World of Warships- Returning Players Can Get A Free TIX Premium Ship….In Loot Boxes Of Course

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Discussing quite the……..interesting offer from WG today. Let me know what you think below!

Ross Rowley:

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  1. why not give people who actually play some of these wtf

    • It’s like those deals cable companies have. Discounted plans for new customers but existing customers pay full price.

    • @drink15 as a guy who used to be a tech for one of those….this drove me up the wall. So many people i would install or service and get that question. “why cant i get a deal unless i want to quit or am new?” if i knew i wouldnt prob be a tech. lol.

  2. Damn, I think will come back and win 15 game then ditch the game immediately, what great benefits for being inactive 😀

    • Never mind I guess I didn’t get the message, I guess I will sit on the sideline again and continue to watch this whole circus show

    • @郭 none of my friends in ASIA server (all inactive btw) got the mail either 🙁

    • @KineticRhyme same. I’ve been inactive for over six months but no email.

    • @KineticRhyme hmmm interesting, I did get the email.
      However, maybe there is some merit to the whale part.
      Did any of your friends spend whale like money on the game?

      I got the email, and I indeed was a whale.

      Maybe they check with an algorithm to see which could be the most profitable player to entice?
      It’s just an idea, otherwise maybe it’s different for different regions.
      I’m in EU region.

    • @SpaniardNL one of my friends has alot of premium ships including the missouri but even that inactive whaled account didnt get an email

  3. they should give it to everyone

    • Or everyone gets a tier 8

    • Let’s ALL quit for a while and see what they offer!

    • @Tobias Time I don’t have the rest but Azuma is great. Very underplayed, underrated ship that people dismiss as a fragile long range HE spammer. It certainly can do that, but as long as you angle it’s more durable than people give it credit for, it’s heal is fast recharging, has good AA, hyper accurate guns to smack DDs even at longer range, and you can citadel BBs with the AP. I like to angle and play her at medium range from a kiting position. Hydro allows you to push into DDs when the time is right.

    • @Tobias Time Damn man, I love the Azuma. She can tank and spam from long range. Worth it, IMO!

    • @Wes George the Agir is a very solid cruiser. (like any ship, when played correctly) but over all the Agir is very good

  4. “Let’s try to suck some inactive players back into the game so we can sell them loot boxes.” WG, probably.

    • Probably? Nah definitely

    • “Suprise Mechanics” according to some of their biggest industry heroes

    • We should start calling this “Whale Mechanics”…

    • kinda like offering a crack addict just ONE more hit… it’s ALL GOOD as long as it profits WG… Meanwhile, WE who can’t seem to kick this habit… WG will surely figure a way to make us ALL regret our love for this game again, and again, and again…………

    • Seems to be targeted at people that spent enough I got the email and have spent far more than I really should have but friends who quit at the same time I did last year but didn’t spend as much didn’t get the email

  5. WG can stick the containers and lootboxes in a place where the sun don’t shine, i think even the coworkers from wargambling itself getting payd in lootboxes instead of real money…

  6. This just irks me more as a concurrent player.

    • yes, its something companies do all the time. You can understand trying to get new business but you aren’t rewarding people who stuck with you all along.

  7. Considering what they’ve been up to recently they should give this to all players for free.

  8. Moral of the story: Don’t play the game, wait for free shit.

  9. Ivan TheTerrrible

    That is classic casino move. That is how they hook you in. WG is the Dark Side of the gaming world.

  10. They are obviously just trying to bring in new players that weren’t paying attention to all the drama and rope them into spending money by appearing generous. In other words, just another insidious ploy from WG designed to increase profits. This isn’t damage control, at least not primarily, otherwise they’d focus on appeasing the existing/regular players, instead they are trying to pre-emptively foster good will in the suckers that will generate them profits in the future.

    This is a calculated investment in the future, not a compensation for the present.

  11. PEGI has a 12, 16 and 18 rating for games with gambling; “The game contains elements that encourage or teach gambling”, and from 2020 all new games with gambling will automatically get a PEGI 18 rating.

  12. WG: “We have an angry mob that hates our greed. Let’s give some tier 9 lootboxes and lots of steel and coal free. But only to the people who abandoned the game way back.”

  13. Wargaming treating players who abandoned the game better than their dedicated players, classy.

    • Wouldnt suprise me if they will lose players from this just because they get pissed off together with all the other stuff that is happpening. gg WG

  14. WG does that goody give away while simultaneously shitting on present player base. GJ WG

  15. They have had this style of giving great stuff to newer and (left the game) players. I remember when they gave Guilio C just to come back. One of the best premium ships in the game. Just amazing. I m going to make a 2nd free account and alter between the 2 every 6 months and grab the bonus….switch accounts.

  16. WG: “Hey Kid, want some loot boxes?”

  17. And our reward for consistently playing the game, being opponents for others, getting buying premium time/ships, interacting with the community?
    We get to pay for the summer scam. What a joke.

  18. Josiah Ricafrente

    In the past, I came back to the game finding Giulio Cesare, Arizona, and a whole year of premium time after three different periods of inactivity. I thought that was pretty cool, and it kept me playing for awhile.

  19. These “free” tier 9 ships is clearly just bait to get them in the game again and then do the same crap they always do; “give me your money”.

    Otherwise, I’m not buying it.

  20. WG Community:”There is fire over here!”
    WG: “Let’s dump coal and JP-8 on the fire to put it out.”

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