World of Warships – Caracci-Yolo

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I’m still kicking myself for not using this title the first time I featured this ship. Oh wait, that means I can use it now!

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  1. That title is a work of art

  2. The showing of the italian hand did it for me😂

  3. Nope – Sorry Jingles, no time for World of Warships, gotta take my dog out for a walk.

    • Random ChineseBoi

      You must the be one Jingle talked about on his recent Mingle with Jingles video!
      (Just a question: What breed is your dog?)

    • @Random ChineseBoi My comment was a reference to that, sorry I’m not the one you are looking for haha. I do have a dog though, a mixed breed, brown and daschund-like.

    • Oh, he said it, he said it!

    • I think we as a community need to take the piss and make a habit of posting one of these comments on every video Jingles posts..

      Just like commenting “water is wet” just because of the algorithm


      Sorry Jingles, gotta wash the car, don’t mind the missus actually took it!

    • Random ChineseBoi

      @Dennis Hakkie lol, good idea

  4. How to troll the Italians

    Step 1: QE Class BB

    Step 2: Aim Le high angle gun mounts

    Step 3: …..

    *Beli dura despica incident*

    • @Seeskabel45 it can I believe it can over match the citadel but it needs to be point blank range in order to arm the shell in time so in most circumstances it cant citadel the ship

    • RearAdmiralBIGCORE

      Beli Dura Despacito

    • @Seeskabel45 Which is bullshit as the QE can citadel itself and has thicker and better quality belt armour than a Francesco Caracciolo class.

      So the Francesco Caracciolo in world of warships magically better armour while retaining historical thickness, with longer calibre guns firing a much heavier and higher velocity shell. Yeah it’s so far removed from the unfinished ships it’s not even a paper ship anymore.

    • @Ushio01 the problem is that the QE has short fuses and because the citadel, altho easy to hit, is simply too slim and the shell can’t travel through the armor fast enough before exploding

  5. holy shit. this is the real jingles there. we have video proof he is still alive and not a youtube BOT creating videos^^

  6. >Entering youtube
    >oh, Jingles Video, idk might watch later
    how to clickbait like a pro

  7. Every so often I really want to go back to playing WoWsh. Then I see a video like this and I remember why I left…
    Fantastic video though, old man! Great start to the day

  8. God dammit jingle I do the same thing by saying Francesco caracciolo while waving one of my my hands swell 😂😂😂😂😂

  9. Commissar Kordoshky

    can we all have a moment for the respectful chat?

  10. Robert Pettigrew

    Must admit I love the stories of carrier strikes in WW2 in the middle of storms and cyclones, no wait 🙂

    • To be fair, the Royal Navy was at least somewhat better equipped to deal with it than others. The strike on the Bismarck was done in bad weather, albeit nothing like a full-blown storm. Planes really should take continuous damage in cyclones and thunderstorms and suffer accuracy penalties or something.

      Also, it gets worse. Both teams shot down 64 aircraft. Going by their historical complements (in practice or planned), this means Ark Royal’s air group was shot down in its entirety and _Weser’s 2-3 times over._ And yet at the end of the match both were still merrily launching strike planes like it was no big deal.

  11. Greetings and salutations from the US Embassy in Baghdad you old salt mine running Knome! Love your channel and it always enjoyable to sit back after work and watch your videos.

  12. spacedreamer spacedreamer

    Jingles: “I at least try to get things right… stop laughing” <-- Me thinks of Jingles landing and the Jingles Commanders I sail. Best. Commander. Ever. Sinks cruiser: "We've sunk a submarine"

  13. The mighty overlord of the salt mines finally selected one of my replays for a video. I am honoured!

  14. jingles: I try to get things right
    also jingles: isn’t that right paris

  15. Jingles: “You can’t disengage from a carrier.”

    “Welcome to the club”

    • If you’re in a Scharnhorst, you can. Do what the Shinyhorse does best, rapes CV’s.

    • You can’t disengage from a carrier, but you disengage a carrier from you permenantly. (899 div)

    • Ironically Yamato managed to pull it off after Sibuyan Sea, and then again after Samar (although to be fair those carriers weren’t exactly set up for or expecting to attack a battleship).

  16. Jingles, thank you for granting me time off from the Salt mines to watch this video. My lesson has been learned. BTW, well played battle!

  17. Just noticed that the length of your video today is same as Flamu’s video today 😳 Is there a conspira- sorry sir…i’ll get back to work in the salt mines.

  18. Christopher McCauley

    Everyone: Why is AA so shitty?
    Carrier Mains: What’s a skill floor?

  19. Jingles finally jingled on Italian language and made comments similar to <>, Bravo~

  20. Viewers: “Didn’t you show this to us already, old man?”

    Jingles: “Well, yes… but no.”

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