World of Warships British Cruiser Q&A

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Sunday bonus video! A few days ago I had to chance to put some to Karsin and Tuccy of WoWs Dev Team regarding the new Royal Navy cruisers. Here’s what they had to say.



  1. Is it me or is this video on a SUNDAY

  2. I can completely understand why USN and IJN were first navies to be
    released, since the war in the Pacific, primarily by the US and Japan, was
    by far the largest naval campaign in the history of warfare. However, I
    still would say that Britain should have come after these two nations,
    rather than the nearly nonexistent RU or German navy.

  3. The obvious question is WHY have you released a video on Sunday? I though
    I was late for work when I saw there was a New Jingles video.

  4. A British heavy cruiser line is quite possible to split off at tier V, as

    Tier V: Hawkins class with seven 7.5 inch guns
    Tier VI: York class with three twin 8 inch gun turrets
    Tier VII: County class with four twin 8 inch gun turrets
    Tier VIII: Cruiser 1939, this was a paper design for a 10,000 ton treaty
    heavy cruiser with three triple 8 inch gun turrets, historically this
    existed but was cancelled at the end of 1939 due to the outbreak of war
    rendering the treaty restriction redundant.
    Tier IX: Cruiser 1941, this was a paper design for a heavy cruiser that was
    ordered in early 1942 and cancelled shortly afterwards. Like the earlier
    1939 heavy cruiser it had three triple 8 inch gun turrets.
    Tier X: Armoured Cruiser 1938. The RN looked at the possibility of building
    very large 22,000 ton armoured cruisers to counter the German Deutschland
    class and put quite a lot of work into this design. Various primary gun
    configurations were considered from 8 inch to 12 inch, however three triple
    9.2 inch gun turrets was the most common configuration.

  5. this is one of the main things War Thunder fanboys will never get.
    Sacrificing realism for gameplay.

  6. Fantasy upgrades, wargaming is no stranger to that

  7. “…Didn’t include RN Heavy cruisers because there would be a lot of
    fantasy Heavy cruisers at higher tiers…”

    Half the German and Russian tech trees are fantasy!! LMFAO!

  8. What gets me is this whole ‘they are light cruisers thus have no armour’
    idea. The Edingburg and Town classes both had thicker armour than the much
    bigger Hipper class, and anything the Japanese had :s We didn’t built our
    ships squishy, what do you think we are the French and Italians who
    sacrificed EVERYTHING for speed.

  9. And this “hard to play” BS, why the HELL did you have to do this to RN and
    not the fantasy Russian cruisers?

  10. I am wondering why they chose AP instead of the more diverse ( and more
    often used) semi armour piercing shells?

  11. You keep talking about the low citadels, Jingles, and you’re right, they do
    look like they’re very low and hard to hit in the diagrams, but now that
    I’ve faced them in battle, I have to say their citadels have proven to be
    *easier* to hit for me than most others. I’ve noticed a drastic *uptick* in
    my damage output when shooting at the broadsides of Tier 2-5 RN cruisers
    over other cruisers of the same tier. They’re especially vulnerable to
    being citadel’ed by other RN cruisers. One Caledon firing into the
    broadside of another at 8km or less generally ends *very* quickly as
    practically every round is a citadel pen.

  12. Ok, US-Navy and IJN as primary is understandable. But than the
    russian/sovjet Navy.. why? The russian Navy Baltic and Blacksee Fleet was
    not or minimal used in the war. And the Royal Navy that fought during the
    whole time after a polish DD or a Taiwan Nutshell? Invent a Chech vessel
    and the joke is complete.

  13. In playing the British cruiser line I find it to be like being in a bathtub
    ? in the middle of the ocean ? with lousy guns, horrible slow torps and
    aluminum foil armor. I don’t feel it’s all that fun but I do think playing
    this line is very frustrating lol !!!!

  14. I'm just a British guy

    why didn’t you ask about when we could be expecting the other types of
    British ships like the full line of destroyers, battleships and aircraft

  15. I hear potential for 2 ammo types. Short fuse ap and long fuse ap

  16. No the Royal Navy isn’t there now! When the battleships arrive, the Royal
    Navy will arrive!

  17. Jingles, you have my respect as a fellow retired naval person, but honestly
    – that was the biggest load of horsecrap I’ve heard in a while, and we’re
    in the middle of an election over here, so that’s saying something – it
    sounds as if these gentlemen don’t even bother playing their own game. From
    what I’ve seen on both the EU and NA forums, most players have already
    written this line off as a waste of time – the “skilled” players are free
    xp’ing up to Tier 6 or 7, because the bottom half of this line is complete
    garbage unless you’re playing against potatos – those that can’t spend the
    money to free xp are just dumping them. “Difficult to play but fun to play
    against” = xp piñata for the opposing team. I’m sorry, but their idea of an
    uber-specialized high-skill line just doesn’t fit in with the rest of the

  18. So the whole design decisions for the brit cruisers are boiling down to fit
    T VIII to T X ships. Do you Jingles or do they (WG) actually know, how many
    matches it takes for a casual gamer to get to T VIII with a standard
    account? More so with the scrap they threw out with Caledon, Danae and
    Leander? I bet they never bothered to test those with their “great ideas”
    for the whole line.
    Sorry, but that was no Q&A, rather than a Q&BS.
    Example? When you talked about the brit heavy cruisers and their less than
    ideal AA equipment, the WG guy mentioned that they would have to give ’em
    to much fantasy appearance for the sake of balancing. He means like the
    fantasy hulls of Kaiser, König and Bayern to give them a competitive AA? Or
    does he mean all the op russian fantasy cruiser?

  19. Daily Dose of Jingles !

    Ohai! A Jingles video! I was desperate.

  20. Now show what happens when those BBs don’t miss your fragile ship, like in
    that video.

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