World of Warships Convoy Game Mode Wows News Update 0.10.8 Russian CVs

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0:00 World of Warships 6th Anniversary + Rewards
1:44 Dutch Cruiser Tech Tree Available
3:05 Russian Soviet CVs Early Access
4: 47 Designer’s Table Port & Aircraft Bureaus Rivalry
5:49 New Game Mode Convoy Gameplay

Hello and welcome everyone, In Update 0.10.8, World of Warships is celebrating its sixth anniversary and with it comes a Snowflakes event just like at Christmas where you can earn on ships of tier 5 upwards you can obtain Gift containers, and Festive Tokens while for every tier 10 in your port you can get a supercontainer by simply gaining a win in any game mode or earning 300base xp in a match. Additional content which I’ll cover in more detail includes the full release of the Dutch tech tree of cruisers which will be fully researchable for everyone including the tier 10
Gouden Leeuw, an event similiar to the Battle of the Beasts event called Aircraft Bureaus Rivalry which coincides with the release of the Russian aircraft carriers into early access but most notably the addition of a new game mode called Convoy which I’ve already played several times and is incredibly fun especially in the brawling battleships I was playing.



  1. Hello and welcome everyone, today’s video takes a look at the upcoming update 0.10.8 with the 6th anniversary event of World of Warships, supercontainer rewards for all your tier 10 ships, Dutch line is full released, Russian CV early access and a really fun new game mode called Convoy. Let me know what you are looking forward to in the next update in the comments I hope you enjoy the video and until the next time keep sailing it like you stole it o7

  2. Thanks for the video Carbine, I’ve played convoy on the PTS and enjoyed it. This would be the perfect place to put subs!

  3. FINALLY after eons they realised we need a new game mode for the game.

  4. wow, you did it again lol, against alllll ods 🙂

  5. Very sweet game at the end! I can’t believe you got that least heal off and survived haha

  6. The Convoy game seems to be fun ^^, some change in gameplay is appreciated

  7. what a tuff old buzzard
    nice game CC

  8. There was an “escort” gamemode in MWO…… and it’s the gamemode who was canceled after 2 years, because the escorted object was unable to run or sustain all that dmg.

  9. Seems a lot like Operations mode, could be fun

  10. I love the convoy battle mode! As soon as it enters the live server, I will only play there ;P

  11. Convoy looks very fun to play. Glad WG is bringing in a new game mode that will discourage campers at the fringes and encourage people to mix it up. The anniversary event looks great too!

  12. It is a French DD for sure as for the tier the comments go for the tier X Kleber. Other than flag had to cheat to go back looking for distinguishing features, radars etc.

  13. Excellent vid m8, and great game at the end. Also convoy game mode looks indeed fun, actually looking forward for update 10.8.

  14. CV’s even able to ruin any game. Looks like a good mode, team play reliant though so will see.

  15. Dutch cruisers are garbage. I have them up to T8.. absolute rubbish. Like subs and most new additions to the game. Napoli is a good ship addition but a complete ripoff. Play this game for long enough and you WILL be disappointed.

  16. Convoy is a lot of fun…Not sure how much longer I’m going to keep playing when my premium runs out… I’ve become really satisfied with the blowout matches. Even being on the winning side. I think the submarines show a lot of potential, but I think that they still have some issues…Don’t really care for the air strike, would rather have the ship equipped with toros. Soviet CVs? Hmmm…not so sure about those, I’m not a CV player.

  17. Bring back Dunkirk!


    Like all the goodies and the game mode, no interest in more fake ships though.

  19. Klèber is such an adorable ship

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