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World Of Warships – DOWN! – YORCK GAMEPLAY

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  1. Nice Video Steve !

  2. “we have to pull out at the right time” phly 2015

  3. hey phly im gonna go for a collectors gun licence in australia and the
    first gun im looking at buying is the mosin nigant and is there anything i
    should look for when buying a mosin

  4. 14:50 how did you not see the torpedus they were in the midlle of ur screen
    and the ones before in the same batlle, and you complain about the torpedus
    indicator spotting them from 1.4km :P

  5. could you have sent your recon plane out to scout the cap before you got

  6. does someone knows when patch 5.1 will come out?

  7. My favorite kind of target practice ships :)

  8. Plz play il2 sturmovich battle of stalingrad

  9. Mrow more meow meow. Not now piper!

  10. Hey Phly, been seeing how many people are giving you shit for
    pronunciation. I find it extremely funny since these kind of people still
    sound funny here in Japan. You should see “gaijin” butchering 日本語 with
    their “correct” pronunciation….

  11. Phoenix Brothers Gaming

    your team was being very passive aggressive


  13. Pixelation Studios

    Not a good Sunday although it is a good Monday.

  14. PhlyDaily I have hit a citadel on a New York from front in a Durutaka

  15. that spooky skeleton cloud tho

  16. Play the Zao!

  17. Arturo Quirantes Ros

    When I first saw “YORCK” I thought you wrote it wrong, them I saw it was a
    German ship :D

  18. Surachai phiwphong


  19. NO ONE CARES!!!! Give us British ships Wargaming!

  20. I had that game in a destroyer going against all 3 enemy destroyer alone
    somehow survived and destroyed Them so i go for 2 carriers and Now friendly
    destroyer comes too. . . i told him Fug off m8 he kills one so im starting
    shootin him taking my fifth kill

  21. Always pull out at the right time Phly

  22. After a long day the last thing I watch are your games. Love spending a
    relaxing evening watching Baron VonGamez’ and your world of warships
    gameplay through my TV. Thanks for the great videos!

  23. Play the Roon next

  24. Btw Phly, your “MySpace” link doesn’t work. Just so you know.

  25. Phly,

    Why u no have more subscribers? I’m seriously surprised you don’t have

  26. Ever did a video on Montana Gameplay?

  27. Yeah I am so certain in my pathetic skills with torps, that I expect to
    miss so just lay in to them with my guns. if I even use my torps lol

  28. about the german cruisers: (and please bear in mind that i am only at tier
    4 so far ) i have to say i find them a little underwhelming so far. is it
    just me playing badly or ?

  29. 14:46 fuck fuck fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck FUCK FUCK FUCKKKKKKKKKKK

  30. Guess what on cruisers with torps were not extremely useful like your
    situation since ships did not get so close to torp each other

  31. “gotta be careful of pulling out at the right time” ;)

  32. “But oOOkey! Nothing will shoot me now. Now I’m gonna go and shoot at
    things that can’t shoot me back! *grunt*” looool XD

  33. The question today yooww is are you still sleep outside power house or the
    situation more calm down? haha 😀
    sorry my bad english.

  34. “And He’s going the New York way” LolZ, Try-Hard speak. Great game-Play, I
    am entertained.

  35. Is the video stuttering for anyone else? This happens to me every once in a
    while – but only to Phly’s videos. No other channel’s videos.

  36. Ship seems a bit squishy!!!

  37. anyone know what will be the tier 10 german BB?

  38. How can you identify the ships, Phly? U study them? In WoT and War Thunder
    is more easy, every tank has its silhouette, and some of them are famous,
    but with warships… I can´t differenciate a Montana from a Yamato, or an
    Essex from a Shokaku.

    PD: Feed that cat

  39. It’s a Me 262 sea plane, for the last damn time Phly!

  40. Should’ve fired at the carriers during second game phly.

  41. aww..poor Piper just wants some attention :)

  42. Question. What the hell is the upside of the Kolberg?!

  43. Not as good as the battle lines in Navyfield

  44. Is that gold paint permanent for that ship? Or only for one battle? Because
    I would gladly buy it if it is permanent, for one battle though…..hell

  45. Surachai phiwphong


  46. *Meowww* “NoNoNoNoNo not now” *Meowwwwww*

    More amusing than I probably should’ve found it

  47. play the teir 1 german cruiser!!

  48. Oh Phly for Myoko, you pronounce it like this: Myoko (Eng: Me-yo-ko) Just a
    heads up :)

  49. Phly thanks for thinking of us.Hope your Sunday was enjoyable.

  50. Dragon Butt (ThatsNoMoon)

    6:05 How about saying sorry to the dude you rammed? Come on now, Phly.

  51. Lmao Piper haha, great timing as always!

  52. hey phly


  54. I m the only one to see a skeleton behind the ship in the sky at the very
    begining of the video ?!?!?!?!?!?!??

  55. I love Piper. I wanna cuddle that cat.

  56. Your torpedo game is on point dude!

  57. Hi phly plz reply!!!!!!…….

  58. Phly, are you giving Piper not enough attention? :P

  59. you realised yet that the cap in 2 cap mode is 1000 pts and insta win yet?

  60. Wow, this is early.

  61. What if Phly replied to my comment?

  62. wanted a vid of this ship for ages

  63. 17th like 😉 Still want my rightful place at 1st. Keep up the good work
    Phly, I couldn’t live without you and baron.

  64. 13th

  65. is this game worth getting?

  66. Yay more German ships!

  67. The Business Gamer

    8 likes and 0 dislikes, I’m early!
    God bless

  68. you to phly

  69. Iam first ?

  70. Hey ya’ll! Thanks for chillin on this video during your Sunday! Sorry about
    360p..should be up to hd60fps soon. Have a great Sunday and

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