World of Warships – Torpedoes Everywhere!!

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Battle with my division on Hotspot, ran into a group of enemy IJN DDs that played their battle to perfection. Watch as my division and I get absolutely wrecked from invisible destroyers firing long range torpedoes from just about every possible direction. Enjoy!

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  1. Kudos. Most YouTubers don’t show when they get wrecked in games.

  2. One time for all the crybabies that die first on world of warships. Also ty
    ichase for the good video.

  3. So this is why battleships were replaced by lighter ships.

  4. Chase, I’m not sure if you’ll actually read this but would you agree with
    me if I said that IJN carriers need buffs in all their planes minus the

    Their bombers have far far less potential damage than their USN equivalents
    and the fewer planes per squad means that they are far more likely to miss,
    even when targeting battleships or other carriers. The torpedo cone right
    now is also so slow to converge that they’re not useful for much except
    sniping inattentive carrier captains and AFK ships.

    I think that the bombers need an accuracy buff in the accuracy in both
    manual and auto modes and I think that they should bring back the faster
    IJN torpedoes so dropping the torpedo a bit further away to exploit the
    convergence might actually be useful when targeting someone who’s not
    completely braindead. I’ll even take a debuff to arming speed if they made
    the speed 45-50 knots. As a veteran carrier player, I would love to hear
    your thoughts on the matter.

  5. Insane :D

  6. World Of torpedoes

  7. First mistake – the 2 CAs escorting your division fall back and therefore
    you do not have scouts ahead of you. The enemy DDs would have a harder time
    to detect them while they could detect your BB division from miles away.

    When your CAs run to the back, BBs will be in trouble.

  8. Not sure why you stopped and stuck so close together. Had you split a
    little and kept going full speed with course changes I reckon you could’ve
    given the enemy DDs a lot more trouble, they wouldn’t have been able to as
    effectively surround you like they did.

  9. That went badly from the beginning. I don’t understand why you would not
    play defensively in that situation and let the Destroyers and Cruisers take
    point and hunt and dish out damage from the backfield.

  10. DDs stacking creates a much larger bonus in damage capabilities on top of
    the normal force multiplier

  11. lee christmasgaming

    totally not OP at all. Just stay out of spotting range and spam torpedoes.
    so broken

  12. And this is why the number of DDs need to be limited per team to no more
    than 3. and a limit of 2 per division. Bullshit like this is what turns me
    off of this game.

  13. pesky dd theres to many of those turd around recently after patch 5.2

  14. I hope WG is happy now with their nerf on BBs so these torpedo spammers can
    fire their massive torpedoes and kill everything with impunity. The way
    they have it set up now there is no skill required for driving DDs. just
    sit back at 7km or more, spam torpedoes and benefit. These idiot developers
    must be proud of themselves now!

  15. CVs are OP!! PLZ NURF!!!. . . wait. . . there are none left. . .

    *frantically makes new form*

    DDs are OP!! PLZ NURF!!!

  16. And that’s why I quit playing.. no way they should be able to dump that
    many torps in that short a span. If a DD can reload 20 torps in 2 minutes
    then a BB should be able to reload in 10 seconds.

  17. I saw this on the stream. Even tabbed out of my game to watch with my jaw
    dropped. Good thing you had just purchased the C hull eh? :)

  18. If this becomes an E-sport, this will be a thing, DD “kill teams” not just
    with Torps, but maybe some gun boats as well.

  19. I want to send you a replay of something the same, but i get overwhelmed by
    6 ships, torpedo and gun fire. I cried ;( worse death sentence I’ve had …

  20. good video mang

  21. this is a huge problem now. dd’s are stacked in games leaving bb’s to
    become useless. there’s no reason why there should be 7 dd’s in one game.

  22. I’m surprised you never mentioned your DD completely failing to do his job
    of spotting.

  23. !@#$ the Torpedoes, Full speed ahead!

  24. That is hilarious!

  25. From my experience what makes this all the more impressive, and shows the
    skill of these destroyers is that they didn’t teamkill each other. :-)

  26. Wreqito norwegian 2th channel

    0 dislikes!!

  27. I think I am gonna to play WoWs again because of this awesome Video !!!

  28. well, at least they are from DD only… Getting torpedoed by both torpedo
    bombers and DD is much worse… turn, and still screwed.

  29. WG doing the same shit with WoWs as they do in WoT…they realy are dumb
    when doing the same “arty” war in WoWs,2 destroyers is enough,ppl wont
    attack they keep distance and then we have another camping game.

  30. great video ICHASE–thanks for not deleting it.
    with both my Mutsuki & my Hatahsru (spelling) every time I fire torpedoes
    the enemy ships start wiggling.
    so annoying. boy do I wish the Japanese had the 70 knot torpedoes like the
    Russians. or just extend the range
    out to 10 Km on the Russian DDs

  31. Fubuki death squad.

  32. good job enemy DD division, but also bad push decision. should really kite

  33. they should have a system for dd so only 3 dd appear in one team and only 2
    can be of same tier but not 2 tier 10s
    same could be done with battleships and cruisrs but a bit different

  34. Cleetus MacGrumphy

    Why would you all stay so clumped together when you knew you were facing an
    IJN division? Look at the game time at 14 minutes. All 3 of you are in a
    tight little 3km clump even though you knew you had the Fubukis gunning for
    you. It was a turkey shoot as every torp wall had good shots on each of
    your slow moving BBs.

  35. Torpedoes everywhere!!! its a trap!!)))

  36. I have noticed that MM has been very lopsided with DDs lately, but that
    takes the cake.

  37. Dying from torpedoes fired from someone you never see. Been there Bro. A
    lot of times. Played against a Kagero once in my New Mexico. I was sailing
    with 3 Tirpitz He killed us all in six minutes. It was like the scene from
    the Predator we fire and fire but “we hit nothing” ;)

  38. The 1 DD and Crusier on your side just didn’t support at ALL…

  39. Thank you wargaming for nerfing carriers to hell.

  40. @ichase will you be doing some tips for high tier t6+ IJN DD? Im like
    having a hard time trying to bag some kills with guns/torp. hope you will
    do a contest or show some tips on how to do well with high tier dd

  41. “Enemy team got tier X cruiser and tier X Shima and we didn´t… and
    they´ve got Fubuki division as well”
    Are you serious? You have got 3 more tier 9 ships and iChase with his
    platoon… seems to me as if advantage was on your side…

  42. Dam lol I can’t wait to see all those torps lol

  43. Most of this problem could have been solved by the Cruisers and DDs sacking
    up and going in as forward elements.

  44. It would have been balanced if that dreamaster72 wasn’t in this game and
    was replaced with a carrier

  45. Izumo is such an ugly ass ship…

  46. i love how your reticle was filled with warnings

  47. The problem is as a DD player I would look at the map and send all the DD
    but one to one side since you wouldn’t go through the center. And remember
    we get speed boosts and I will use that to swing into position faster on
    the outset.

  48. Man, those DD’s played amazingly well! I had to laugh at the sheer volume
    of those torps. Epic doesn’t cover it lol

  49. I think some of the difficulty also comes from the unlucky fact that
    divisions spawn together. Since your group was all the battleships it make
    it easy for the destroyers to focus their fire. Still those Fubuki did a
    wonderful job.

  50. Once you hit tier 8 and above. Torp spam ruins the game.

  51. I think this shows why it is, that the ships meant to combat DD’s need some
    love. A carrier spotting those DD or some cruisers/DD in front screening
    could have been a huge factor. As you probably saw chase, your cruisers and
    DD were behind you, while the enemy DD were in front of their BB acting as
    a screen, while yours didn’t.

    Do you think that giving more tools to cruisers and other destroyers like
    US, to help fight invisible DD can help a lot? Or do you just think that
    IJN DD needs a nerf?

  52. torpedus maximus

  53. World of Warships – Touhou collaboration confirmed?

  54. Also textbook example of why you should never go to the edge of the maps,
    splitting your fleet’s firepower too much!

  55. stop calling it shima! So annoying :D

  56. Would have been perhaps better to have 1 cruiers or DD in that division,
    instead of just 3 battleships, for sake of versatility and being prepared
    to meet just such force.
    But yeah, you never know whom you gonna fight so…

  57. WOW! I have never seen so many torpedoes in so little time! All of them
    MUST have had Torpedo Armament Expertise – and the Shimakaze, well I would
    be quite surprised if he WASN’T using the torpedo reload module, I don’t
    know if Fubukis can mount that upgrade, but if they can, they probably did
    as well!

    I mean, it looked like for every other Salvo you got off with you cannons,
    the destroyers had their torpedoes in the water again already!

  58. Holy Cow, that’s only slightly less torpedos than if the enemy had just 1
    single Derzki.

  59. looked like the guys east dicked around down south for to long. yall
    pushing and there down south jerkin each other off

  60. Really nice Div-Play!
    You had absolutely no chance…

  61. Just saying but all 3 of the BBs you went close to the island and all 3 of
    your screens were behind you.It should be the opposite.Good job avoiding so
    many torps btw.

  62. So how many people are going to be complaining destroyers OP after this

  63. Good job WG. That is a prime example of what happens to your rock paper
    scissor theory when you overnerf one of the classes.

  64. Dear god, they really need to limit the number of DDs in a game.

  65. typical IJN DD tactics in real life (except they do run in and do close
    range gun battle with enemy ships)

  66. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    Wait, was that Ranked battles?? Division? WTF

  67. Impressive.
    I do well in IJN DDs (my forte), esp Fubuki and Fujin, but wow!
    I don’t division and although I have played against Shimakaze and Fubuki
    many times, I have never seen something like this. Well done.

  68. HOLY FUCK!
    what a fucking bullshit mm is that in randoms?

  69. 0.5.2. <3 One DD buff too far.

  70. i think they really just want cruisers and destroyers playing WOWS

  71. It’s almost as if you were facing a Kitakami.

  72. Sweet baby Jesus, they really nailed those torps well.

  73. i have been grinding my izumo for a yamato. i don’t think i can make it.
    such a crap ship

  74. You should feel lucky that there were no Kitakami. Just imagine the task
    force of Kitakami, Kagero and Fubuki.

  75. Never seen that many torpedoes before! Though that’s the reason I do like
    playing the Minekaze most of the time, about 700 battles in it out of a
    little over 1,000 total battles. Still a bloody noob but learning a lot
    from your videos.

    Just can’t get a hang of timing my arty shots!

    Thanks for posting!

  76. your screening DD didn’t help you out much at all. he should’ve been
    shading detection range way out in front of you guys, spotting incoming
    torps if not their DDs. instead all he cares about his getting his hopeless
    torps off and saving his own skin. one of my biggest pet peeves in WS – DDs
    that hide behind other ships when their job is to be in front. i don’t
    think he even popped smoke for you guys once.

  77. I see desperation as the last wave of torpedoes incoming.

  78. However it is exactly this that kills gameplay and causes frustration for
    so many, causing all the nerfs being placed without thought. Yes, I love
    the teamwork done, but MM could be tweaked way more to allow for everyone
    to have a standing chance. Even with a dumb squad of torplayers, this was
    doomed. Placement of cruisers due to “platoon” spawning etc.

  79. Manuel Merzinger (manimerz)

    I was trying this strategy for months 😀

    then I realized, I have no friends ._.

  80. christopher tucker

    that sucked. I want to see u play the izumo properly as I’m struggling with
    the ship and I get a great tutorial videos on effective torping lol

  81. Omfg. That’s insane Kappa

  82. Dude why are you firing HE at cruisers ?

  83. Ouch…. X(

  84. Fun especally since Fubuki Torps arent that fast. Noticed that Both sides
    BB dis that open water backward driving and wigeling thingy? is that in
    vogue now there are fewer CVs around?

  85. Chase why did you fire HE? is the AP of the Izumo that bad?

  86. In before torp-I mean teamwork OP.

  87. HE’s?

  88. I was expecting a “first” comment here being this early…

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