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Exclusive anime-inspired ships join the fleet! Are you ready to add some stylized flair to your shipyard?


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  1. No NO NO NO NO….pleeeeease dont mix these two. Do you guys know How
    annoyed I get whenever some one says POI?

  2. Ah Haruna, Flagship of my heart ~
    Wait, Maya? Where’s my Maya? We can’t have a carnival without Maya!


  4. What kind of missions do you guys think we will have to do to get these? Do
    you think they will be hard or easy?

  5. sahasawat Ruangkajohn

    I prefer Kantai collection

  6. i came

  7. This game officially died for me.

  8. I wish we can use the gravity cannon. :)

  9. Eternal Dragon Of ChaOZ

    This is awesome, my friend is going to faint when he see Kongou (The purple
    one for those who didn’t watch the anime)
    I don’t think we will be seeing super graviton cannon. That would be a bit
    too op.

  10. oh my god so awesome

  11. Weeaboo squadron.

  12. 不喜歡動漫塗裝

  13. So much awesome. :O :)

  14. Arpeggio > kancolle.

  15. OMG where do i sign up

  16. Oh wow, cooooooool. This would make a nice xmas present.

  17. Do we get to fire missiles?

  18. So much for immersion.

  19. I can turn these off, right? I don’t have to see these neon monstrosities
    on the high seas, right?


  21. i’ll take it that we don’t get super-gravity cannons in this update?

  22. I know it’s just cosmetic… but i NEED these! Especially Haruna…..
    Shazam….. :P

  23. wohh, is a good combination

  24. ?????
    Da fuck?

  25. Never watched anime except for Pokemon but gimmie

  26. Александр Шипулин

    Waiting for Tengen-Toppa Gurren Lagann ship for Warships

  27. What is this and what is poi

  28. Fog myoko @ 0:22


    1/10 where the tentacles?

  30. “IT’S A CARNIVAL!!!” =D

  31. I love the comments section so much. one side hates, one side loves. Still
    a game ._.

  32. One way to make a great game look like shit

  33. I see who watch’s anime!

  34. Nice skin jobs, but I would have preferred to have the shape of the ships
    look like those in the anime. More futuristic

  35. Does this mean people will stop looking at me funny when I type ‘SHAZAM”
    after activating my Repair Party on my Kongo?

  36. fluke badin (FlukeyCaster)

    they finally acknowledging the anime community yeah!!! POI

  37. They have it on netflix right now.

  38. WG just add Iona and all the other submarine classes, then WOWS will be

  39. World of Tanks – Girls und Panzer
    World of Warships – Arpeggio of Blue Steel
    Its funny how both of Wargaming’s crossover videos got me into both of the
    games and anime. XD

  40. the ships look dum

  41. Yes, yes, yes and all the yes!

  42. ปละวัน งงภักดี


  43. But where is all the cool stuff like corrosive torpedos and klienfields?

  44. Anime -1

  45. I don’t understand what is happening.

  46. I have no idea what this is, but I want that sick looking black and purple
    design. UNF! YES!

  47. I thought this was a serious game

  48. Rick “Jim River” Styles

    this is the worst, most disgusting thing i have ever seen. so this is why
    there are so many creeps on the forums with animae girls for avatars.
    disgusting weaboo freaks. what seperates these basement dwelling freaks
    from bronies and cloppers? what next? pony ships?

  49. If only the kongos can submerge as well as having a super-gravity cannon
    like in the anime…

  50. Why people do not like it

  51. Where are the corrosive torpedoes?

  52. Why can’t they do this with Girls Und Panzer on WoT? I think that’ll be
    pretty cool :)

  53. Ok somebody’s not going to get a Christmas gift from me if this is limited
    time offer.

  54. what just happened

  55. The Weeaboos will RISE

  56. what’s this now the future?

  57. almost thought we were going to get subs then from the look of the start.


  59. Yes please

  60. Kk, if this shit would really come in wows i guit.. gg

  61. The Warlord of the Rising Sun

    I don’t care where it came from (I don’t really give a shit about Arpeggio
    or Kantai) but hell it looks pretty cool.

  62. WarGaming, you magnificent bastards…

  63. Get those women out of your studios.

  64. Why the fuck is it not Kantai Collection

  65. The most KAWAIIII ships ever seen

  66. well didnt see this coming

  67. well didnt see this coming

  68. woah bro

  69. Arpeggio > Kantai and any objections will be summarily ignored and

  70. This is an insult and a rape at the same time of those majestic navy
    vessels. Wargaming, how dare you….

    SHIPS!!!! …. although I would still prefer Kancolle~ POI!!!!

  72. WHY NO KANCOLLE ?????

  73. YES. Love Arpeggio. This is Going to be absolutely GLORIOUS. P.S. If
    someone from WG is reading this and cares, please don’t make these premium.
    I WANT these so bad. And could you find some Fleet of Fog DDs to put in


  74. Ok let’s have a talk people. I’m going to go ahead and list some pros and
    cons and you guys tell me if i’m off base here and if i miss anything.

    Pros: The skins look pretty sick, it gives money to wargaming without
    giving players unfair advantages like strictly better ships or
    ammo/consumables, could pull in a bigger audience to the game, and finally
    if you like the reference the game could be lot funner to play.

    Cons: The skins look out of place in a war game, there should be an option
    to turn skin off if you want to, they are a reference that you might have
    no affiliation with, it divides the community into 2 groups(as you can see
    from the comment section), no historical skins yet, and finally this could
    sour your gaming experience with something you have chosen to not partake
    in but are now forced to.

    So what do you guys think, I’ve tried to see it from both sides and i think
    the pro seem pretty legitimate and most of the cons could be taken away if
    you had an option to turn the skins off on a player to player bases.
    However I do think some historical skins should have been implemented
    first, to introduce the idea of skins that aren’t just camo.

  75. WarGaming got smart. They are joining forces with some of the popular
    anime. I have seen Arpeggio Of Blue Steel and it is pretty good. I can’t
    wait for this.

  76. OMG YES by just a qn… can we transform the whole battleship into a mega
    protonic cannon or merge with another battleship just like in the anime? XD

  77. Wish it had been Kantai Collection instead.

  78. dont make the missions too hard, I want to get all of them, but they look

  79. YES

  80. Don’t know what that anime is but the skins look fairly nice although it
    would stick out like a sore thumb in a match.

  81. I guess no one paid attention when they announced the collab months ago.

  82. so are we getting any submarine cause from I see the star is a submarine

  83. I wonder if Takao is going to have both skins from both original and Iona

  84. is this a joke?

  85. all aboard the poi train

  86. The Poi is strong with World of Warships… Cant wait hands down best
    holiday news.

  87. What was that about? :o

  88. Forgot to mention, Im sure Jingles will be over this, I guess :p

  89. I had never even heard of this anime till now.

  90. figure they would have teamed up with kantai col

  91. Best. Idea. EVER!!!!!!

  92. Fuck yes

  93. fuck yeah!

  94. Not kancolle :(

  95. The fact that this is not Kantai Collection instead is criminal.

  96. Ritsu_Tainaka_Is_ A_Goddess

    Whatever. I like KanColle better.
    Kaga a best

  97. Now we wait for the Kantai Collection skins

  98. TheLegoMinecraftPro

    This is cool I guess. I dropped the anime because of other better anime but
    this is still pretty cool.

  99. 日本人(歓喜)

  100. Classicos Classicos

    eu acho que deveriam adicionar o Bismark e o prins oregan e o hns hood no

  101. Kancolle, kancolle…give us kancolle skin plz

  102. Carlos Andrés del Valle

    i saw this anime when it was realiced and is nice to remember it, and lol
    the thing with the submarine. the ships are looking realy nice
    and boy that final frase is incredible

  103. Great series, too bad there is (still) only one season. I can recommend
    this series to both fans of naval warfare and anime, enjoy!

  104. Ketsueki saiko (Ketsuekisaiko)

    Railguns and Rockets are missing … :(

  105. I wonder if there making new paint jobs for the ships

  106. Whut in da actual fuq?

    That’s some pretty trippy paint jobs.

  107. now i can play as my waifu! sugoi ne

  108. F**k…yes!

  109. OH MY GOD!!!

  110. I love this anime/manga aaaaaaa!!!!!

  111. WG you made me and many other peoples so damn happy with that :)

  112. It will be cool if you add submarines!

  113. Le sigh…..

  114. The anime series is pretty nice

  115. It is funny that they know what their audience likes. The anime fans of
    this game are insane, well… hopefully they don’t make a “My Little Pony”
    skin set also….

  116. So you try to make a collaboration with Ars Nova, yet its main character is
    a sub, and still NO SUBS FOR MY FLEET!!! What the crap is this

  117. i like ecchi only

  118. wat?

  119. Finally, it’s been like 2 years since they announced the collab…

  120. i dont know what this is nor do i care,do not mess with the beautiful game
    that was created!!

  121. This is pretty badass. Definitely looking forward to it!! 🙂

    Keep up the great work!

  122. Jingles will love this!

  123. Yes please! Finally

  124. Anyone fan of both warships and anime, this is one of the best you get that
    include a season of 24 eps and 2 movies. One thing they missing was the
    Yamato skin, and a Takao class cruiser also a submarine. :v

  125. That Heavy is a Spy disguised as an Pyro eating a Chicken

    Damn weaboos.

  126. I think this is pretty cool, everyone who dislikes it is hating it for it’s
    relation to anime.

  127. John DeJong (The Panzerherz)

    I am very much okay with this development

  128. But why not Kancolle? Lame.

  129. Submarines confirmed?

  130. not sure … not sure … still not sure …

  131. BROOOO they look so badass. I love the anime too so this is just fantastic

  132. Is this only for Kongo or can it be on myogi

  133. Do they not shoot giant animu lasers? Where’s the op energy shields?

  134. Bullshit

  135. Ships from the Fleet of the Fog, I love Arpeggio of Blue Steel… Erm… I
    mean those ships look interesting…

  136. LOOL Arpeggio of blue steel is the reason why I got into world of warship
    now they made it.


    I haven’t come here to watch some stupid bullshit japanese hentai!

  138. I for see a jingles vid

  139. Great, just what the game needs, weeaboo bullshit.

  140. What the?
    Please tell me whatever this is it’s not permanent.

  141. All this QQing about Wargaming working with Studio Sanzigen on promoting
    the new Arpeggio of Blue Steel: Cadenza movie and I’m just here

  142. Missions for anime-like ships? Kreygasm

  143. I’ve been waiting for this.

  144. I wonder if they will do kancolle (Kantai collection)

  145. This isn’t Kancolle! Devs confirmed for plebs.

  146. eww gross anime but wows is my baby and I love it so I’ll deal with it

  147. Are them just selling( or doing mission for ) the skin or the captain is

  148. where is my Kantai collection, I don’t want these shits !

  149. Koit “Wolkun” Wolken


  150. and where is I-401.. may I ask politely Wargaming?

  151. this anime is 0!!!!

  152. cringes!!, a lot!!!………….., disturbing

  153. to bad wargaming you game dont have submarines

  154. what the hell did i just watch?

  155. Please tell me you can disable this lame unrealistic skin to default they
    must be trying to attract more people/anime fans. This a joke right?

  156. whats all this weeaboo nonsense?

  157. FINALLY!!!

  158. Feels kinda ‘Eh’ without the Super Graviton Cannon

  159. Oh Wargaming, you don’t know how happy you have made me…

  160. coolman's Kappa army

    weabo thrash world of warships , i quit the game because of this

  161. YaY! I liked this anime and would gladdly watch a sequel.

  162. soooooo will we be getting their anti particle laser beam weapon thingy? :D

  163. Why is everyone crying like a little kid I cant understand it

  164. Will you ever do this with MLP? Would be a nice 1st of April joke

  165. Loved the anime, will buy, 10/10.

  166. Hard at work I see…

  167. Surprised it wasn’t going to be Kancolle instead

  168. A retexture. Yay. And an anime one. More yay. I am bursting with joy.

  169. No historical skins, but anime skins? One of the main characters in the
    anime is a sub, no subs in WoWS. None of it’s going to change how I play,
    so meh, just seems like a waste of dev time/resources.

  170. The Fleet of Fog has arrived

  171. I’m going to be *THAT GUY* and say POI

  172. So I take it this is a promotion similar to when WoT collabed with Girls
    und Panzer.

  173. RIP Realism.

  174. I am having a weeb-nerdgasm at the same time

  175. Jin-yeong Jeong (Victim)


  176. I thought this game was going to be a good, serious, realistic one. True to
    history. Not whatever this is.

  177. ichhab keinname (FunnyKiller)

    jej,oppai ships

  178. dafuq did i just watch


  180. You done good, Wargaming.

  181. but there is no I401 in this game

  182. Icarus Septim - leader of the Fascist!

    what are you hinting at WarGameing, puting I-401 (I-400 class submarine
    aircraft carrier) at the start?

  183. blue steel it’s on Netflix. you’ll get the point. it’s awesome

  184. interestring that I agree but strange a little.
    Did they do a similar thing for World of tanks + Girls und Panzer anime ?

  185. YESSS!!!!!!!!!

  186. So… can we fire the supergravity cannons? No?

    Ehhh, I don’t care. I get to pick which Mental Model to represent
    Kongou-class… which will probably still be Kongou, though Kirishima is
    always fun.

    Also, since they’re going with Cadenza (the movie) I’m expecting the
    entirety of the Myoukou-class. I need Ashigara badly.

  187. Aww no Takao? Need some tsundere heavy cruiser in my fleet.

  188. just like Project Aces does collab with Idolm@ster.
    damn. i gotta get a new PC to run this game.
    Also Ars Nova has more of a design than Kantai Collection would be.

  189. Submarines confirmed! I-401 hype!

  190. i hope wows will never look like that

  191. I know this anime : D

    By crap my dreams have come true!

  192. What the….?

  193. Brice Trois (Bric3)


  194. Holy crap… wasn’t expecting this but… damn… this is AMAZING!

  195. make a spaceship mod If you want me to download anything…

  196. don’t watch anime but the ships look SIIIICKKKK

  197. Who in the dev team thought this would be a good idea? smh

    “Hey guys lets put anime in our WW2 ship combat sim.”

  198. Oh yea I remember this anime

  199. This video is bad to the ass

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