DD’s. Absolutely
    agree with that call, go with the 5″/51’s. And BTW, if you go into co-op,
    you can have fun with the Erie to your heart’s content and the bots don’t
    mind getting clubbed, LOL.

  17. That feeling you get when you go to club seals but iChase has already
    clubbed them all. :p

  18. Outwardpanicjoe

    Chase I got into a gunnery fight with a New York in my Erie and won lol
    with some help ?

  19. demo expert over concealment expert imo

  20. chase i have to disagree with you the 152 mms are much better because most
    people play cruisers and go broad side and being the lower teir means you
    see mostly teir 2 games. with the 152 you get 3k cits really often unlike
    the 127s

  21. i have a rating of 3500 with the erie xD

  22. Darcey Lawrence

    do the Warspite next

  23. If *Erie* shoots potatoes, what does *Tachibana* shoot with her 76 mm guns?
    (By the way, fun review.)

  24. In fact I disagree with your choice of 127mm guns.
    On the matter of range advantage, there are indeed cases where you need
    that extra two kilometers, but in general, your engagement range is going
    to be well within 9km, so I don’t see that much importance in getting that
    range upgrade.
    On the matter of dpm advantage, sure you can get more shots off, but at the
    cost of showing more broadside constantly. Most players who progressed to
    higher tier CAs (especially USN) understand this. Many prefer to launch a
    salvo and then turn to complete bow or stern and wait for reload. Same
    works here: by keeping your enemies at a long range and constantly turning
    back and forth inbetween your 7 seconds reload, you can avoid taking lots
    of shells, therefore dying much less easily, and therefore living for much
    longer, and therefore able to lob out more shells.
    Turret traverse, either choice is fast enough so nothing special there.
    Finally one huge advantage of 152mm guns: your AP penetration. Against T1
    cruisers you can deal good damage with AP at any angle, and in fact a very
    high chance of scoring citadels in near-broadside situations. Against T2
    cruisers, although their bow can usually cause ricochets, the turret
    arrangements they have usually force players to show big broadsides, in
    which case high damage and citadels are quite likely. Against DDs of course
    HE is the choice, and 152mm HE are indeed worse than 127mm, but honestly,
    as a T1 cruiser you are going to be facing cruisers for the most part. So I
    would consider the advantages of 152mm to outweigh the disadvantages.
    Indeed playing the Erie is one of my recreational activities in WOWs when
    I’m having a bad day in T678910. I would compare my play style in Erie to
    that in Pensacola when (forced to) fighting in open waters – sail away from
    enemy and constantly dodging shells, meanwhile lobbing AP at cruisers no
    matter their angling. In this play style, I find 152mm simply better than

  25. Finally a review of a basic ship everyone uses at some point. I suggest
    full cameo and train up the commander well. And I was in Beta and kept my
    little ships just for that.

  26. Yes you should revisit some of these lower tier ships.
    I did notice when I played those ships that AP all the way, did tons of
    damage. Just a hint for you new players.
    I only have one T2 and just 2 T3 ships. My T3’s never get in those low tier
    seal clubbing matches anymore. I have to much EXSP. That is OK. Better to
    have new players come in and learn!

  27. Outwardpanicjoe

    Ichase we love you don’t ever change #team Erie I wasn’t expecting and Erie
    review but it was cool lot see my fav tier one lol ???

  28. Well, although I get 4 Xs in US tech line, never have played Erie lol.
    The derp and chaos in low tier games really make me mad


    which t1 is your fav me 1erie 2hermidin or what ever you call it the jap is
    just so slow and i never played the russian

  30. hey chase, could you maybe do a mikasa review?

  31. According to there is someone with over 4,800 battles in an
    Erie alone…

  32. Fav tier 1- it’s a silly 1930s ship.

  33. Hey! I only have a 4 skill captain with AFT on my Hermlin. Totally not seal

  34. lol are you crazy, Chase ? The 152s can Citadel other tier 1s, thats Why i
    use them. I only managed it by close range though.

  35. Iowegian Immigrant

    I love the hermelin because when firing AP it gets citadels for days.

  36. I didn’t know it was April 1st again.

  37. You should do a “Know your ship” kind of review of the Battle of Jutland.
    Would be nice for the 100 year celebration..

  38. lol, I have a thing similar to some of your erie salvos but with my Myogi,
    except it happens all the time… half my salvo goes over the target, half
    of my salvo lands in front of it…

  39. Lol filthy deal clubbed ;). I should get this one again how some really
    good club in mag he’s in it and wow it actually makes a good amount of

  40. CreatorOfBricks

    If they sling potatoes, wouldn’t the tier 1 USA ship be the O’Bannon?

  41. I need to take a shower after watching that replay.

  42. I wonder what the actual armor pen difference is with the 152, you seemed
    to have trouble with the strong parts of the last Erie’s armor. I don’t
    think you can pen a protected cruiser either way, the internal armor is
    angled and very thick.

  43. It IS seal clubbing lol! I don’t have the high skill captain nor do I
    really need to and I usually take my Erie up to tier 3 matches usually
    grabbing top score on my side sometimes the top damage in game.

  44. You know what ship slings potatoes faster?


  45. my winrate on erie higher than any ship on my account..

  46. Are you going to review other low-tier ships, like the Hermelin or Bogatyr?

  47. FullMetalChicken

    I’m pretty sure Umikaze is the ultimate seal clubbing ship.

  48. When you got the Confederate medal, those low tier players thought you
    where linked to the actual confederates in the american civil war lol. GJ
    on the medal though.

  49. A penguin expedition? Did you just sneak in a Winnie-the-Pooh reference in
    a video about warships going BOOM? :P

  50. I know they are different guns, but I STILL don’t care what the majority of
    people think about the Atlanta, I still have a great time playing her more
    often than not! And I LOVE her potato launchers, so very many of them!

    Of course that does NOT mean that I think there is absolutely nothing wrong
    with the Atlanta, and I certainly do think there are a few, easy fixes that
    COULD make her truly Competitive – at least in some ways, but I am not
    willing to say that she is absolutely pointless (like Yubari has become),
    in fact I am willing to be that a single Atlanta would still be
    advantageous for team battles where your team has 2 CVs, as she never runs
    out of defensive AA – and with Advanced Firing plus Concealment expertise,
    she is actually able to stay largely hidden until you want to push forward.

  51. Y am I reminded of the April Fools jacuzzi mode? Lol

  52. Guns spew potatoes at T1? Try AP in the Orlan, IMO the best T1 cruiser. Way
    better than the Erie. That’s the fun T1 ship IMO.

  53. Vladimir Efimov

    Well I use the 152mm guns because in tier 1-2 there are a lot more cruisers
    than destroyers and you can kill them with AP in 2 or 3 salvos when they
    show you a nice fat broadside. Also with the 152mm guns you can get HE
    citadel penetrations or even magazine detonations on tier 2 destroyers. I
    kept the Eerie to help my WoT clan buddies who want to start playing WoWs,
    but I sometimes indulge in some sealclubbing as well, though recently my
    favorite sealclubbing ship is the Tachibana.

  54. never played her I when down the jap line to the battleships the only
    cruiser I own is the atago I only play battleships but thats just me.

  55. TheEffedUpGamer

    Chase thanks for accidentally rebealing that “Smith” premium T2 DD.

  56. heil pewpew

  57. Erie is alright, but i prefer the Hermelin.
    Awesome RoF, great arcs, good shell velocity, and 3000 damage on AP shells

  58. 68.899 HP??? O.O man. . . put your bloody club away xD

  59. IT’S A TRAP!!!

  60. princerobertybob

    Nothing wrong with seal clubbing. It helps the seals learn faster. ;)

  61. You talk really quickly this time. Probably you’re having fun lol.

  62. u have AA on tier 1 !!! but there is no Airplanes XD

  63. Teertho Bhattacharya

    can you do the zao next

  64. ………..?

  65. Do Baltimore !

  66. Earl of Northesk

    68k XP on an Erie. That’s filthy +iChaseGaming, that’s filthy :D

  67. Why…? Why ..? ;)

  68. Ekenda3 (Isaac)

    lil pea shootin skrubs…also chase y u promote sealklubbing, seal is
    cuddle not club!

    Nice and funny vid!

  69. Oh don’t forget to review the other tier 1’s and a known tactic is for tier
    IV carriers to division up with a tier I cruiser to provide AA, and a
    dedicate close action DD killer. And remember the changes a bit back with
    the MM…you sir were beating on dirty seal clubbers for the most..
    *snickers* Gave at least one player I know of his karmic reward for his own
    seal clubbing. As for the guns, Hey man, they’re better guns then the
    Tachibana! (And I want the guns on the t-1 IJN mounted on a DD..they’re
    actually a bit better and then some then what the low and mid tier IJN DD’s

    Anyway, I enjoyed the review. Low tier combat has its own
    challenges..marksmanship really really counts.. And don’t go feeling
    guilty.. at least half if not more of the players you were against were
    experienced players..not new players. I think that change to the MM was
    made with v4.0 or shorty following.

    DO some more of this sir, but by all means treat em like warships, they may
    be small, but they’re nimble and can keep hosing out the fire power.

  70. Angel33Demon666

    Wait whatttttttt, I’m going to get my credit grind done with this ship…

  71. Gareth Fairclough

    Oh man, that ships skin has been changed massively! I don’t remember it
    being that rusted! :O

  72. Enjoyed :D

  73. Damn dude T1 is money maker, I need to get on that

  74. I had an erie in my team in tier 7 game. So erie might have to use her aa

  75. I think you should’ve fired HE at the enemy Orlan since it has only 10 mm
    of Citadel armour. With HE of the 5″ it is possible to get citadels on her.
    Great video, I never ever even considered using the 127 mm guns before but
    your argument makes sense.

  76. the april fool is a little late

  77. When I played the Erie I thought her guns were 6in (152mm)did they change
    this or am I just Scottish(drunk)?

  78. Better than Yamato!

  79. Hahaha, cool and interesting video! Speaking of a seal clubbing setup,
    ummm, my favourite one at the moment is my St. Louis with demolition expert
    and secondary build….but shhhhh, keep that a secret; it’s legit ;)

  80. this ship is way too far out of the water, that’s a lot of red.

  81. LEX Maximaguy87

    i enjoy all the tier 1 cruisers…..they are awesome.. especially when i
    troll in my hermelin with my division buddies in tier 10 games

  82. Domen Gostincar

    Heh, funny, I bought the Erie again a few days ago. The idea was to get as
    many battles as possible for the event, but then I started to enjoy playing
    it a lot.

    Also, when sealclubbing at T1… With the crap armor those ships have, you
    can citadel them with HE. Especially the Orlan. Not much reason to ever
    fire AP.

  83. poi?

  84. she has more armour than the Admiral Hipper 88mm vs 80mm…lol

  85. Would never use a tier 1 for flag farming!

  86. I did it. I got chase to make an Erie review, plus first

  87. Quin USS Requin

    The Erie is the first ship I’ve ever used o:

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