World of Warships – Lexington Nailbiter

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Aircraft carriers. The “artillery” of World of Warships. Most people hate them. I love them. Here’s why.

Crap. I messed up the video, but only noticed that AFTER uploading and deleting the original material. The result screen should be AFTER the gameplay, before. Sorry!

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  1. when is tirpitz coming to kancolle?
    oops xd

  2. FirestreakRodimusPr

    Uh, Stealth, the ending of the video is at the start of the video for some

  3. Nice game stealth last time I was in a cv I got torped by my own team, nice
    to see your having more luck lol

  4. 6:50 FYI you can go to settings and set the game to show all planes in a
    squadren, instead of only a single plane.
    i think it’s under graphics somewhere

  5. Hi stealth, great fan of your videos. However, I will make a suggestion. I
    do not recommend taking the faster torpedo captain skill for the US carrier
    torpedoes bombers due to the torpedoes spread. The further away you are
    from your targets the more your torpedoes will spread out which make it
    considerably harder to hit your targets. That’s all I have to say but
    regardless, keep up the good work :)

  6. Maree Printemps

    If you enable “Animate small objects” option in the menu, you’ll see full
    number of planes in the squad, as well as other stuffs such as rotating
    secondary guns.

    Also, CV means Cruiser – Voler (Cruiser – Aircraft). Funny how Americans
    use French terms.
    There are more to ship classification codes than just DD CL/CA BB CV we see
    in this game, you can look up on Hull Classification Symbols, on wikipedia

  7. Some where in your graphics setting controls whether you see a single plane
    or all six.
    You waste alot of planes man. Your torp bombers are way more valueble then
    your dive bombers and are also a little slower. So really worst of the
    three for scouting.
    XP is counted and % of health taken away per ship damaged. Not total damage
    done. It’s dumb. :P

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