World Of Warships – NÜRNBERG New German Cruiser – I’ve Killed MY OWN KIND!

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World Of Warships – NÜRNBERG New German Cruiser – I’ve Killed MY OWN KIND!

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  1. hi,

    how do you have the names/ships of your friendlies and your enemies on the
    HUD? is there a sp[ecial function/mod i can use?

  2. The Bismarck’s escort, the Prinz Eugen(Admiral Hipper-class) next! :D

  3. NOBODY CARES ABOUT NAZI-BULLSHIT. I want the royal navy and i know im not
    the only one. How could any developer release russan ships befor british
    ships? I dont undetstand! Wouldnt it be nice to fight against the Nelson in
    your Bismark?

  4. André Goldenstein

    actually i am german so for me it is very funny to hear your pronounciation

  5. 2:31 Myoko is normally pronounced “Mi-yo-ko”, with the emphasis on “YO”.
    So, it’d look like “Mi-YO-ko”.
    5:08 It’s supposed to be Hatsuharu, but you seem to make it sound like
    “Hatsuryuu”. Hatsuharu is pronounced “Haht-tsu-ha-ru”, with the emphasis on
    “Haht”. So, it’d look like “HAHT-tsu-ha-ru”.

  6. This Ship is named after my hometown

  7. your pronunciation is not really good but it also a difficult word it is
    the Nuremberg in english

  8. Omg phly, use AP

  9. ‘That was a good’
    PhlyDaily 5/10/2015

  10. Anonymous Biscuit

    Still get chills every time I see that badass intro. One of the best I’ve
    seen, without a doubt.

  11. ‘Wrong way wrong way wrong way’ don’t you mean runway runway runway? Ok
    I’ll leave

  12. land the ship! 😀
    and i noticed that in your last 2 videos with german ships there was no
    game with aircraft carrier .pretty surprising

  13. Isn’t it an He-51?

  14. very good ship!

  15. Phly every U that dosent look like this:Ü
    Is prunounced O FYI

  16. No Deutschland class cruisers??

  17. German Honda Racing Channel

    i love this ship couse i live in Nürnberg in Germany haha :D

  18. as an inhabitant of the city Nürnberg, I can say that you pronounced
    Nürnberg pretty good , despite the “umlaut” ü

  19. Kraftwerk aus Leidenschaft

    Bismarck HYPE,even the Hood agrees

  20. Philippus Maximus

    so cute how phly keeps trying to pronounce “nürnberg” right :D

  21. Just want to leave something here: ü and Ü (you can copy and paste it ;)

  22. 15:16 guy is talking shit about Phly.

  23. What is the song at the intro called????? plz answer me

  24. Phly, why do you switch shells rather than fire whats in your gun? Unless
    you have the perk which switches shells faster when loaded, which it didn’t
    look like you had. couldn’t you have hit the enemy ship with HE then fired
    AP getting two salvos off on the enemy cruiser rather than just a single
    salvo. Specifically talking about 14:32.

    Also, this ship does look pretty nice. I’m really waiting for the German
    Battleships though. I was excited for the German cruisers at first but I
    don’t think they’re my playstyle.

  25. it is really funny to listen how you say Nürnberg. i am german

  26. 6:20 WTF is the airfield for?

  27. Watching these german cruisers and all I can say is they suck. 70+ hits and
    not even 40k dmg. Ya boys, Id suggest to stay away.

  28. i hear Nürnberg and Hi i live in Nürnberg

  29. How do you get German ships to can’t get them

  30. May I know how to use the “reporting the position of the strategic target”
    in the latest version?

  31. Does Phly have an invite code? Ples respond , phle
    Im just about to start playing the game, and i kinda got to like it thanks
    to mister 18 years old here.
    If I can be of any help, then lets do it 🙂

    I have the feeling his link up there doesnt have an invite code attached to
    it, maybe im wrong.

  32. TiberiousThe Labrador

    dogs are preety cool

  33. Phly, how do u already have the german ships? do u get them early for ur
    press account?

  34. What server are you on phly cause I don’t have the German navy or soviet

  35. Phly. Can you plz tell us what programs you are using for making videos?
    aka Recording, editing and conversion programs. Pretty please!

  36. would have thought u would have made the first vid about the admiral
    hipper, because NF reasons….

  37. Hey Phly its me the ugly bowls guy remember? Anyway its been 6 months and
    your intros still suck. No need for an obnoxiously long intro.

  38. Crest prohealth is for those with gingivitis. Don’t use it unless please
    you likely feel sloughing off of skin in the am that’s not healthy lol

  39. “Going to translating at the UN soon.” Translates to: going to be getting
    nothing done while bitching at each other.

  40. DAMN that thing looks so sexy

  41. Looks like those little 6 inch shells do more damage with AP than HE to all
    ship types, even BBs. Makes sense given the stats I’ve seen that show
    German CAs have horrible HE. I’d stick with AP.

  42. Nurnbergs looks to be pretty good. Not like my aoba tho.

  43. How big are the guns on the Nürnberg

  44. German HE round suck, solution? Fire HE against cruisers like they’re BBs.
    Start firing more AP, on BBs aim for the bow or stern and avoid shooting
    for the citadels for partial penetration which nets 33% of the rounds
    damage (still more than an HE hit).

  45. Bismark is better

  46. this ship is great for Phly because it has two turrets on the back so when
    he is breaking ankles with mad jukes he can still keep 2/3 turrets on
    target. Good job man.

  47. HE against a Cleveland…. AAaaaaaaaaagggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh, that thing
    is made of paper….. Man up and go for the citadels, quit playing sissy
    firestarting games against other cruisers…..


  49. its lagging because you are recording ?

  50. Fast reloading guns to make up for having only 3 turrets, which leads to
    having a higher chance of setting shits on fires.
    Have no idea about the AA capability though.
    So, unless the Russian drunken devs give the tier 10 Hindenburg 13 inches
    guns, as it deserve, then I will stick with Jap cruisers.

    I’m not a native speaker, so plz don’t go all Grammar Nazi on me.

  51. Phly, you can’t land a German Cruiser

  52. alexander petsker

    Und wer ist auch alles deutsch ?

  53. I love your intro men!!

  54. Boyy cant wait till 19th october. The german and russian ships will add so
    much momentum into the game imho.

  55. 12:12 Phly mentions me the desert fox :)

  56. *Nu-urn-berg

  57. Agustin H. Zuñiga

    7:52 Navy Field xD


  59. Phly can’t read.

  60. The Faterland has prevailed!!!!!!!!!!

  61. The awkward period in which nobody could possibly have watched the entire
    video, so instead people just write some random shit because they want to
    be the first comment.

  62. under 301 club holy shit. PHLY NOTICE ME PLS

  63. Omg im 3rd better make a joke

    Ur face

  64. second?

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