World of Warships – Captain’s Academy #34 – How to Cruiser

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Episode 34 of Captain’s Academy gives you the essential aspects of cruiser play. Hope your cruiser performance in game improves after this!

If you have questions, please leave them in the comments section below.


  1. How to cruiser? One simply reveals broadside to battleship and get
    citadeled to death in one salvo. That’s how most play cruisers anyway.
    Gotta love when they reveal broadside to an Amagi.

  2. How to spread imperialism!

  3. chase nc vid btw but will you upload a new guide on rank battles? (sorry
    for my bad english)

  4. hey, where in aslains is that angling indicator? I dont see the option for

  5. For end tier CAs I like the German line the best. Since I’m prefer front
    lining brawling German end tier CAs are excellent for this role. Hard to
    get citadeled from both CAs and BBs, though that does’t mean you can just
    give broadside away since a full salvo of penetration still hurts. Plus
    their torp angle doesn’t force you to show and risk your citadel like the
    Japanese CAs. The hydro is a bonus to protect you from torps when you
    charge into the enemy.

  6. WTF iChase aerialace110 EadTaes in the same match?

  7. Admiral of the seas Gaming

    So I chase uploaded this at 1:10-4-10 AM, I thought he was NA server…

  8. What does KM stand for in relation to German battleships?

  9. Chase, quit saying “too too”. XD It doesn’t exist.^^^

    Thanks for the info though, very informative.

  10. Tell me pls where I can find link for this traning mod thank you :)

  11. Which upgrades do you use in your Atago? Did I see the new stearing gears
    instead of full concealment?

  12. Very nice video ic. Noticed the change of port when talking about different
    nations. Thanks for sharing.

  13. I constantly loose games by greedy and dumb that get themselves killed thus
    not being able to provide escort and anti dd work. And people refuse

  14. That mod that shows the angles of your selected target seems incredibly

  15. Ichase is how to carrier next??

  16. 1 thing i’d like to point out. japanese cruisers have crap angles for their
    torps (at least the myoko’s is horrendous, you’ll get citadeled to death
    before having a chance to unleash torps). By the way, link to your mod? O.O
    looks useful

  17. 21:43,what just happened? why is there only 1 effective shot on bismark?

  18. Ichase what is your take on the new steering gear mod on IJN cruisers? is
    it worth sacrificing that bit of stealth for rudder shift?

  19. Thanks for the education iChase. Like to give you my sincere sympathy for
    your upcoming beating this Saturday on the clash of the continents!
    Hahahaha! I’ll do everything to watch that battles!

  20. The only Japanese cruiser that can rush torp someone is Atago, other
    Japanese cruisers would just die if they even try to do that.

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