World of Warships // De Ruyter / “Pleasure cruises on the River Medway”

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Should a Dutch naval vessel be properly called a stroopschip? Asking for a friend.


World of Warships is a multiplayer warship battle game – you can sign up through:


  1. I got this,or was supposed to with my Amazon prime account but I never saw it in my port, and I have my accounts linked,idk what I done wrong

  2. That Phoenix… I can’t say they got what they deserved because they certainly didn’t deserve that kill after taking a break from the battle and leaving yah high and dry, but it felt really, really good to see Tuccy utterly delete them five seconds later 😛

  3. Pointy’s Being Robbed Channel?

  4. > Should a Dutch naval vessel be properly called a stroopschip? Asking for a friend.

    If a Dutch navy vessel is a stroopschip; then a Royal Navy vessel is a Fish&Ship.

    Slightly more seriously, the Dutch word “stroop” is one of those weird ones that have a different meaning as a verb and as a noun. The noun does mean “syrup”, but the verb means raiding, plundering and poaching (as in illicit hunting, not as in cookery). So a “stroopschip” would be a raiding vessel – it actually makes sense! (Or, you know, it could be a syrup transport. But that would be boring.)

    Anyway, I am not sure how to feel about the Dutch warships in WoWs. On one hand, I am happy that my nation finally gets a tech tree. On the other: this looks to be another case of gimmicks, powercreep and post-WW2 ships being added to a supposedly WW2-based game.

    At least we’re getting Design 1047 (tier X Gouden Leeuw). And it’s actually a tech tree ship, rather than a premium!

  5. It’s a surprisingly good T4, got mine through the Prime thing. 7 guns in proper turrets at T4 v v nice

  6. He it’s CAPTION GUY !!!

  7. Some nice gameplay there Jedi
    Phoenix is 6 sec reload BTW

  8. Phoenix deserved that for kill securing

  9. Oh, T4 cruiser with a spotter?! I do wish my Kuma had that, but alas.
    But GG, thanks for making and sharing!

  10. Τhat final torp could be dodged after the oversteer by stopping and ever so slightly turning your ship.

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