World of Warships Best NEW Tier 1 – Russian & German Tier 1 Ships

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  1. the KMS Hermelin looks lika atleast a tier 2

  2. can you fly the f6f Hellcat

  3. German ships plssss

  4. where can i get this game?? i cant find it in steam

  5. wow looks like these German cruisers are going to be nice and accurate,
    cant wait :)

  6. I wish they would add all the Iowa class ships, uss. New jersey,
    uss Missouri, and the uss Wisconsin. and somehow implement cruse missiles.

  7. The Pull out game is strong with this one.

  8. German Shepard (MrGamePlayer3)

    The Erie at 1357 called you a dumbass lol

  9. Is it me,or the ship looks modern for it’s tier?

  10. Dresden next please!

  11. All countries start with a T1 cruiser.

  12. Who thinks that taking a yacht and adding guns to it would be a good idea?

  13. That Erie driver at 13:45 Called you a dumbass for him running into you

  14. In the first game there is 2 Orlans, him and WoW_TestDrive117 at 5:55 you
    can see the other on the right

  15. it looks like it over pens when you shoot low tiers at the side. Every cit
    you got was when they were facing you so your AP had more time to go
    through their ships.

    And the #2 on your team called you a dumbass not even 2 mins into match.
    Sometimes they dont appreciate those love taps.

  16. lol the erie that rammed you called you an dumbass i think that he is the

  17. TheNoTalkGuy Ever

    when does this come out the 21st?

  18. When are there going to release them to everyone it or are you going to
    have to pay to play them

  19. So do we get a new ship slot to start these new tiers?

  20. The Brother Captain

    Lol even at T1 Russian ships are inexplicably powerful

  21. Baron you are asome and badass

  22. Michael “Mc4nb2016” Crisci

    That Erie is not the first player to do something like this… Quite a
    while back, was playing in my New Mex, I had to maneuver away from an
    allied Farutaka. At the same time he continued to tunnel vision on an enemy
    BB, runs into me and gets hit in the citadel leading to his death. Then
    thinks he had the full right of way and wanted me to move for him.
    Seriously, I was amazed myself, didn’t bother to argue with him though, as
    he continued to think I should have moved away from his course…
    Narcissists at work.

  23. Patrick Heemskerk

    tier x german cruiser pls

  24. Patrick Heemskerk


  25. drive out the nbfz. i cant spell its proper name ;)

  26. More Fallout

  27. Well the Hermelin class was never really finished. The concept was to build
    a fast gunboat, but the design was scrapped in favour of the Type 1937
    Torpedoboats which were deployed from 1939 until 1942..

  28. Dude, when you are playing Russian you pray that Staling will guide your
    shells. You clearly have no experience with the KV-2…

  29. wait, how do you play that? isn’t this public test?

  30. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    adm hipper pls (if they add the prinz eugen as a prem i will buy it but now
    i only can have her sister)

  31. who plays the Bismarck the Bismarck please

  32. play the tier 8 German cruiser

  33. Hermelin op

  34. i would like to see the HMS Barfleur (D80) class

  35. Just play those ships in the numerical order, from tier1 to 10 !

    I have an idea for a nockname of Hinderburg ckas cruiser: “The
    KinderBismarck” as it is like a Bismarck hull in a cruiser mode.

  36. i just got chester the molester

  37. Ace Michael Wittmann

    Lol… how Erie called you dumbass ;P

  38. wow the second match your team was total shit

  39. The reason you lost in the German Cruiser is you forgot to do the Chicken
    Dance while wearing a Lederhosen before sailing! It is Oktoberfest, you
    strudle head! LOL :p

  40. WHAT!!.. Over 9000!?!?

  41. I just would really love Baron, Phly and Slick to take out the Derpski in a
    squad.. 30 Potatus!!! Rip anything that would get in their range, Rip
    headphone users you know it would get loud ;D

  42. hey, dumbass. how dare you drive in a straight line infront of me, and make
    me hit you.


  43. Baron , what ship is your fav? DD ,CV or BB?

  44. Pls take the Dresden, such a nice ship with awesome hystory and another
    Bonus is its named after my hometown ^^

  45. What the heck is this thing? Is it East German or something?

  46. PzKpfw VI Tiger ausf. H1

    O wait german ships already released? Might take a look at the game…

  47. That Admiral Ackbar quote though XD that made my day Baron, nice vid!

  48. +BaronVonGamez What would you say the main strengths of the German ships
    are? It seems America and Russia have a monopoly on cannon damage. Russia
    and Japan have speed from what i can tell. So how should someone approach
    playing German navy?

  49. please take out the Admiral Hipper

  50. That prayer in the beginning – Venus from SOA! You, my friend, could win
    the sound-alike contest!
    Oh, and for the “Good luck and fair seas!” – switch your chat to “To All”
    before you press the F10 key – that way everyone sees it, not only your
    team. It helps being polite before you give them all the torpedus, you
    know… ;)

  51. Baron your video is so awesome you make my day dude thanks

  52. Bsron could you play IL-2 1946 its awsome I know phly has it cold you he
    plays it its war thubder but more physics

  53. 34th :D

  54. +Henrik Haug Tirpitz is already premium

  55. t54plz

  56. 13:50, calls baron a dumbass when he was at a dead stop and then starts
    moving and turning into baron. I love idiots

  57. Funny how baron is discussing how you play the ships and the stats like it
    really matters at T1 ;)

  58. Johannes Vossgrag

    love how the erie that ran into him just called him ” dumbass ” :D

  59. Still a boring ass game

  60. yacht with guns… omg

  61. LOL the idiot in the Erie runs into Baron and then calls him a dumbass XD

  62. will the tirpitz be on the premium list with the german ship list? pls
    answer lord baron

  63. Also you should do a 10 part series where you go from teir 1 to 10 on each

  64. Wait three months war thunder will do it better!


    i sthe game open for everybody now and can you play russians and germans

  66. WarfighteR Channel

    How do you play with that ships Baron? You play in a different server? pls

  67. Way better accuracy than my Colorado.

  68. This is probably just me but I don’t really like how enemies disappear in
    front of you and you know that they are in front of you then it looks like
    you get killed by nothing

  69. 13:30
    *backs up for a minute like a fool then decides to go forward and turns
    into you*
    (calls you a dumbass)

    Talk about narcissist.

  70. the tier 1 Russian is like a patrol boat XD

  71. hello baron :D

  72. geschnitzelt:)

  73. Go tier 2 and go all the way to ten!!

  74. Reloaded Untitled

    RNJesus accepts your prayers? cool I don’t hit shit

  75. n-th


  77. 95th :D

  78. Six German cruiser

  79. FIFTH!!!

  80. third.

  81. …

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