World of Warships Dead Eye Blues 0.10.0 Commander Skills Meta Shift

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The commander skills rework from 0.10.0 is still causing strife within World of Warships right now. Many long time players are struggling, or at the very least, unhappy with the direction the meta has shifted because of Dead Eye. I myself am still struggling to adapt. Many others I have talked to as well are struggling. It’s not that Dead Eye is so strong. Let’s be straight, it does give an advantage. It’s what it is doing to the meta. It’s almost a psychological effect. I really hope Wargaming watched and tunes it. Players I have known for a long time are leaving WOWS, and several other that were thinking of coming back are holding off on it.


  1. I love my Soyuz at the end because That ship pushes so hard that everyone fears in flank by seeing that at least one BB comes with me and that’s make a difference really or even a heavy cruiser Alaska or Petero

  2. the captain rework is has killed some of my interest. 5 year plus player with over 110+ ships in the dockyard. I got basically 4 weeks to test the captain skills for all 110 ships. The end result is that I will not play the lower tier ships ever again…not worth it. At a certain point, the investment in captain skills at the lower level will lead to playing more premiums. It’s too expensive in my opinion.

    • You had four weeks to get the two extra points, which WG graciously refused to provide, and then you could properly test your builds.
      You most likely couldn’t even fully try any of your captains, as they got nerfed and also lack the extra points.

  3. As long as WG is stuck on making decisions with this game that are intended to push engagement ranges further outward this game will slowly die. And WG has made it clear they are fine with pushing these ranges outward. Just wait till subs get here?.?

    This was my fav game just a few years ago. Now it is a lesson in futility. I am close to done with this game and that is sad.

  4. I’d like to know what they envisioned with the Deadeye skill. Right now it does exactly what it describes so I can’t see how it’s a “mistake” on their part, not to mention it was tested and they got feedback on it. So I guess my question is more WHY? Why do they see this as a positive development of the game and good for the game as a whole? Very few people I’ve come across so far agrees that this skill is beneficial to the game play, in fact I don’t think I’ve heard anybody say this is good for the game, except maybe some comment on a forum. If BB’s needed an accuracy buff, and I’m sure some of them really did, I just don’t get why they should get that bonus when they’re not playing for the objectives or tanking which I had assumed was the main role for the BB class in general. It is just very odd to miss the mark so completely.

    • Why is a good question. Dazzle, despite not working well is a good idea. It’s limited in time and helps survivability. This rewards complacency

    • And btw I am still on the fence as to how effective it is for most ships but that is besides the point since it encourages, even forces a game play that does not make any sense, at least not to me.

    • Dead Eye is good for Yamato which had been power crept. It’s also good for Vermont, as it needed some dispersion help. It’s great for Roma which has gone from grossly underpowered to very strong. The problem, as Zoup puts it, is Thunderer. What needs to happen is Dead Eye needs a nerf to its dispersion bonus accompanied by a buff to Yamato and Vermont to keep them where they are now with the skill, and a lesser buff to Roma to keep it relevant, but not as powerful as it is now. Meanwhile, Thunderer gets nothing, thereby creating a psuedo nerf, while also not buffing any of the other battleships that it was never really intended for. (A small buff to Conquerer would be okay too.)

    • @Mr. Shane Smooth Individual ships can be buffed individually. The whole idea that you lose the skill if you do what BBS in general are supposed to do is just clueless. Thunderer is a BB I don’t run it on as it doesn’t need it. The reason so many get hooked up on the Thunderer is not Deadeye but that we see so many of them right now since so many new owners are trying it out after getting it before it was removed. Willing to bet that the effectiveness of the ship has not changed significantly if at all after the rework.

  5. I’m glad that CCs are bringing this up. Dead eye has changed the meta so frustratingly much that I don’t know what to do with the game. DDs are basically the only class I still find fun to play. BBs are like arty in WoT now. All sitting in the back and clicking once every 30 seconds. It’s so uninteresting and so pathetic. It can’t be a surprise to WG what Dead eye did so I have to ask did they “fix” it intentionally? God I hope not.

    Dead eye excluded I don’t have much issues with the skill rework. Sure I hate tier X CVs and unbalanced radar match making but it’s still only dead eye that makes me want to quit the game every now and then. Nothing else.

  6. Zoup, iv’e been playing since Beta, i have almost every single ship in the game ( Besides CV’s), and im done with this game, it’s not the game i enjoy anymore, and why would i want to put myself into a placement i have to force myself to have fun. It’s a game, a game is there for enjoyment, But when you have to force yourself into the meta just to have fun, it’s no longer worth it.

    • Pretty much same with me, WG decided to sink the game in their pursuit of that one last dollar

    • I couldn’t agree more. I have played over 30,000 matches, and I use to play around 8 hours a day. Now I play just to earn daily steel. Did anyone at Wargaming remember that games need to be fun in order for anyone to play them.

    • Feels the same for me. I hated it when they introduced the RB or the PR event and people complained about it and said they would leave the game, but i kept playing, because at it’s core it was still the game i enjoyed.

      But now I can’t bring myself to play it, because this time they changed the gameplay itself. I have no fun playing most of my ships with 19 or less cap.points, feeling like a complete downgrade of what I had before, because of increased built costs.
      I haven’t touched the game in the last 2 weeks and everytime I open the launcher i think a moment and close it.

  7. It’s not just Deadeye and the resulting meta shift. I am very, very resentful at being forced to grind 1.2M more XP *per captain* to make them as effective as they were before. The whole tone-deaf “This is the basis of our game – progression” statement from December was stupid. They didn’t even give any compensation – they just said, here’s 70% more grind to make your captains as effective as they were before *and* make it a pain to play anything except T10s and premiums! It has made me less interested in playing the game, not more.

    • I absolutely agree

    • Exactly, an 18 point captain is HALFWAY to 21. My 14 top captains will take forever to level out, and the 1.2mil each could create a 17 pt skipper from 0. The future grind is depressing.

    • Try having 40+ 19pt capts. Mathed out about $120k US to convert the 60 million (which after 5 years I don’t even have that much to convert…. like 48mil atm). When I compare that time to whats ahead I cry.

    • Making a 21 point commander less effective than a 19 pt used to be is a good thing – less difference between players with low point commanders and high point commanders is GOOD. The advantage you get in WOT for having 6 crew skills is outrageous, you can’t compete if you’re a newer player.

  8. I miss secondaries that hit, sometimes I miss so much now at 2km it’s sad

  9. I’ve been playing for 5 years and have over 8,000 battles. Since the rework I have to force myself to log in and when I do it’s for maybe 2 or 3 battles. That’s all I can stand. I also love to brawl in my German BB, but that is almost gone from the meta. Maybe I’ll go back to WarThunder….

    • Me too, I just installed War Thunder.

    • Same…coming up on 10k battles, been playing since 2016. Research Bureau and good clan mates is what keeps me in this game for now. Used to be a BB main, now most of my BBs are port queens till this meta is fixed….just not fun when you are in your KM BB and push a cap only to see yourself get focused down because your entire team is camping the A/J lines.

    • I’m either playing with a clan mate that Streams or I play enough battles to get my 3 daily shipments and I get the heck out of dodge. Sometimes I give up on the shipments and play just 2 battles. If I get a 50% WR out of those I quit for the day.

    • Same here, I’m forcing myself to play WoWs right now and usually only for a couple rounds. I’ve even played War Thunder for the first time in years…

  10. Just make it reversed. You get better accuracy when there are ships inside your detection.

  11. Been playing for about 4yrs this rework skill sucks. Now I have to regrind all my 19 commanders to max which sucks and I really do not like deadeye been in many match that have bbs just all back of the bus im a bb main mostly and I can’t stand that if the people want to snip they should go and play CoD

  12. Since 10.0, and the change in the Meta, I struggle in Cruisers now. Over the weekend, I played a half dozen games in cruisers from tiers 6 to 10 and found myself either the only cruiser or one of two cruisers on the team. DD’s rushed forward to the mid…BB’s stayed in the back, and the moment I tried to support the DD’s contesting Caps, I got focused and deleted. I faired a little better in the light cruisers, but not much. If I support the DD’s…I get deleted. If I try to farm damage with HE on the BB’s playing in the back two rows, I do a little better, but you have to move so far forward and invariably get spotted on the way by a DD…or planes…then it’s game over again. So I’m shelving my Cruisers until the Meta changes and just playing BBs and DD’s That pretty much negates my Tier 9 and 10 ships and I am less than pleased with that. Remarkably, after giving up on DD’s two years ago, I picked up the US DD line after 10.0 went live and I have been doing very well most of the time and am enjoying the game playing that class. I use BB games in my Massachusetts and Arizona as Credit Earners. I’m not happy about sidelining my Alaska, Riga, Donskoy and Petro, but until something changes, they are no longer remotely fun to play.
    Great work on the channel. Your content is fantastic and insightful. Glad to hear the twins and their mom are doing well. Stay safe and healthy!

    • Alaska still works very well in this meta and riga and donskoi were not that good before the rework. Petro I don’t know i have it i just could never stand to play it same thing with thunderer too broken to have fun in

  13. Taking a break till the dust settles. Lots of dead by daylight and overwatch. Having fun. I’ll be back when the meta settles

  14. For me, it’s less the rework for Deadeye, more the gutting of secondaries. Post rework my GK was posting near 30% accuracy on the secondaries on average, posts rework on the focused target with the buff she got for being a KMS BB, I’m still only landing 20% on a good game. That’s if I can get within that 12.5 km without being burned down by two thunderers, hitting me from longer away than I can hit them.

    • Same in my GK, all secondary skills and mods plus lutjens and manual secondary last night. 914 secondary fired… only 134 hits…. what the hell is that? The accuracy on manual needs to be buffed back to where it was.

  15. The next Naval Legends WG posting will be a Soviet missile destroyer, is the meta shift and the vid hint something…

  16. Good grief! You spend weeks trying to defend saying Dead Eye hasn’t changed anything. That how wrong we are… Now this!


  17. Jean-Philippe Morin

    Agreed, wg has sent a survey in game yesterday to ask how much we would recommend the game to others atm. I voted. It’s Not the best patch in the game history. I think it is ok they ask others than CC’s what people think. Some CCs have great influence, and have adressed what would happens to the game with this reworked, and the reworked still happenned.

  18. Im one of those more aggressive players when playing any type of ship. After this rework it seems I’m become a hyper aggressive trying to push and I can’t stand people just sitting in the back. The only thing this has has allowed me to do is to take my standard play style and use it with the somers/shimmy and get fantastic results but everything else I’m suffering at.

  19. Faster, Stronger, Better!

    I simply cannot understand why would WG make such a catastrophic change to the game.
    1. Destroy all secondary builds, especially German.
    2. Make a 21 point captain skill system where you have less options or skills than when you had a 19 point captain.
    3. Make you grind 1.2M XP to level your captain to 21 points for what?!!?
    4. Introduce ‘Deadeye’ that incentivizes players to camp at the back of the map which makes the game extremely boring.
    5. Renaming skills like ‘Expert Marksman’ to ‘Gun Feeder’ really dumb.
    6. Putting penalties on skills, really really dumb.
    7. Eliminating brawling or pushing gameplay, now that is unforgivable.
    8. Finally not ever listening to the player base and community.

  20. I just cannot play BB anymore, doesn’t click like it used to. DDs on the other hand have been a blast for me lately

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