World of Warships – Boldly Going

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In which The_Double_Tab sails the French Battleship Jean Bart boldly into the teeth of the enemy team, demonstrating the exact kind of playstyle that not wins matches but is now actively discouraged and penalised since the Great Commander Skill Rework of 2021.

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  1. O mighty overlord. What happened to the old man jingles channel.

  2. Make-A-Woosh-Foundation

    great, I watch one minecraft video and get this recommended…

    damn polls

    well, saltmines it is, then

  3. Me: Time for a quick nap-
    The Mighty Jingles: Oh really, you fuckin’ think so sunshine?

    Edit: wait a minute, i think i’ve seen this video somewhere…… some bygone time… what the fuck I KNOW THAT END RESULT SCREEN! JINGLES!

  4. I have a feeling I’ve seen this battle before somewhere

  5. I’ve seen this before

  6. I’m getting an ironic sence of deja vu here

  7. Jingles moment ? Already seen this couple of weeks ago… although it’s okay it’s a good game to watch. 😜

  8. Why do I feel like I watched this video a couple months back already? Are you sure you haven’t shown up with an old replay that you forgot you already posted? That would be a Jingles moment alright…
    (It was called: ‘Ship of Ghosts’, you can check it out!!)

    Btw, did you notice that for the last 5 minutes of the game The_Double_Tab was guessing correctly the position of the Yugumo 3 times in a row only based on its torpedoes… hats off!

  9. Ah yes WG’s solution to “Fixing” a problem, “Break” it first

    • It’s been marketing 101 since. . . . awhile?
      “Tired of getting your shoelaces knotted up?”
      “Have you fallen down and have been unable to get up?”
      “Fed up with getting your arm caught in the wood chipper?”
      “Are your days being ruined every time your nuclear fuel rods spill out?”
      Wargaming watching late 90’s and early 2000’s infomercials. Goes to a new patch. “Hey sailors, tired of always having fun in your matches? Introducing new and improved Aircraft Carriers!”

  10. I Could Swear that I’ve seen this exact reply

  11. “Knowing when you’ll get support”

    Checks temperature in hell…

  12. “How many secondaries do you want on your ship?”


    • Always hilarious when a DD comes behind my french BB thinking he outplayed me and then he got brown alert when he suddenly remembers all the 150mil secondaries are in the back lol

    • Tjeres a reason why JB players throw “the council will decide your fate” meme around. Those 3 152mm turrets are deadly.

    • @Fernando Marques Sometimes i take a full secondary build with it just for the memes lol

    • @StarkIndustry The Jean Bart (and Richelieu by being the same class of ship): a party in the front and a rave in the back.

  13. Kills the enemy Fletcher inside the cap… Jingles still believes that it was the Yugumo capping.

  14. 17:30 “I’ve never seen that happen before”. I bet you have, Jingles! 😉

  15. This match was so nice he featured it twice

  16. “Holy shit, I’ve never seen that before” are you sure about that Jingles?

    • I was about to say, it’s a fairly common thing to do in low tier on the Solomon Islands map. Everyone zerg rushes that middle channel, so dumping torps or lobbing some shots into the suspicious smoke screens that end up wafting on that cap and getting a hit or 5 isn’t too uncommon. On higher tiers, difficult, but not impossible.

    • @Steeljaw XXI In this case it’s more because Jingles already cast this game not too long ago.

  17. “A relic of a bygone age.”
    Two weeks ago.

  18. “Holy shit I’ve never seen that happen before” Actually Jingles, I’ve got a feeling you have! 17:20

  19. So many “well actually Jingles…” moments in this video…

  20. “The Yugumo is flipping Bravo,”
    *sees fletcher* Oh, Jingles…

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