World Of Warships Battleship Gameplay – How To Get Better – Beginners Advice

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World Of Warships Battleship Gameplay – How To Get Better – Beginners Advice



  2. BITCH! Get the fck out!

  3. When is OBT?

  4. how to play wow???

    that wargaming is giving wow free to free to play not closed beta

  5. Damn…. I really want to try this out now….excellent gameplay :)

  6. Dark Fortress Of the Lord

    What a Fucking nice Game :D

  7. you have 2 accounts and i cant even get one!? must be nice

  8. THIS GAME gna be epic srsly really like it

  9. wow always i hear that intro music i getting even more excited to watch
    that video 😉 LIKE!

  10. Phly, the steering gear mod is that a 1 ship use?

  11. whats the intro song? :)

  12. Sometime going toward the torpedos is a better solution.

    I saw a lots of people trying to dodge them by trying to turn the way the
    torpedos were going and end up taking all of them ! Or they dodge them all
    but ram something.. but they would have had the time to dodge them foward.

  13. PhlyDaily, i have to say your “Gradual Shots” as your calling them is
    incorrect, not here to say your stupid or anything like that. I think it
    would be great if you called them Adjust Fire Rounds, because that is what
    we in the Artillery world call them. I understand its a ship however those
    are Artillery guns on a ship. It is the Sgts who trained me for weeks upon
    weeks pounding these terms into my head to call these sort of shots a
    Adjust fire Mission or Adjust fire round. arent i just a nit picky sorta
    fella? haha.

  14. there is a residual amount of recoverable health after taking damage, you
    can only repair during a short window after taking a hit and only a portion
    of that total damage received.

  15. Of course, the one time I bring in random fighters on my carrier to unlock
    a mission and do relatively bad is the time I end up in a video by Phly.

  16. Hey Phly, just wondering if you still play NavyField 2 or if I saw one of
    your many impersonators yesterday.

  17. for people who want to know how to pronounce some of the IJN ship names
    that get screwed up a lot.

  18. Phly man I must say that I do not watch other people play video games. That
    being said I am totally fascinated with World of Warships. This game looks
    so awesome. I have to admit the destroyers and light cruisers class are my
    faves so far the action is so intense with these fast ships. Will watch
    anything you put up on this so please keep up the good work.

  19. How do you get world of tanks/warships on Mac

  20. How to get better? Watch Barron’s world of warship videos and only Phly’s
    warthunder videos! Loling

  21. hey phly can you and baron do fuso battleship gameplay together

  22. What and where exactly is the citadel? Also, when should you use HE vs AP?

  23. How do I get into the beta

  24. DoyleOG (Trophy)

    Do you know how long it takes for WOWS to email you back for the code or if
    they ever do like shit. I want to play and start my channel with some
    different videos but whatever

  25. can we see some invite codes?

  26. Alas. The open beta won’t be open for a few(Hah!) more months though…
    Good advice though. Really looking forward to this game to open. But as all
    War gaming goes, it will probably take a year or so.

  27. great video mate,but i cant dowload instalation its says that its beta
    closed,can you send me a link or pass some informations about that ?

  28. Phly, I think you could not repair more damage because the rest of it was
    all torpedo damage, and torpedoes hits under the water where it is pretty
    hard to repair stuff.

  29. Leonardo Franzin Ribeiro

    anyone taht got in the closed beta by signing up i got a question:its been
    about 20 days since i signed up,does it takes that freaking long?

  30. Hey Phly wich buttons do you press to keep the guns trained at an certain
    direction eventhough you are looking to another direction?? Like what I
    mean is, keeping your guns fixed to lets say starboard while looking to

    I only ask because this is very important during gameplay especially with a
    battleship! :D

  31. Christ, that intro music..

  32. You sure know how to add drama to your matches :)

  33. killin it phly!

  34. thanks for the vid, i will remember to load AP always, and that i can aim
    for the mountain and overshoot it when i have targeted enemy, those are
    some good tips 🙂 also the blocking of turrets is awesome

  35. best intro music ever
    world of warships is my new addiction.

  36. dude its pissing me off cant get into closed beta.. I see all these vids I
    just want to play but cannot :(

  37. chrisburggraaf1999

    how do you lock a ship?

  38. Hey phly i was watching your stream on 3/30/15 and i got banned from your
    chat, could you possibly unblock me i didn’t say anything
    offensive,racists,etc. I watch about every one of your streams. My twitch
    channel name is moodybear177

  39. All his videos ar laggy like hell,evry time after 1 min of the move i get
    info for error your shock plugin error,and only PhlyDaily hawe this shit in
    his videos

  40. “Y” only lets you repair “light damage”. So if a torpedo or BB hits you and
    it flashes “heavy damage” or “moderate damage” on screen then you cant
    repair that.

  41. You got two accounts and most of us got none :/

  42. Dear PhlyDaily I came here to you, to ask you if you could make a video
    about the current state of WarThunder I don´t know if you noticed but now
    in RB mode you play most of the time on arcade maps and that is making me
    REALLY ANGRY pls just tell gaijn to wake the fuck up and stop BREAKING the
    game. txs 🙂

    also here is a petition ->


  44. Nice video! good job! thanks!!

  45. two bad, haha 

  46. 13:34 HEHE

  47. Recorded this before the stream last night ;)

  48. maan… that ehm “music” on the start is kinda… annoying … 

  49. BITCH! GET THE FUCK OUT! Hahaha!

  50. Still have no key D: i cri everyday

  51. Kantai Collection’s fans spotted in the game xD!
    Awesome video bro!

  52. for me , i learn one thing , how to be a boss after getting hit by 4 torps
    in the beginning of a game 

  53. Hitting the water around an opponent but not hitting them is not a splice,
    but called a ‘straddle’. Good Videos!

  54. clerkmaxwell does warthunder

    New studies show that over 65% of dead people have died

  55. kongou-desu!!!!!

  56. I am loving world of warships and I love both war thunder and world of
    tanks but I also can not wait! For War Thunder’s rendition on warships.

  57. give invite key plx

  58. its gonna pay off

  59. Did you get the buritos? 

  60. Hey Phly how do you get rid of upgrades if you want to sell the ship

  61. I Love your Intro … short but great

  62. How do I get approved for the beta?

  63. raggedsolution21

    The Kongo is a fantastic money maker

  64. The Minecraft Ace

    I applied 2 weeks ago, still no invite to beta

  65. Данила Хижняков


  66. phly we cant see the mouse

  67. Watermellonbros Carey

    Love the music 

  68. Whenever you repair ability doesn’t work when you press the button for it
    you can hold Ctrl to bring up your mouse cursor and then click it, it
    always works for me that way 🙂 currently I’m on the Fuso and so far i love
    battleships. I play them aggressively like you – medium to soimetimes short
    range when i know my secondary batteries can deal effectively with the
    enemy. I always try to use all my four charges of repair, for example as
    soon as i get around 5k dmg received i pop it and use it again as soon as
    it’s available as i would have probably taken more dmg. It has saved me
    quite some times where 1 or 2k hp more was just enough to keep me alive
    long enough so i can reload and finish an enemy. So use it and even abuse
    it! Haha

  69. nice video, thanks Phly

  70. Open beta release Date?
    Some one help

  71. waiting for War Thunder ships, 1 year more sadly :(

  72. Peiyton Hilliard

    Is it to late to join the beta

  73. I’ll come back to this video when, you know, more than a few hundred people
    are allowed to get it 🙂 Meh, who am I kidding, I’m still watching it now

  74. that poi lol

  75. Great video, more like this please.

  76. Thank you Phly!

  77. the thing that supprised me about the Kongo (which im on now) is just how
    fast it is. I get into battle way faster than other battleships and it gets
    me into trouble a lot when im quite far ahead of my team.

  78. JamesonRocks2010

    Isn’t there a russian ship in this game? If there is, Phly, can you please
    do a game play on it.

  79. they need to put the mighty mo in so badly!!!! iowa or Missouri!!!

  80. Notchocheese1234

    I could get better, IF I GOT THE FUCKING GAME >:C

  81. maintain the cabbage!

  82. How to get better? Dont suck so bad, thats how :P

  83. Commander Warlord

    Does World of Warships have British ships?

  84. Beginners? ahahahahahaha.
    No one new is in this game as no one who has been invited to the beta has
    been invited within the time span of a few months. 

  85. i love the intro song “everybody” by NCS
    he makes the bast intro and outro songs for my other channel…

  86. How To Get Into Into the Beta Video?

  87. What is the sounding in the opening…its awesome…. 

  88. only recently subbed, but i cant stop watching you 😀 Keep it up 

  89. holy diver!

  90. I think a way for me to get better is to actually have the game :(

  91. Great video phylum

  92. Really helpful and I really needed that! Thanks Only, you are awesome :)

  93. thanks fle im sure this will help

  94. Much appreciated :)

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