World of Warships – Benson Nice Game 9 Kills

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on Hotspot by kleiner_Strolch moves to support the team in the eastern side of the map. He gets into a fight with a couple enemy destroyers, the team does a good job supporting against them. The eastern flank moves forward to run over the enemy while the western flank is falling. kleiner gets to move back to the middle for a fight with the enemy. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier VIII Benson Replay


  1. Atlanta with 9.2km torps? Lol silly Notser, I think you meant the Flint. GG

  2. take kills away what other most damage to third parties player.”It is
    called in German ABSTAUBER” LOL

  3. Most kills for me was 7, but only in a T4 match with my OP Clemson.

  4. I would argue he was vaguely deserving of the akatsuki. if he wasn’t there
    the akatsuki probably would have left the way he came. by being there the
    akatsukis escape route was cut off

  5. I once got 9 kills in a tier V game in my… get this. WYOMING

  6. Really Notser. I used to respect ur opinion. This player did not deserve
    any of the kills, except for one kill. Please choose better games with more
    actions( just like your games)

  7. Does he know about SHIFT?

  8. The Sinksalot Fleet has claimed a few 7 kill games, the last one was in the

  9. I’ve eearned 8 kills at most, in my Schors on the EU server, beautiful play
    by my team, partnered up with a bismarck and a Flint in a in battle
    division, i didn’t know these guys before!
    1 in a 1000 game!

  10. Brian Lock (神通)

    The chapy cannot shot

  11. february 21 of last year I had 8 kill battle with fuso on ocean map,
    remaining 4 kill claimed by our cruiser nurnberg… damn I wished enable my
    replays a lot earlier :(

  12. a nice game is a great game, those 2 a around the same in EU.

  13. I really enjoy dd’s and that was very kool, you made me lol. Thanks

  14. My highest is 7 kills with my Montana around 206k damage with the team down
    in points until the final 3 minutes. One of my favorite games ever played.

  15. Plz show ship stats like just the normal stats

  16. Klwinwe Strock :♧ Wenn Amerikaner deutsch sprechen ….amazing

  17. hes skilled xD. i can bearly get one maybe 2 if im lucky. my biggest issue
    is ranging on target

  18. My most was 7 kills with the tier III Bogatyr xD

  19. Didn’t you get 9 kills in the Nikolai?

  20. That Atago player was not AFK.. he never loaded ingame,because the turrets
    was not turned to any of the sides :)

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