World of Warships Brawls and the Issue with Aircraft Carriers

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World of Warships brawls are upon us, as are the fun and loved 1v1 battles. Just one problem with them. Aircraft Carriers. I’m not one to hate on CVs. I don’t love them, I don’t hate them. I know there are two camps for them. I tolerate them and generally just don’t care. However, players are quickly finding out that they pose a unique issue, and unconventional one in brawls. Many players are playing them, many aren’t liking that? Also, the weirdest battle and the closest battle I’ve played in WOWS 1v1.


  1. The reason you don’t get awards in 1v1 Brawls is that it’d be too easy to fix the results and farm certain awards iirc.

    That Odin definitely detonated.

  2. Just to point out Zoup, check the post-battle summary of that Enterprise battle your viewer sent in if you can. I guarantee you he didn’t shoot down that many of Enterprise’s real planes. A lot of those were fighters Enterprise was sacrificing for spotting. Enterprise has 10-plane fighter consumables so it is easy to rack up huge plane kills one which doesn’t impact its real plane count at all.

  3. Christopher Wilson

    I choose not to play vs a CV. They are so OP so I choose to not play. Unfairly, I get the penalty for choosing not to play against that type. It is better for me as i is not fun to play against cv

  4. Make it so CVs only have so many squads to work with. That would help alot.

  5. Tirpitz. There is no substitute.

  6. Great commentary! The few I’ve played very close! Or a complete disaster! I like my BB cv’s I don’t use because I’m not comfortable with them!

  7. War Gaming only cares about money, spreadsheets and Putin.

  8. In Prinz Eugen vs. Enterprise, shot down 150 planes, won by points.

  9. Played in an Odin on 2 brothers captured all points , never saw the CV and got burnt and flooded in next to no time. I only used priority sector never fired my guns I had absolutely no counter. The CV player even apologised

  10. It was a detonation. As far as I am aware no achievements are given out in 1v1 brawls, so he did not earn it.

  11. Lachlan Blissett

    I don’t even get close to carriers before getting destroyed, been beaten 7 out of 7 in my tirpitz don’t even fire any guns most of those times

  12. Love the 1 v 1 when fighting surface ships. I´ve been looking forward for 1 v 1 and 3 v 3 to make a comeback. EXCEPT with CVs. In three games vs a CV in my Odin, he killed me before I got to the middle of the map. How is that even satisfying for CV players? Knowing you can farm someone down without any risk. But anyhow, we all know that WG has a CV fetish so I´ll leave it at that.

  13. I just press W and go to Port and take an other Ship.Then CV can with eine Bot fight

  14. This would be even more “fun” at T10 with FDR.

  15. That Oden must have been hauling extra explosives in the less protected part of the ship LOL! I mean wow that has never happened to me. Second battle was a good one !

  16. 1v1’s only work for pros, everyone else gets screwed.

  17. I took a CV in a few times. I still try to make it fun by trying to cap with the CV

  18. Still using the Amalfi, don´t bother about caps. Just rush in release the torps and then ram

  19. You say it’s overpowered, Zoup, yet you’re still doing it. CV’s should NOT be in 1v1 brawls. PERIOD. And you playing it shows Wargaming that it’s fine. You’re part of the problem.

  20. Hey Zoup. I’m so stoked that you featured our battle! I was in the Odin that got lucky with torps and beat you. It was by far my most satisfying experience in brawls to date. Looking forward to seeing more of your content😁

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