World of Warships Campbeltown

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Today I provide a video with HMS Campbeltown gameplay. While some might write this DD off, it has some key features that put it above the rest of the tier three DDs. You just have to know how to exploit its advantages.

Trying something new here to make my videos a touch more personal. Purchased a lapel mic because I feel like a pogue holding a modmic and I like to use knife hands.

Anyhow, here it is. Enjoy.



  1. Oh look the HMS Campbeltown. I love playing this ship. Oh wait. It’s not
    out in the EU server yet, the only server not to have it now. For a Royal
    Navy ship… F**king wargaming logic at its finest ladies and gents.

  2. christopher4265

    how does one aquire this ship? i dont even see it in the tech tree or on
    the premium shop. is it only on the EU server?

  3. Torpedo Delivery Service? Do you WingspanTT in your spare time?

  4. Ugh. Looks like a really talented player, having a great game, but it
    looked like the lack of weaponry was fighting you really hard the whole
    time. It didn’t look like a fun ship to play … more like a lot of stars
    have to align for the player to have fun.

  5. its a shit ship, boring, uninteresting , doesnt make the big bucks or the
    big damage.
    Waste of cash.

  6. it looks like a fast chikuma les than one gun and some torp tubes

  7. So why would you aim HE shots at the waterline on a BB. Wouldn’t it be more
    effective to fire at the superstructure?

  8. Yes, but as a gunboat the Wickes is better. As a torpedo boat the Wakatake
    is better. Disappointing.

  9. So when does the Campbeltown go on sale in NA?

  10. nice shirt :D… campbeltown still sucks :D

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