World of Warships – BB vs DD = OMG

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Sometimes you’re in a BB and you find yourself against DDs and there’s no way out, there’s no other way than forward. So you charge those mothertruckers and you show’em whos the boss, ja?
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Great video

  2. Sry about Funs with Hans but I am in process of moving and I have no internet on my PC for unknown period of time. As soon as everything gets settled we will be back with normal service, flambaHug

  3. Np Flambass. Take your time moving and setting up man. Don’t stress about it.

  4. 1080T? Must be an upgrade of the 1080P….

  5. Why is Monkey quiet?

  6. What ship are you sailing flambass? I’m using a very old and small phone with a deal screen so I can’t see.

  7. I need to know about your new desk sounds nice. ps nice kraken lol

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