World of Warships- I Am So SICK Of This

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Once again, we have another premium ship being released in an early access event, set to be re-released at a “Later Date” in a random bundle….


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  1. I’m more annoyed by the fact that they say “this ship will come back at a later date”, but if the ship is too good they go ahead and add it to the “rare ships” list. This happened with West Virginia 44 and Colossus, now anyone who wanted it but didn’t pay extra the first time is being punished and has to gamble for them with Santa Containers. Totally insane.

    • Funny you should say that. I got WV 44 last night in a container I got from the tokens. Think I got about 6 or 7 ships all in from the free containers. One was a tier IX Z44, shite but still a premium.

    • I would have bought kitakami , but the price is too insane to justify it. I bought few more ships for the same amount of resources.
      And I also agree with you about gambling.

    • I’m annoyed at the tiny fishbowl and the lack of any dynamic creativity or historical relevance.

    • 20 Santa containers get you like 3 ships on average. That’s cheaper than buying these things on launch.

    • @@LilyTheCat151 I was gifted 20 mega containers, through game play I earned 10 more throughout the event. I ended up with 10 ships total though a few were from mid size containers I believe – had a ton of those it seemed. Three tier nines including Velos, Kearsarge, and the American hybrid DD – Halford I want say…two tier eights Brandenburg and the British sub…three tier sevens and two tier six ships. I’m working on getting Defense. No way I’ll have enough resources for Kitakami before the end of the event.

  2. I miss when ships were added to the shop or in an Admiral bundle with signals and a flag. Both came with a 200% XP mission which was fantastic.

    • There was an option to get that ship bare, just 3pt captain +slot in port, basic price…

      WG found that people don’t buy for the money that WG wants to sell for.
      They are still trying hard way test offer side of trade.
      Maybe Steam reaction was forgotten already, lol.

    • That’s because WG is no longer a game about battleships. It’s a casino that endorses gambling.

    • They make 10x the money with loot boxes and gambling

    • @@TheShopvac Not saying they don’t. They should just obtain casino license and stop pretending this game has anything to do with the original idea.

  3. Been playing Monty and Gearing a bunch lately, I rarely go after new ships and don’t get upset over this game anymore but still have fun playing……sometimes lol.

    • I get upset when match-making is rigged.
      Play 5 battles in the same ship, in a row, no wins.
      Then I realise that I haven’t paid them to play since the game’s inception.

    • @@RUHappyATM Try logging out then back in again. It’s a conspirisory theory I have that people are shunted into either a losing group or a winning group upon entering the game? I don’t know how WG could do this but it has happened to me like this too many times to be a coincidence. I’ll have a bad run of losses, log out and back in and it flips 180 to a run of wins??

    • @@RUHappyATM Agreed. The gameplay isn’t fun anymore. More often than not it’s over in 5 mins or less, with all ships on one side dead, and only a couple on the other team. Not sure how that happens, but it’s too consistent to be coincidental.

    • @@Bushcraft-xz6xdthat is worth a try!

    • @@BadhagisI have noticed this also. My hope is that the snowflake event is bringing out many casual and intermittent players. Since matchmaking does not take player stats into consideration this might cause the imbalances we are seeing. Let’s see what happens in the next patch

  4. Personally I wish I could just buy most of these good ships with doubloons. I don’t want a lootbox where I’m not gonna get what I want anyways, and I don’t want some weird bundle event where I have to spend 300 euros on it.

  5. I thought after this Kita event they wouldn’t do this FOMO stuff – but I think none of us realized that this is the new “roadmap” that they are following – I am sure they cleaned out a lot of resources from us – They did to me – (I been playing since beta) now you cant just pick up the ship you wont have the chance to get it or plan for it – They must think we are made out of money – honestly even though this ship is “wanted” its like every other ship in the game – (Buy this T10 SURE it has big guns – BUT no armor? ) honestly this is all BS I have plenty of these 1/2 way decent ships and i am still frustrated as ever – 5 min matches – being slammed by others in chat – the game is not healthy – this is a sign it is not – how many people will buy this thing that haven’t got a T8 in their port only to sit on a ship for $140 USD – really? Here’s my advice – grind a tech line – forget the premiums learn how to play the game – if you don’t sell off your ships over time the game will reward you the premiums at Christmas time – i got 8 new premium ships this past Christmas free from the boxes – dont let them FOMO you boys & girls

  6. I really hope there aren’t players that WILL gamble their money for those bundles. If there are enough players to spend their money on this crap, they will not stop

    • Unfortunately nobody sticks together if we all said enough is enough and everyone would stop purchasing anything for I’m sure a short period of time,things might might change but just like the trucking industry nobody is willing to stick together and shut the big oil down either.
      Good luck.

    • @theiranianputin2770

      To be honest, if people have the disposable income, that is unfair to them.
      I spent 6k Dubs on the Random Bundles and got the Rhode Island soooo yea there’s that.
      Ended up being cheaper than a Tier 7 lol

    • A fool and his money are soon parted. Yes… there are a lot of fools out there.

  7. I agree. Just put the premium ships in the shop for god sakes and let us purchase it is we chose too!!

  8. @dr.lesliegriffiths5727

    I agree. This FOMO strategy is ridiculous

  9. I have a hard time spending money on this game anymore and when I do, it’s at a discount. Things like this are part of the reason I have picked it up and dropped it since Beta. As fun as some of these ships sound like they would be to play, a lot of them seem very specialized and not everyone is going to have the playstyle for them anyway. Since picking up some tier 10 and super ships, I think I’ll just be satisfied with what I have. There are plenty of other premium ships to get without spending money.

  10. The British heavy cruiser event gave me the Albemarle in my first bundle, my ocd kicked in finally last night when I looked at the tech tree for the first time in forever (the British ships gameplay is uninteresting to me the Albemarle was alright though) I noticed I had a line with no ships researched before teir 8. I fixed it last night, never going to mess with the random bundles again.

  11. I was looking forward to your opinion and frankly happy that you are going to stick to the moral high ground on this one! Thank you. I wish players would avoid this one just to send a message to WG to cut this FOMO/Gambling crap out. I completely agree about simply put the a premium up on the cash shop for a set value and leave it there for months for people to purchase if they want and when they want.

  12. Fully agree with you here… Will ONLY get Rhode Island from the random bundle IF it is in the FIRST one…

  13. I’ve only bought the firepower (disc) and the Xmas Santa deal we got this year but mostly have been very lucky with winning boats but totally agree with fomo anywho happy new year hope you smash this year

  14. @broccanmacronain457

    I see your point but this way they can see how the ship plays on the open seas before a general release. If they do not how the ship is doing in battles with the limited number that are sailing around they can delay the general release forever or at least until very few people can remember it. That way they can slip in some nerfs or buffs without raising an uproar. BTW Thanks for the video about the kitikami event. I was not able to afford her (nor would I have got her if I had been able to) but I did get the Defense and played her. She is a lot of fun. Even after all the chests I got from playing (did not buy any of them) the Defense and her companion ships were the only ones that I got from the events. Keep up the great work!

  15. I agree. I’m so sick of WGs money grabbing tactics. The money I’ve spent on these types of bundles over the last year I could’ve bought 3 AAA games, and I’ve never had a satisfying outcome. It’s fomo gambling supercharged. I’ve removed my credit card now and hope I can resist the temptations in this update, but its difficult for me. I didn’t get the Navarin or the Karl, both ship I really wanted. Now I really want the Rhode but the only way to get it is more gambling. It socks man!

  16. @AndrewWhiteKhanty

    Thank you for standing up to Wargaming.

  17. A market when you can sell premiums to other players for dubs or something would be interesting

  18. I never even looked at the random bundles packages until I watched this video. At 2000 doubloons per bundle , I will wait the 6 months for the ship to be released. Thanks for the video.

  19. I’m more upset Bogue is not coming back, sure she was slow, but I like the part of history she represents, and I am going to miss that now in game.

    • Shhh! Dont mention RTS carriers! That’s a dark past when people could run fighter builds, and take out enemy CV planes – Wargaming has deleted that history, cuz CV on CV violence is illegal now.

  20. In the early access bundle, I got the USS Yorktown CV5. I only wished that I got the USS Enterprise CV6. I already have the USS Hornet CV8.

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