World of Warships – BELIEVEEEEEEE !!!!!!

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CR33D vs CR33D for best WoWS match !
This match turned into one of the craziest games EVER, while the game may look mediocre, w8 till the end and I warn you right now IT WILL BE A LOUD ENDING (RIP ears) !!!
An incredible ending of the game.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. WARNING: loud end !!!

    You have been warned 😉


  3. Flambass, thank you for all of the amazing content that you put out for the community. I’ve been watching your work for quite some time now, and I have to say that you make laughs out of any darkness. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, good sir. Have your papers ready.

  4. When you just wake up and Flambass wakes you up with a YouTube video. Time to watch Flambass Flam on. (Working on a catchphrase) Also hope you’re having an amazing day Flambass and what ships do you recommend for the tier 6 ranked sprint?

  5. so good so lucky i would have just burned to death

  6. skeletaur skull night

    Unlucky cauz no solo warrior the ram was run who has the first kill

  7. perfect example how many idiots now in this game .the only thing what they have to do is hide and win this game easy

    • Not an idiot, just somebody who cares more about fun than winning one of a thousand games of WoW.

    • +David Smith I mean i get the fun argument, but the game is over by then, why not just run and not ruin everyone’s fun by throwing a game. I have fun but I have a 60wr. You can have fun and not be a complete shitter at the game.

    • +David Smith why play 19 minutes to throw at the end costing a win to all your teammates.. how is that more fun the simply running away for the next 1 minute for the easy win??

  8. It was hot, GG. ?

  9. @ 8:57 I kid you not I spilled by tea all over my keyboard and nose

  10. hahahahaha someone’s a little excited

  11. Hey Flambass, nice to see you react the same way as me, when you see there are guys from CR33D on the enemy team. ;- )

  12. Hahhahaha very good ❤️

  13. I only belive in our lord and savior flambass

  14. That was hilarious! What an ending! I laughed out loud and although I wore inear headphones both my daughter and my wife heard the ”BEEEEELIIIEEEEVEEEE”.

  15. From the Jaws of defeat…amazing!!!

  16. Might be my favorite Flambass reaction so far.

  17. If you think this is good wait until you see his epic Leander replay.

  18. Z-23 made the classical mistake of trying to win harder when you’re already winning. The only thing he had to do was run away, but instead he tried to torp and threw the game. Come to think of it, torping was a dumb idea anyways, his guns would’ve had more success considering Flambass was really low health and guns are more consistent.

    • Ive seen it many times. Yelling to folks JUST RUN AND WE WIN but nope, they gotto fight (and lose)

    • Annex but mah damage numbers!

      And yep, seen that way too often. I’ll carry my team, and then watch as they run off and snatch defeat from the jaws of we’re-going-to-win-in-15-seconds-as-long-as-you-just-don’t-die victory

  19. BEEELIIIIVEEE !! Faak yeah mother trucker !! best end ever thank you Flambass and Merry Christmas !!

  20. That cheer at 9 mins was hilarious

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