World of Warships – Zao On Ice

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Zao on Islands of Ice pushes towards C with a group of friendly ships. We run into a couple cruisers and a destroyer, I attempt to get a angle to attack the destroyer. The enemies crumble around C, they attempt to push around B. We move to intercept and protect the friendlies near our spawn. The Zao can engage at extreme ranges and do a lot of damage for the team. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier X Japanese Cruiser Zao Replay


  1. Thinking about going down the Japanese cruisers next, those things make
    quite a BBQ :p

  2. That duel with the NO there at the end was the perfect opportunity to use
    the torps on the Zao to force him to react and punish him when he turned to
    avoid them. He either has to show you his side while avoiding them or take
    at least 1 to the face.

  3. i dont understand how the much larger Zao is better concealed than the
    smaller Des Moines (9.7 vs 10.7 respectively or 14.7 and 15.7 when firing)

  4. Andhika nur Aulia

    I didn’t get the time to watch, but I’m expecting that you (and pretty much
    everyone) mispronounced Zao so…

    When I first saw her name, I thought ‘is this a Chinesse ship?’ because it
    sounds more like one with this name. Then I looked at wargaming wiki and
    found its Kanji 蔵王, pronounced as Za-Ou. So you have two long vocal at a
    and o. Hope it helps :>

    note : WG pls revert her back to Senjo

  5. こんばんは~^^ノ 最高です♪ 上手いですねー!!! 真似して操作しますね^^v

  6. Im so sad. I had an exciting 149000 dmg game in my new mexico today where i
    one shot like 4 ships from full health and im not recording my games. I
    really need to turn those on so i can send in a replay. :((((((((((

  7. Rofl a tier 10 cruiser that can stealth fire? Boy Wg, you sure know how to
    balance a game!

  8. Nice game, keep them coming.

  9. Another great video. I need to play my t9s more so I have a better chance
    of playing with you again.

  10. a great youtuber in great ship, keep up the awesome videos


    im fatdemon!

  12. Appreciate the ‘non-carry’ video Notser. As a Zao driver, I really still
    have a lot to learn/implement in technique. I got so used to using the
    torps offensively in the Atago, I had to retrain myself to almost disregard
    them in Zao – just area denial or while making my turnaround [while
    cloaked] before reengaging while giving ground, or of course when the
    ambush presents itself. The high torps speed significantly cuts effective
    range on approaching ships as well. When you get detected, the good players
    focus you – and when that happens I always seem to be broadside to a
    Hindenburg. Still learning not to be so aggressive (but when no one is
    capping, what do u do..?), looking forward to more vids carry or not –

  13. Hi Notser!
    I want to buy the Ishizuchi. Do you think is it worth it?

  14. MeKanism Lastname

    What is a token destroyer?

  15. I have no problem with T X ships and how powerful they are but they are an
    extra leap over the T9s and only a few T8s can even feign competition when
    matched against them. Hopefully in time T9-X will be their own MM

  16. i’ve asked this before if you can do a live stream and you said you
    couldn’t. would it be possible to show a gaming session of say 2 hours
    warts and all?
    thanks for all the great videos vincent

  17. gg!!! Zao is a goddess.

  18. Zao is cool because it has a Z in it’s name, nothing more, nothing less.

  19. Notser, have you earner Witherer yet? It’s yet proven to be quite elusive
    for me.

  20. Patrick Castrillo

    I would have to say I prefer the hindenburg. one of the problems I think
    about the zao is that it rewards none pushing douche bag to just sit back
    and blind fire.

  21. Hei Notser, nice video’s. Can you put a mm screenshot at the beginning of
    the video or show the tab menu?

  22. Hey Notser just wondering, is the Zao the best ship to be pushing for first
    tier 10? I’ve been working for the past month now to get my first tier 10
    and so far I have the Ibuki maxed out and I have an extra 30k xp.

  23. Hey Notser, how come you’re not running the damage panel mod to keep track
    of your current damage?

  24. It’s nice to see a high tier game that does not have 6+ DD’s :)

  25. Of all Tier 10 Cruisers ZAO is my favorite just adore that ship!!

  26. last time, i said i get 3777base exp in hatsuharu, i get 2500base exp in a
    lost game with the same ships again.

  27. how do you do in the Hindenberg?

  28. Henrik Lind Hansen

    well played. next week… the Zao.. is going to be mine. got high hopes for

  29. 23% fire chance Notser! Zao is just awesome like that XD

  30. Now do a game in the cleveland I want to see some seals getting pewpewed

  31. Worldominion Games

    Well played : )

  32. in this situation whit the New Oer you must go 1 on1 take him out whit
    torps easy,shooting all time the moskva and michail :D

  33. Markus “IceY” Eisenhammer

    Happy Easter Notser! Nice game there.

  34. Lukáš Pořízek

    What about Mogami with 203 mm guns? :)

  35. Nice Zao is powerfull ship in japan

  36. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    If u have 9,7 Ground Spotting Range with the Concealment Upgrades. So, how
    much does the Range increase when u start firing? I thought it was 5km. So
    it would be 14.7 So the Hipper could have detected you, although the Island
    was in the way or not?

  37. Gareth Fairclough

    Against that nawlins at the end, I think I’d have dropped torps. They may
    not have made contact (Beyond their range, but the nawlins was closing so
    he may have just crept in to their range), but they may well have forced
    him to turn a lot earlier allowing you to hit him broadside on and take him
    out of the fight earlier.
    As always, well played.

  38. the best cruiser in the game actually , is really awesome and i have “des
    moines ” and “hindenburg” too but zao is much better , always a great game
    with it

  39. great game play man

  40. Love the Zao

  41. i have some questions
    what is mean by token destroyer?
    how do you DO base XP?
    also don’t tell me that you have not spent your free XP to get your tier
    10s :))))))))

  42. Very nice game Notser;

  43. It’s actually Za-O not Zao

  44. ship/repair costs make this game unplayable nowadays

  45. The prices for T10s should be reduced….I mean the repair cost and such.
    Nobody risks shit at that tier, making fun play almost impossible.

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