World of Warships: Deleting Cruisers with German Firepower – Roon Commentary [122k damage]

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Easily the most fun German cruiser I have played yet, the Roon might be a bit sluggish on the waters but it does pack a mean punch in the form of Armor Penetrating rounds. As usual you can skip to certain parts if you wish, go to:
14:54 for Modules
16:16 for Upgrades
19:09 for Consumables
20:52 for Captain Perks


  1. I can’t stand passive pussies. I’m aggressive in every ship – though I know
    when not to be (i.e. taking on >3 ships on my own, unless I’ve no choice).
    Passive BBs = loss, and on this map usually 9 times out of 10 the BBs will
    just sit back, as evidenced in this replay. Surprised at the DDs, I’d have
    gone for C at the start and then worked back to A. Oh well…sometimes you
    just can’t help stupid haha. Nice vid Flamu ;)

  2. I really like your clips. You don’t pull any punches!!!

    Happy New Year!!!

  3. great play bud but shame about the team.

  4. nice Gameplay Flamu:)

    Can you make a commentery of US and Japanese BB´s in the Future? It would
    be nice to see how do you skill them.

  5. That ship will “Ruin” you! :D

  6. Flamu, I am still getting used to sailing CAs at high tier and I can’t seem
    to avoid getting citadeled. I am very cautious about giving my broadside to
    BBs and CAs, but inevitably I end up sailing directly at an enemy, trying
    not to show my broadside, I get too close, and as soon as I try to turn
    around, bam, 80% of my health is gone in one volley. Any pointers to avoid
    this? Like I said, I am trying very hard to guard my citadel, but there is
    always a point in a game when you have to turn broadside.

  7. Awsome video as always Flamu, I wish i had one game like one off yours,
    dont really understand how you do, maybe im just to hot headed and
    aggresive or something. Hope i never have to face you on the seas.

  8. i noticed the german ships are good to just run AP only.

    Love playing german tier 1.
    Wish you could do random battles in it. It’s a seal clubber all day.

  9. is the roon much of an upgrade compared to the hipper?

  10. But in a gameplay stand point you can’t go full historical, you can’t
    balance a game that way, plus most of the ships never faced each other in
    real life.
    The cleveland now isn’t what it used to be, very high arcs and slow shells,
    the mogami on the other hand is very strong, borderline OP, I get like avg
    4k a salvo with HE, and I fire twice as fast as the NO

  11. your det. range is increase by caliber not by class or i am i wrong?

  12. Nice gameplay, I am at Yorck currently and boy, since they buffed it and
    turrets rotate around 26 seconds (with modules and capt skills), I believe
    it is a decent ship now. Well only the low velocity of AP is it’s stigma

  13. You can only carrie the team for so long. xD

    Looking at this video makes me think they should buff the New Orleans and
    Baltimore, they have slower rate of fire, no torps, less range and less HP
    as the germans counterparts. Sure they got a little more armour but when
    taking 203mm AP and up it really doesn’t matter much.

  14. High tier gameplay is like tier 1 gameplay- everyone in your team is shit
    and brain fucked

  15. Great gameplay, what mods are in use?

  16. “Our Battleships are being useless”

    What’s new.

  17. first :D

  18. German Firepower indeed, the Roon packs a mean punch in those guns. The
    ship is great, my team on the other hand..

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