World of Warships – Talkin’ Ship – German Weekend

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  1. Yesss, more XP on German ships!

  2. 1:35 LMAO 35 flags and their all everyone should have hundreds of xD

    TOO MANY TOO NAME…. ya no, I get 6 in every 2k xp crate that I open
    everyday, and thats only for 1 match, I usually get all 3 crates per day,
    and get at least 12 flags, at best 18 and thats in the credit crates, i
    should pick flags…

    1 Million damage for 35 flags, lol cute

  3. Im not going to lie, I prefer Dasha Perova for these types of videos.

  4. NA only?

  5. Your Welcome ™

  6. So now I will have 5 myoko’s after I get that Southern Dragon…. how many
    does it take to sink a Bismark? I will say the paint job is cool and none
    of that anime explosions will be refreshing.

  7. Let Dasha present this, pelase.

  8. erm, says british fleet weekend special on the website and here announcing
    german weekend? O.o mixed signals for EU? anyone correct me if i am wrong
    please :)

  9. You still look a little nervous on your vid Trev. A few more and it will
    seem like old hat. Good job though, appreciate the updates. See ya out

  10. I am with u Dasha is a lot prettier, but the video info is great and it is
    nice to know what is ahead

  11. jingles subscriber/salt mine slave

    i have an off topic question. are you/will you be putting world of warships
    on console?

  12. Brennan “KoldKill01” McKinnon

    Its actually called “Piloting” NOT “Driving” your ship please use the
    correct terms if you are going to continue this segment, sorry to be an ass
    but it bugs me when incorrect terms are used. Other than that I really
    enjoy your segments.

  13. No offense the Trevzor… But Dasha is a dish!

  14. Βασίλης Κοκκονός

    wtf i have almost alla the german ships. everyone is going to shoot at me
    now. ok this guy wasnt very bad, dasha perova is for the new updates

  15. Pls say something about the fact that this is for the NA server in the
    title. It’s confusing for the rest of us. Thank you!

  16. Nikolaevna Romanov

    “It’s basically a black Bogatyr.” But because WG wants more money they
    chose to make a new premium when they could’ve simply given Bogatyr that
    sweet paint job.

  17. Yet the “Dragon” challenge requires that a ship be at least tier 5…. lulz,

    So using the Olag does nothing for the missions, the same as he said
    nothing about it here. (is it simply a lazy clone of a techtree ship? does
    anything make it unique?)
    Esp for us who have an Aurora.

  18. We used to see Dasha Perova, not him. Please bring her back.

  19. Excellent, German weekend, love it. I am trying to collect all German
    ships. It is also nice to see you have it possible to do all this in coop.
    I have found myself, in the past, not doing events if coop is not an

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