World of Warships – Cat Among The Pigeons

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Todays’ video showcases a few amusing do’s and don’ts before getting into the teeth of the action, when Runner357 becomes a virtual cat amongst the pigeons as he gets into a dream position against almost an entire team.

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. That’s not a casual Saturday video, Jingles !
    I want a refund of my free subscribing !

  2. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  3. Jingles vid! Stop everything!

  4. A fox in a hen house. That’s what i think the title should be.
    Also, It’s an achievement in one operation.

  5. Shiet I have nothing comical to say!!! Why be so early only to screw it up 🙁

  6. Sethlington studios & co

    Okay if there ever was an official voice/personality for the royal navy, you would probably be the best choice.
    But hey, that’s just my opinion so…. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  7. A battleship game that ISN’T composed 90% of a CC talking shit on BB players? What?

  8. Enemy team had critical brain failure

    • there brain repair ability was on cooldown

    • +Notsofamous one A 20 minute cooldown.

    • +Notmilandia The problem with going AB or BC on any 3 cap map is that more often than not, it seems like teams just work the outer cap and leave the mid-map cap alone. And that can really suck if you’re in a DD and would like to work the B cap, but have no one to support you, because they’re all at A or C.

    • +crucisnh exactly this. And now when we touched the subject of splitting the forces aka. going to A and C, splitting the forces (too much) has been the way to lose battles and wars since 4000 B.C.

    • Don’t you have to have a brain to have brain failure?

  9. Can I have the same kind of enemy teams as Runner please?

  10. This video made me think of Oprah Winfrey, you get a paddlin and you get a paddlin everyone gets a paddlin

  11. Hell yea John Wayne. He was the best.

  12. and what point did the gearing launch his torps? Kinda hard to tell from the perspective we’re presented. Was the Yamato on that trajectory at that speed when he fired them? Shooting torps behind allied ships is never a good idea but if it appears that no allied ships are going to get in the way then its not the worst idea ever. I mean I’ve seen ships do a 180 degree turn and sail straight into allied torps that were fired before the turn even started. There’s only such blame you can put on DDs before you have to consider a BBs complete lack of map awareness. That said I cant’ tell what the Yamato was doing or when the torps were fired by the gearing but I’m going to assume it was the DDs fault given his other shit decisions.

    • Pretty sure the Yamato didn’t alter his course, at about the same time as he fires up his engines to come out from behind the island the Gearing completes his turn so while it might have been too late to do anything about his first volley (which arguably he shouldn’t have fired either due to proximity and what the Yamato was most likely to do) it wasn’t for his second volley. You could argue that the Yamato should have been more aware but general speaking expecting a player to be 100% aware of whats going on behind him especially when an enemy is closing in is unrealistic.

    • Yes, the Yamato was on the same course. The Gearing was a moron with no awareness whatsoever.

    • I hold fire on torps where they may reverse direction. However you may see me pull questionable torpedo shots on my division mates…
      But there is a reason for that, I warn them over voice, get permission and then launch.
      They know that torpedo strike will either come in front of their bow or behind them and the time until they get there.
      With strangers… Not so much, unless you like the color pink.

    • Gearing either fired before/after he turned and Yamato started to get speed, still blame gearing for not firing before he was spotted because he didn’t think that Curry would hug the island.

    • most of the time i agree with jingles that blue on blue torps are solely the shooters’ responsibility, but one time i was in a DD skirmish, 3 or 4 of us, lobbing HE and firing torps back and forth from 10ish km. this’d been going on for awhile when out of a gap in the islands one of my cruisers sails right into the middle of our exchange and eats one of my torps.

      i took the blame at the time, but the more i thought about it, the more i believed (and still do) that it was mostly his fault for driving into the middle of a DD skirmish. i fired them probably a minute before they hit him and because he was sailing in between islands he had to have been holding his course for awhile, so he had *PLENTY* of time to see them and not sail into a torp crossfire.

  13. Let me guess. This match was played during a weekend

  14. *Not a bad bit at the start, to say………. It’s almost as if things are much more productive when a team supports their Battleships rather than leaving em to die alone at the front forcing em to hide in back or die to fires as if were not made of **_metals,_** (lolz) :”3*

    (along with not having the old/broken kind of Carriers in a game, eh)

    Plus a much more respectful and informed tone of talk for it in regards to BB players is also appreciated, with appropriate acknowledgements for proper play and the issue of both ways one can “do it wrong,” with the point in part of a team doing its ‘job’ per matters.
    Much an improvement and much glad for it, ^~^

    • Yup, still loving the “BB push up!” only to be left in the lurch the second the enemy team uses harsh language… Still, I refuse to camp the map border so generally end up dying gloriously and in vain.

    • Fuck BB players 99% has a sub 45% wr says it all tbh.

    • +MrGrimsmith Im the same, i usually push, and get caught out in the front with the nearest friendly ship 10km behind because reasons. I use islands to protect my flanks, and therefore dont have an easy escape, especially in the slow americans, and with a lack of support there is usually only one thing to do, do as much carnage as possible before the inevitable.

    • While it is good you do not camp at back it doesn’t not automatically mean doing the opposite is good. If you see CC videos you will see it is increasingly difficult to carry teams no matter how good you are single-handed. Pushing into a sizable force of enemy is suicide and people don’t like to suicide generally, of-course people camping is also very common in wows. For you to maximize your game-play unfortunately you have to play around your team. So support you team but if they are not supporting may take things slow.

  15. It’s not the torpedo with you name on it that you need toworry about, it’s those addressed ‘to whom it may concern’…

  16. Of course Mr Torpedo is your friend once he has left the tube…
    Just remember to hook up the wire first so you can wireguide him!

  17. 9 dislikes, it’s probably the enemy team lol

  18. Vedrfolnir Isenvakten

    The only thing more accurate than incoming enemy fire, is incoming friendly fire.

  19. I sympathize with the Yamato, how was he supposed to know torpedoes were around the corner?  Really? The Yamato was turning around the corner, ready to intercept a Kurfurst, and of course, not realizing a battleship was heading in the same direction, the idiot in the gearing, who already proven themselves to be an idiot in the first place, practically, not entirely, but practically killed the Yamato with the his own torpedoes due to a lack of awareness, I mean, he probably didn’t know what “awareness” meant, he’s that stupid, you expect him to know what awareness even means? As for the last surviving destroyer on that…horrid enemy team on the last match, I feel for him, I really do. Being a victim of exactly the same thing. One who was doing everything right, everything that he was supposed to do…and his team fuck everything up in spectacular proportions that makes you wonder how they have the brain power to exist or live on this god forsaken earth, as for that poor destroyer…all I have to say is…He was, as the great Jive Turkey would say, “Dead Right”.

    • True, And, perhaps I will admit that he should have looked at the mini map, But you also have to take into account the lack of cover, literally anywhere else BUT that island, also, look at the size of it, it just doesn’t turn on a dime, yes he could have reversed but that would’ve put him into the line of fire of the Tirpitz, which means, once again, broadside on, it was just a really, really poor decision to go there on his part, also to be fair, the Yamato is RIGHT there, pointing forwards in the same direction as the torpedo cone. Which means if he moves forward, he ends up, like it or not, in the cone. There weren’t really many other options, besides, the one piloting the GK isn’t that stupid, to go broadside on to a Yamato. So, while you could, again pin it on a BB player, I choose not to, and I stand by it.

    • +UkranianFedora Later after this comment I looked up the stats on both players. The Gearing player is beyond awful. 5000 or so games and a 42% WR. The Yamato was better, but not that much better. For example playing his Yamato he has about the same WR as the Gearing. They both were pretty foolish but I still think it’s possible for a decent player to do what he did. At that range and with adequate warning (which I think the Yamato likely had if we saw it from his replay), he just plowed right into the fire of both the GK and those torps.

    • @PCWarMachine, thanks for doing the research! As I was saying with MasterLochness, I think there were a huge amount of factors that were just not in the favor of Yamato, which boiled down to a really bad decision on his part as well as a tad bit of bad luck, but with the evidence provided, I think we can also assume that, ok, I’m probably wrong here, that, it’s entirely possible he made that decision not just because he didn’t see this situation coming. But, now that I look at it, and analyze this is in more detail, yeah, with a destroyer scouting ahead ( a rather dumb scout mind you), and with warning that there are also two destroyers and a Tirpitz on the other side of the island, and on the other hand, a GK as well, your  possibly, and very probably right, that was plenty of warning, that island was, infact, horrible cover, and the Yamato should not have gone over there, at all really,  or should have taken a different approach. Either, the Yamato was just as bad (If not slightly better which makes this ironic, and makes his rage… actually a little funny on the darker side of things), or, he was a decent player and was a walking jingles effect, in the sense he’s a decent player, but things tend to fuck up because he missed one crucial little detail, which became a diseased fly in the ointment.

    • He could also just hide behind the island considering it was the safest spot he could be (after he foolishly pushed up when it was ~5v10) and be safe from the enemy’s guns and his gearing’s torps…Have seen plenty of teammates go out and push 1v4 when they would survive if they only kept reversing and remaining/getting into cover and that was in situations where the win was still up for grabs.

      Hell, some of these even managed to eat friendly torps because how do you predict this stupidity.

    • Yes but he would eventually get out flanked and well, he’d die pretty quickly to both groups on either side of the island, getting sandwiched, in other words, he was kinda screwed no matter what he did and that’s the truth.

  20. *Enemy_Team.exe Has stopped responding. Would you like to close the program?*

    Oh wait, it already is.

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