World of Warships X Arpeggio of Blue Steel: “Fleet of Fog” Flagships!

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Our collaboration with Arpeggio of Blue Steel — Ars Nova — continues! The “Fleet of Fog” flagships have arrived in the Armory — the mighty super battleship, ARP Yamato, and heavy cruiser ARP Maya.


Keep an eye out on the official World of Warships website. Your first port of call for new ship releases!

If you’re a console player, check out WoWs: Legends


  1. No way to get any of the new commanders separately… meh

    • just like with the Warhammer collab. If you wanted the commander, you had to buy the bundle. No way I’m buying a slightly weaker Amagi just to get a commander lol

    • @azraelswrd Yes, this way it sucks. I for one would have liked to buy Musashi mental model commander, but sure am not going to pay 6k dubs for lvl 3 version of her that includes a skin that I dont want. That deal sucks even more for those that do not even own Musashi the ship.

  2. So, any “benefits” for those who have whaled the other ships in the past? Something like a discount for people who already have Takao and/or Atago? Or Yamato? Sad.

  3. Pretty pathetic continuation of what was probably the greatest collab WoWs ever had.
    You get even less than with the HSF and AL collabs now.
    Btw: “People will never be able to just buy Tier 10 ships with real money” just throwing this quote of WG out there

  4. They only need 1 whale to make all their money back.

  5. Would be nice if the ship waifus didn’t cost an arm and a leg.

  6. Don’t buy ARP Yamato if you already have a Yamato

    • @Parsec Gilly when will Wargaming ever see common sense, or will it be when there’s on a few thousand players left over?

    • @M Park So they’re pulling the best BBs from the game in February, and now they’re selling Tier 10s? This is a slippery slope that WG are on. Vote with your wallets and don’t buy this stuff, people.

    • @Ricky Breckenridge I got free perma camo from the old anime whatever event

    • In my opinion even if you dont have the Yamato yet dont worth a while. Save your money, grind the branch and get for free your Yamato. Use your money only to buy a permanent camo that is more realistic than this ugly “maori night club” camo.

    • @Jhon Mark Rodriguez that’s exactly what I did. You can have so much more for 100 bucks than a ship that mostly already have…

  7. What happened to never selling tier 10 ships?

  8. The Yamato alone is like 130 bucks. Screw that.

  9. Love the anime, but this collab is such a clear cash grab it’s disgusting. Nothing about the ships is even unique either, just basic reskins.

    Oh well, the manga is better anyway.

  10. I was genuienly looking forward to getting ARP Yamato, but the price is a massive WTF. Im not weeb enough to pay that price.

  11. Selling a T10 ship for Money?? This was the worst Idea Wargaming ever had!

  12. I’m sorry your greed has been declined by my credit card if you wish to rectify this please contact your pricing department or call area code LOL-WTF-WERE-YOU-THINKING a long distance fee of $140 will apply to all calls
    Have a nice day and thank you for screwing over your player base once again

  13. Seems like the pandemic making WG don’t have any cash to balance the game and pay their staff 😂

  14. WG : here ARP event back again…
    Player : Great, have a free ship ?
    WG : No, just 35000 you can enjoy the event….

  15. Why? Just why? A second Yami which is literally identical cost so much. Why am i stunned? Its wg in the end

  16. Remember when WG said they’ll never sell a Tier X?

    Pepperidge Farm remembers

  17. Instead of selling a skin, but selling a copied ship to raise the price… Since this year I always feel being f@cked by WG.

  18. This game is turning more like 2k and EA everyday, which is bad.

  19. WG: we will never sell a T10 ship
    WG 2020: buy buy buy, we’re milking all our game titles!!!

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