World of Warships: “Curving” Torps – Bug While Turning

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It turns out that if your ship is turning while you launch torpedoes then your torps will not go where you aimed them at. High ping exacerbates the problem. They don’t curve though.

0:00 Curving Torps Problem Intro
0:37 Turning Out Test
1:40 Turning In Test
2:41 Is the bug Halland specific?
3:18 Is the torp indicator accurate when sailing in a straight line?
4:30 Clumsy 0.2 – lets add lag
5:06 500 ms ping makes the bug worse
5:39 500 ms ping does has no effect when sailing in a straight line
7:21 Shift + X lock works fine
9:15 Outro


  1. Don’t turn your ship when launching torps until this gets fixed. Wargaming is aware of it.

    • @Random dude True. 😀
      But I find complaining about one’s own inabilities, kind of dumb.

    • Knowing WG they will ban you for using “3rd party programs” just out of spite.

    • @H MR I mean… War Thunder bans me only because I kill the anty-cheat process accidentally even though it says it’s optional for arcade and realistic air battles… so I don’t doubt that. 😀

    • mynameiswritinwater

      got to love that you are going about this in a slow methodical way before you state “yeah that’s a bug”. Lots of streamers might just learn from that. Massive thumbs up

    • Antonio Hagopian

      @ザム「Zam」 yes it’s called YAW axis. Changes the direction of the torp. Just like using a rudder on a plane.

  2. Alfredosauce Larsen

    Flamu just did a vid on this as well, this bug is just ridiculous

  3. This is so satisfying to watch. It honestly is.

  4. Omfg. This explains why my torp DDs have 40% damage reduction recently. And the worst part is, I play from India, and 150+ ping. Damn WG

  5. WG: it’s not a bug, it’s a feature.

  6. Bug? Of course not, this is just how physics work in Russia.

    • Antonio Hagopian

      Read a physics book before saying that. Because this my friend is what happens IRL to a torp if a ship is turning. It induces YAW movement, just like the rudder of a plane. In the game it doesn’t change the direction of the torps just to make it easy. But now it’s more of a simulator.

  7. As dumb as this is, the torpedo cone actually shows you where the torps are veering off to for a split second as you fire. It immediately snaps back to where it’s supposed to be afterward but … damage done. Really weird.

    • I just posted the same thing, this is my thoughts as well. it never seem to affect them before but something is happening with it.

    • I think you are right. the yellow after the click seems to be the torpedo tubes locking in their angle until the launch animation is complete and then they move back as the tubes are “unlocked” again. Very nice to see in slomo on flamus video aswell. Yellow cone drifts out with the turn and then snaps back once animation is completed.

  8. If the yellow aiming spread is right It seems like the rotation of the torpedo tubes is locked while the torpedoes are firing.

    Shift+X seems to override this issue by manually setting the lock target.

  9. I’ve been getting abysmal hits on guaranteed targets. I guess the enemy players weren’t that good at dodging, WG was just fucking with me.
    Edit: shit my lag is about 90ms usually

  10. It should be a quick fix. They already had to fix the exact same thing way back in beta. I haven’t played in years but I still watch certain WoWS streamers and you tubers.

  11. Yayy, i missed so much in my Maerker, it was not just the torps being that slow.
    From now on, i have to stop turning before launching torps. WG should add a DD skill “reduced torp curving in a turn” 40% reduced curving radius while turning your ship

  12. Dude that’s the best bug report I’ve ever seen. The WG devs owe you a beer for that one.

    • Fips von Fipsenstein

      To be honest, Flamu found this one. But Aerron is on the trail of the cause, so actually both of them …
      And with so many problems still outstanding, WG should perhaps think about acquiring a brewery, or in Flamu’s case, a Scottish distillery.

    • Antonio Hagopian

      @Fips von Fipsenstein bruh he probably just saw a post on a forum and made a video. It happened since the 10.5 update and it’s only now he makes the vid. He didn’t notice shit by himself.
      Edit: I’m not talking about aerroon just to be clear.

  13. For years, Jingles spoke of the hand of Stalin guiding our shells to victory.

    But it appears that Stalin cannot grip a torpedo.

  14. When you launch the torp. the torp tube does’t lock on the Aiming cone. but lock on the ship bearing. they will lock that aim until all torp all launched. this is why you see why the aiming cone is back to camera again after you shot them all.
    it take around 2 second to launch all torp. but if we have a ship that can launch all torp simultaneously. this will never been happend

    • Yes, thank you. I have been searching through comments to see if someone have come to the same conclusion a I did. Sadly the top comments are just stupid complains about WG not fixing this “bug”

    • Antonio Hagopian

      @Ivan Repeta this is realistic. Turning will induce yaw movement and will chabge the heading of the torps. In the game you don’t want it just to make it easier. But if you want to simulate real life this isn’t a bug at all.

  15. Shakuraz the Dark One

    Dude, you probably put much more effort in the research of that problem, then WG did for their entire career.

  16. We also have a huge hit detection and gun aiming bug, somewhat the same like the torps

  17. This is why my toro’s always miss it’s not cause I’m shit

  18. Michael MeyerStarr

    I had noticed the aiming indicator moving when a torped while turning. Didn’t realize that’s why my torps are off tho…

  19. *DD torps curving*
    WeeGee: _”I Sleep.”_

    *CV torps curving*
    Also WeeGee: _” rEaL sHiT tOvArIsH?”_

  20. “not even in the same post code”
    heh, the old man has made an impact on your vocab

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