World of Warships – Armada: USS New Orleans

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The first American cruiser that can boast about having armoured protection, instead of just a sheet of paper. Armada will tell you how to master it!

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  1. Yea, i can allready hear the countless “WELP IT IS OP” and “PLEASE NERF IT”
    posts incomming

  2. I spent a lot of time with this ship. Its so much better than the Pensacola

  3. ASTRO BOY william

    good sir, can you make some for IJN cruiser?

  4. git gud… Des Moinse is ahead like lol yeah 3 months of random ahead :D

  5. “The cruiser of your dreams” sorry but nope, it’s bad atm :/

  6. I’m from New Orleans

  7. Szczerze, pierwszy raz to powiem, ale kiepski ten filmik. Jak dla mnie
    najlepszym filmikiem Armady było o Budzionym a potem jak pojawił się o
    Czapce i teraz ten to….widzę tendencję spadkową w jakości filmów….

  8. “Salt” or “Pepper” glossed through fast. The last third of the video is

  9. Scott Reinemeyer

    Eight comments ehh

  10. lol what a convienent time to release something about new orleans

  11. Nick Pappagiorgio

    “Sink a cruiser one on one” – if they are afk

  12. Lasse Rosenkilde Olsen

    hehe I thought this video was suppose to promote people to play the New
    Orleans not quit the US Cruiser line hehe.

  13. New Orleans would be better if WG would stop nerfing US ships. Every patch
    there’s a nerf to them and buff to the Japs. Cheers to WG”s “BALANCE”.

  14. is it just me or did this video was uploaded before with another guy

  15. Might be personal thing, but I perfom much better in the Hipper.

  16. Funny, worst tier 8 Ca in game.

  17. AYYYYYY!!!! The U.S.S. San Francisco!!!!! One of the most highly decorated
    US ships during WW2!!!!!

  18. Francesco Dorgai

    Armored ship? Armored against what? DD guns perhaps

  19. I like how war gaming channel only show tank and ship but not plane

  20. ” You finally done all the research. Reach true great endurance and
    perseverance…” Yes you have to “endure” that absolute garbage
    PepsiSh***t. That thing made me quit the US CL line… The problem is that
    New Orleans isn’t that much better.

  21. more love to germany!

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