World of Warships – Benny The Gunboat

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Before we get going with the Mahan Overview he’s a preview of some Benson matches that went from zero to batshit crazy in no time.


  1. any plans on doing japanese DD overviews after you’re done with the
    american line?
    on a side note how do you know what your invis gunning range is in a

  2. #JeepSupporto Senorã

  3. Are there any real stinkers on the US destroyer line?

  4. business luv the vids. this vid seemed to have too much jumping and
    bouncing on screen and felt like vid was on fast forward….

  5. Goddammit guess swagger didn’t get karled again :(

  6. poor stan…

  7. Had a nice time watching you live Business. Look forward to seeing more
    next time.

  8. your cv was a potato. between the ‘enemy cv is dead muhahahaha’ and the
    torp drop on a 2k health cruiser that was going to die…

  9. I took out slap AND kami a few days ago in my tirpitz ( died in the process
    but I still felt accomplished)

  10. Stealthy Icytail

    Best Ship in USN dd line

  11. great last fight .. pity u didnt finish the atago too 😀 could be more
    double strikes.. cant wait to get my hands on that beast :)

  12. CynicallyObnoxious

    id love to know how your fps and ping are so stable

  13. ja record is 36k direct dmg and 4 fires with essex bombers in one run.

  14. CV got neft again ya !!!!

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