World of Warships: Borodino – New T8 Soviet Battlecruiser

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Borodino is the new Soviet battlecruiser with radar. Her firepower is good, shells are great, but her survivability is more like a cruiser’s.
The ship was given to me by Wargaming.

0:00 Intro
0:40 Borodino Match
11:52 End Screen
12:16 Borodino Armor Scheme
15:02 Captain Skills & Upgrades
17:11 Opinion on Borodino
18:05 Outro

World of Warships footage of the tier 8 Soviet battlecruiser (battleship) Borodino.


  1. Ahh yes, the ship that you had no idea about just a few days ago…also she’s a long girl

  2. holy smoke this ship got nose so long you can make her a hybrid aircraft carrier

  3. Ah yes, the Soviet battleship long schlong.

  4. Stern deck makes me think:
    *hidden vodka generator powering the engine? Pog?*

  5. She looks like a fun ship. Frontal guns, radar, Kuznetzov… Is fun.

    • 25mm bow tho

    • ​@Aerroon That’s true but you know.. Kinda whatever. If a shell goes through there, a shell goes through there. You just take it. You can still dodge most shells by having a slim figure…

      Her AA looks great too.

  6. seems like wg has NELSON envy LOL

  7. Surviveability More like a cruiser? So a Soviet cruiser, so more durable than other nations battleships…

    • I was thinking more like a regular cruiser. The dutch cruisers literally have more citadel protection than this battleship.

    • It’s a mixed bag. Sure, 50mm deck, 60mm ice breaker but 220mm cit belt, that’s enough for Manfred to AP rocket and cit you

  8. What’s longer: Borodino’s bow or War & Peace, which begins with a wonderful description of the Battle of… Borodino?

  9. seems the radar is mainly for support and self defense but still tho its 12 km

  10. It’s basically a Stalingrad at tier 8 with bigger guns but less of them that can specc into fire prevention.

    • Yep, but no improved autobounce angles.

    • @Aerroon no auto bounce on the upper, but that icebreaker is still liable to bounce and only ranged shots should citadel easily. You still sacrifice a lot for T8 high velocity 16″s.

  11. The secondary guns look like Nevsky guns right?

  12. Soviets proposes a compact battleship on a budget. Ends up longer than an Iowa.

    • Not compact, rather light armed battleship hence few guns and weak protection, that’s said it still a pretty damn big and heavy ship (45k tons as designed).

  13. I’ll call this ship a RADARINO for now. LEL

  14. Interesting ship maybe it’s fun to play and looks like a mini slava

  15. Basically a Stalingrad hull, so you’d know how weak the broadside armor is

  16. Therapist: Russian Richelieu isn’t real, it can’t hurt you

    Russian Richelieu:

  17. World of Russian Fantasy Warships…

  18. “A Battlecruiser is a ship with battleship guns but is more lightly armoured than a battleship” FINALLY SOMEONE GETS THE DEFINITION CORRECTLY. I’m so tired of people saying that a Battlecruiser is a ship with battleship guns and cruiser speed, which is incorrect.

    • That definition is off though, the German battlecruisers during WW1 had battleship levels of armour but smaller guns.

    • To be fair the best representation of a BC was Hood, which ended up with comparable armor to the Queen Elizabeth-class despite being designed much lighter initially. Battlecruiser is pretty useless as a descriptor.

    • @Stefan Skoglund so what different to large cruiser

    • @Almighty Deity I would say the best representation of a BC is different across different nations. Alaska fits a better representation than Hood because she was lighter than a battleship but had battleship guns for taking out battleships. Compared to the WWI Germans who, as Vulture stated, were battleships with smaller guns

    • @Mike Hays Hood was heavier than a South Dakota-class battleship with the same armament as a Queen Elizabeth-class. She definitely wasn’t light nor was she lightly armored.

  19. lol those two secondairies in the back are a joke
    one shell hits the water next to the ship and the other shell hits 5km away “realistic”

  20. Alas the glorious Soviet navy gets yet another Cold War fantasy ship while the Germans dig out their WWI blueprints to compete. WG will never change…

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