World of Warships- Commander Rework Worries Confirmed

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Hey , today we go over the recent DevBlog post concerning the upcoming commander rework. It is a bit worrying, but there still is time for change.


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  1. The rework is gonna have FDR doing the T-Pose to all other ships.

    • @Robert Chien
      How about stop playing the game and make WG suffer instead? CV players didn’t demand these changes.

    • @Robert Chien hay aaaaaaa, i support my local dds, and my team. at least the fighters MIGHT be useful now with certain skills. come to think of it WG just being lazy as fuck and not fixing why the planes are useless, just let the player spec into fighters. Still the FIGHTERS vs INTERCEPTERS debate is gonna be good.

    • @Robert Chien BuT aCcOrDiNg to WEEGEE, CV hunting divs are forbidden.

    • @Alarick Le Wait have they actually punished players for that? Maybe people wouldn’t hunt them if they weren’t such a major cancer to the game right now.

    • @Nathan Davis I’m not sure. Plus it would be kinda difficult when the point of this game is to take down the enemy ships. I don’t see how players could prove that they were hunted down specifically by other players for playing as a CV.

  2. *OH NO*

    anyways, what now?
    We have told them to take their time and they didn’t listen, talk about ignoring community feedback

  3. Bye bye to German secondary spec. They better buff the base dispersion.

    • @Melon Lord yeah I mean range is great, but what’s the purpose of range if you can’t hit anything so sad

    • @LightsEUW lol
      This fact will question WG for thousands of years to come

    • @hond654 as it is meant to be

    • I thought they were buffing the base dispersion for secondaries and the new manual secondaries would bring the accuracy level up to where they can be now, but I can’t find anything about that anywhere. Did I just make that up with wishful thinking? Did I dream it? Man this is disheartening.

    • @NotTheATF it is
      They didn’t nerf German BBs, so that this commander rework covers that up

  4. WG true colours. Thanking the community for feedback that is purely in their own heads.
    Major nerf to German secondaries and a huge boost to slava ,thunderer and smolensk. Thank god cause they are all so underpowered lol

    • @Jack Hides And wg removed the competition for Petro in being a tanky cruiser, by not giving Stalingrad and Payto Rico survivability skills. And without a dispersion buffs, secondary builds on ships that are not Massachusets, Georgia and Ohio will will probably not be hitting enough shells to make it work.

    • @Melon Lord Yeah I hardly play her now. After this doubt I will touch her. Assuming I’m still playing at all. The Atlanta that is

    • Well, tbh, the only reason Slava is “OP” is because of retards sailing full broadside….

    • Yep, once you show slava your bow or stern, Slavas damage is nearly nothing.

    • @Lisa Ruhm yeah agree but it’s so good when they don’t 😆

  5. Killing the game one patch at a time ..

  6. So what I’m hearing is that Wargaming wants to kill the German BB community

    • Maybe the devs have a kremlin official telling them how to make the ships. Most of the russian navy fought on land. The Japanese can tell you how accurate russian battleships were ✌(◕‿-)✌. More and more ships that never existed. I guess the germans are left with just dyslexic bent barrel main guns that shoot like deputy droopalong.

    • @KulWie DerBach yep! As well as completely ignoring torpedo protection and dealing citadel damage with 12k max damage per torp and it drops 3 per strike, oh! and it gets a damage buff if your running the torpedo protection reduction for the cv commander set.

      Screw it, while I’m at it, may as well throw in 120 kt torp speed and instant arming.

    • @KulWie DerBach low damage but guaranteed flooding?

    • @Mr Jay White and fires and engine damage!

    • The more German BBs in your team the more likely you’re going to lose so

  7. this cmader rework is going to be the the cv rework all over agen
    mark my words

    • As a CV main back in the days of RTS, I enjoyed them. I am still up in arms about the CV rework lol. To answer your statement, It really lookx like CV rework all over again: a clusterfuc.

  8. Sea Lord Mountbatten

    Correction: Superintendent has been renamed to Provident, but only appears to be available to cruisers

  9. WG “We listened to the WOWS community, and decided to ignore them”……Between Subs, CV’s and this, are they really looking to push the long term players out ?

    • it has a reason,5 year old player doesnt need premiums anymore.but new players ” wooah tirpitz has torps <3''

    • The game is in the decline phase of its product cycle. Do you know Runescape 3? There’s about 10,000 players that keep the game alive and people employed at Jagex.

      WoWs playerbase is being squeezed for every last drop. The players who stick around for Subs and buy premium subs for each nation are the players who will buy garbage ships too. They’re trapped in the FOMO marketing and sunk cost fallacy

  10. This sounds like the kind of thing if it aint broke dont fix it. would of been plenty happy just to have an increase to 21 skills points and leave it at that or no changes at all

  11. The best detail is: You do not longer need captains at all. You can take your ships out not only without crews, but also without captains. Back to the roots and FU, WG. 🙂

  12. More untested sweeping changes… WG seems more and more determined to completely destroy their product. They learned nothing from CV rework.

  13. “This just killed Siegfried.” Pretty sure it killed most German ships, except the CVs and some cruisers like Hindenburg. Other factions came good here and there with one or two classes, with one or two factions coming out good in all categories.

    Pretty pissed about the reduction in secondaries though. The only adjustment to the current manual secondaries they had to make was that when you weren’t specifically targeting one ship they would still attack everything around you (and not get the focused target accuracy buff while doing that obviously).

    • @SizzleChest McMurphy yeah im feeling that way as well.

    • yea, Siegfried RIP. a BIG RIP

    • SizzleChest McMurphy

      @Matias Lauriti Siegfried was the only thing I was looking forward to in this game. It was something different and exciting. This is pretty deflating.

    • @SizzleChest McMurphy Yes, i get it 1 week ago, is a great and fun ship. but Whitout sec, i dont know.

    • The wording on that Secondary accuracy skills seems incredibly vague/ambiguous.
      It suggests that you get a flat accuracy bonus when you select a focus target, but why then not just give a flat buff. Alternatively, it only gives the buff against the selected target, but the skill does not accurately describe that.

  14. i dont undertand how regular player can see how this is gonna affect the game but the devs cant. do they not even play the game.

  15. Face it…this game is dead. I know it will piss of players that put a lot of time into it but it is time to move on. I know I will be.

  16. when this goes live ill probably be quitting the game for good.

  17. Sounds like you can’t XP your commander up anymore. So they’re expecting everyone to play endless games and alot of people don’t have time to play hundreds of games every week, I think they’re going to lose a lot of players.

  18. So what I’m hearing is that wargaming is making an intense effort to kill their game huh.

  19. “They’re just gonna throw it on us without thorough testing….”
    Yeah, just like CV rework, research bureau, IFHE, etc..

  20. WG: “Theres no way we can milk the player base so soon after the Xmas cash grab…wait hold my beer” ..I know I’m waisting my life playing this game but damn WG you are making this easy for me to just walk away. Where’s the fun anymore??

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