World of Warships – Armada: Edinburgh

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  1. Oh boy, you guys just called a Scotsman an Englishman…get ready.

  2. Guess Someone needs to go back to school saying it’s English man when it’s

  3. i’m not buying all that over hyped BULLCRAP anymore

  4. belfast and edinburgh are almost same

  5. Do you have the Brits last battleship HMS Vanguard in this game?

  6. Only problem is that Fiji is much better and isn’t constantly uptired to
    tier 10 matches…

    Also why does the Edinburgh only have 2×3 trops while Neptune and up get
    4×4 torp launchers it doesn’t make any sense. And Edinburgh is just a
    pointless stepping stone as you don’t get anything new with the ship going
    from tier 7 to 8, maybe you should spend more time on buffing the ship
    instead of making a pointless video about it.

  7. I don’t get what’s supposed to be so sexy about this ship. I mean it’s not
    bad but I think Japanese cruisers like Atago look way more sleek & sexy
    compared to such a fat hull.

  8. The actual tactical advice for playing the Edinburgh is sound, but the
    whole “James Bond” thing is cringeworthy at best. Edinburgh, incidentally,
    is in Scotland

  9. “Our hero is a magnificent and handsome Englishman” *Facepalm* ……
    Edinburgh is literally the capital city of Scotland.

  10. “… [our you’ll] make a laughingstock of yourself…” yeah, like when the
    second smoke puff isn’t coming …. O.o

  11. That was a really good Armada episode. Good Job Wargaming!

  12. please…it’s Edin-bruh. Not Edin-borough.

  13. Edinburgh is a Women!
    UK address all their ships as feminine

  14. why do u say that Edinburgh is English, it Scottish

  15. Wargaming please….. Why do I have to watch an out-of-game video to
    actually find out the penetration value of the AP shells this ship fires at
    certain ranges?? Why isn’t this information available for people to look up
    in-game? You made a step in the right direction, by giving us an armour
    viewer, but what use is knowing how thick a ships armour is in a certain
    place, unless you know the penetration values of the shells you might have
    firing at you? Or indeed, from the other perspective, how can a player make
    an educated decision on where to aim at a ship, if they don’t know where
    they can and can’t penetrate a ship? Players do not want ‘soft stats’
    hidden in your games, it’s bad enough in WoT’s that people have to go to a
    third party website to find out information that you should make available
    for them in-game, as standard. Please remedy this as I know I’m not the
    only one who voices this opinion. Thanks :)

  16. Video was nice still we players are salty about RN :/

  17. ugly ship, how can something that fat be that fast?

    Good ship, but so ugly

  18. >hms edinburgh


    git tae france ya bam.


    Tier I – TKW (Light Tank)
    Tier II – 4TP (Light Tank)
    Tier III – 7TP (Light Tank)
    Tier IV – PZInż 10 TP (Light Tank)
    Tier V – 43M Turán III or 14tp (Medium Tanks)
    Tier VI – 20/25 TP (Medium Tank)
    Tier VII – 25t BS PZInż 25 TP Habich (Heavy Tank)
    Tier VIII – 53 TP Markowski (Heavy Tank)
    Tier IX – 40TP (Heavy Tank)
    Tier X – Battleship Lema (Heavy Tank)
    We still had a lot of tankettes.
    For example: TK-1, TK-2, TK-3, TKD, TKF, TKS TKS-D …
    The Polish trees could come captured tanks such as Hetzer “Chwat” Is
    Panthera “Magda” “Pudelek”


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