World of Warships – Craziest/clunkiest close quarters fight I EVER had

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This match is a whole series of super awkward and weird close quarters battles against half of the enemy team. From strange to bizarre.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Flambass a few month back: I dont like Des Moines, camping and firing is not for me.
    Flamsbass now: plays Des Moines regularly.

    • +Flambass I know. I never miss to watch your gameplays. I just said because you almost hated to play US cruisers because you cant play them aggressively.

    • +Ian Thompson Well yes, judging by the acceleration of yesterday’s video it’s legendary mod + propulsion mod 2 (the one that also buff acceleration) build. I would know cause I also run that build myself.

    • +Flambass Best way to play, don’t see enough of it but when it happens with smokes and teamwork… That’s what makes the game worth playing.

    • +Ian Thompson Yep it makes all the difference ..

    • +Flambass How do you feel about the Salem then? Should be more agressive oriented right

  2. Sorry i stole your Neptune kill flambass :-p but he would have blabbed me, thought he would have been killed before he reached me.
    Happy i was in a game with you for once.

  3. I had something similar…. in clan battles. In my mino a moskva… 12 cits.. is was fun.

  4. Beardfist TheGoldenOne

    That looked like it felt good XD

  5. What do you think about christmas boxes that comes
    Will it be worth it?

    • Yeah sure, if you buy only one set of 20 huge boxes, but the chances are nearly nothing. You may as well buy 67 lottery tickets. WG is not going to want everyone sailing around in a Missouri after Christmas.

    • +Thinking Mantis true! And whit my luck regarding lottery tickets i may not buy anything

    • If you want a neat ship, with 100% chance of getting it, then grind out experience and buy the Musashi. You would maybe need some Doubloons to convert to Free XP, to make it in time before they remove it from the game, but then you would have it for sure, not with an unknown chance. Watch some Flambass videos for one where he says that he prefers the Musashi to the Missouri…

    • +Thinking Mantis I have almost all the exp i need for that
      All that really stops me for getting her is i dont have a jap bb capten. And och kronstadt side i that i only have chapayev and hefe skill that dont work on kronstadt

    • With a few credits you can go up to at least level 6 fairly quickly. Use some signals to speed it up from there. Once you have the Musashi, it goes really fast. In one long day of playing, I went from level 11 to 16!

  6. Why did not you use a boarding party consumable?

  7. Don’t watch the videos! Just count the number of times marathon player posts them!!!….someones’ got a problem!

  8. Muppet at play as usual….

  9. Attempt #4: Flambass me boyo! Please take out the Mighty Montana and do at least three citadels to a Große Kurfürst. Do you accept the challenge? If so, share what it is and who sent the challenge in the video! Good luck

  10. “I keep missing him coz of that…” *CITADEL* Umm yeah, missing. Right…. Go home Flambass, you’re drunk….

  11. First guy in chat asking if Hans is there… he was, on the other ships… Flammenwerfer in hand forcing the captains into stupid.

  12. My buddy in my clan did something similar with a Worcester. He came around the side of the island and was able to get to the broadside of a Moskva. The Moskva’s turrets couldn’t traverse fast enough or depress low enough to citadel him. He then proceeded to pump citadels into the Moskva’s broadside.

  13. Reminds me one game where this Tier IV british BB was trying to ram me in my Tier IV french BB, about 4 minutes of him literally chasing me with 0.4km away, until the british BB guy scraped the island and blew him up. Could’ve sworn I’ve heard Benny Hill playing in the background

  14. cruz antonio prada rivas

    sigan subiendo mas videos de las partidas que juegues sean buenas o malas que yo soy un seguidor de este tipo de juegos.

  15. I like to think both your crews were just firing service pistols at each other

  16. when I go yolo in my Des moines I just get roffel stomped lol … when Flambass goes all in he gets all the kills and is a hero …….
    I’ll keep trying as I am not a campy captain either . Flambahugs

    • I don’t think he went full yolo, looking at it it was very controlled, essentially he was camping islands but changing the island lots and doing it at close range rather than distance, hence all the beaching etc. as usual watching someone do something very skillfully makes you think it’s easy whereas actually it’s damn hard (if I was to try to do this i’m sure I’d end up beached and unable to move whilst someone sailled up on my broadside).

  17. I played against Flambass on Sunday, I was in Belfast and he was in a Lazo or something new he was testing. After I was killed I typed GG in chat – not to him but in general as I had a fun game. On his stream he got quite bitter thinking I was calling the game… Rather pathetic but 9 of his team mates were hiding behind him and some islands.

    He also claimed one of my smokes was in a really bad place despite me popping it to stop getting cross fired. I guess one day he will learn not to pass judgement on other players actions, not everything is a result of his gameplay.

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  19. learned pretty soon that when shit gets close it’s best to not use the aim anymore(default left shift), just shoot without it as low as possible towards the target

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