World of Warships – Battle Analysis, ft Iowa & Tirpitz

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Tactical analysis of two matches featuring Battleships and Tirptiz in !

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Live streaming with standards!


  1. SideStrafe, your secondary gun armerment set the Nagato on fire.

  2. Would you like to give a chance to the Armored Warfare?

  3. Hey SS, was re-watching your Hipper video from a while back and you talked
    towards the end of the video about doing some science to determine AP vs HE
    against various targets. Have you taken the time to do so and is there
    footage? ( Yeah there’s other footage out there, but I want SS Science!)
    Thanks man!

  4. Your secondaries set the Nagato on fire bud.


    Guys what do you think is the best BB line? I went up the IJN line until
    the myogi and I just cant seem to get it to work. Should I try the USN and
    the german bb line? And what are the advantages of each nation?

  6. I have the Iowa. I feel like i picked the wrong line. The Yamato seems
    super good.

  7. SideStrafe, you make really good quality videos, cant wait to see more

  8. Finally, again with SideStrafe at sea. Action Stations, let’em have it !
    Thank you SideStrafe !

  9. Anyone else having that weird trees flickering graphical glitch that can be
    seen at ~ 12:41? I am having it there as well as in the port and it seems
    to be affecting the rendering of my shots in the air as well as my signal

  10. Sidestrafe, your post-patch stream last night was a boon to a mate and I
    tonight (ASIA server). I have never been much of a fan of destroyers but
    seeing all those Nassaus I just had to snag myself the Umikaze and unleash
    Long story short – *OMNOMNOMNOM*.
    I tell ya, ‘farming’ battleships kills was a truly bizarre yet satisfying
    experience 😀
    Thank you very much for that, mate.

  11. Yay! Iowa gameplay! Thanks strafe! :D

  12. you can turn off chat by opening the chat window and click the X button on
    the bottom left.

  13. I just switched to German battleships 🙂 because I’m tired of the old ships

  14. Just launch your nuclear Tomahawk misisles :D

  15. Do a colab with BaronVonGamez or PhlyDaily

  16. You can mute specific individuals from the team list.

  17. Glad you are addicted again — watching your early beta vids got me started
    — hopefully they (WG) will re-establish your press account to its fullest.

  18. Nice video Sidestrafe. I appreciate the discussion you raise regarding the
    release strategy of Wargaming :)

  19. Joeseph Hunnicutt

    Pleas do a video on the German battleships

  20. Lone__Wolf__ 4ever___


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