World of Warships – Maximizing Commander

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A couple viewers from the stream were curious about how I was using my commanders with premium ships. I cover the basics of how to transfer between and how you can train up normal commanders without having to retrain for the premium ship. I also cover the new 0.6.0 additions that will improve the commander experience further. Hope this is helpful and hope you have a wonderful day!

Tier X Nation Class Ship Replay


  1. good vid!

  2. The only issue with elite commander xp retraining is that it takes so long
    for a max level commader, like so god damn long…

  3. You forgot the possibility to use the commander with full effect on premium
    ship while retraining for another ship, for example use the commander on
    Scharnhorst while retraining him between Gneisenau and Bismarck, I did
    this, added with a couple of flags it went fairly fast and easy retraining
    the captain without need to play him with 50% reduced effect of the skills
    on Bismark.

  4. I get that Wargaming exists to make money but it would be nice to have a
    way of converting things like Elite Commander/Elite Ship XP to free XP
    using credits, even if at a reduced rate….

  5. Thank you for producing the video, this is exactly what i was confused
    about . I asked you on stream for this and you came up trumps . ++ o7

  6. So you need a 19pt capt before you start getting elite commander xp?

    How many players have 19pt captain outside the test server?

  7. All doubts cleared ?. Thanks sir. Sorry, NOTSER

  8. Holy smokes, no doubloons for retraining? Man, I don’t even want to think
    about how much real money I have spent redistributing commander skills.

  9. Belfast is one of the exception I would have a dedicated capt.

  10. TheGuardianofAzarath

    The fact that we won’t need gold to convert the xp now is good,
    particularly for me, as i’ve spent enough on this game (115£ in a week
    between xmas and new year, statement just came through…oh boy), so, no
    more spending from me. 😛 I just hope they’ll give us a new way to get
    excess xp off of elite and prem ships now as well.

  11. Soooo… If you haven’t got a 19 Point Commander you don’t earn Elite
    Commander Xp? That means if you are at Tier 5 like me, and if you don’t
    have a 19 Point Commander (yet) you can’t do this because you need Elite Xp
    to skip?

  12. Notser, if you could do a video on closer range BB strategy a lot of us
    would appreciate it. -gonowgetdown

  13. 19 point captain…. yeah by 2067

  14. Haha hey Notser someone nominates you for a legendary commander

  15. I did not know about using a premium ship to retrain commanders for about a
    year into playing WoWShips. I really wish I had know this and would have a
    lot more 15+ point commanders by now.

  16. Thanks for this video, this stuff has always confused me

  17. this benefits the hardcore gamers…
    now i will be fighting level 19 captains while im, as a casual player only
    have level 13-14 commanders in my most advances ships (tier 8)

  18. Elite commander XP is so useless. A level 19 commander? Are you insane WG?

  19. 3:08 Blyskawica, Anshan, Lo Yang, and Dunkurque all say HELLO! – OF that
    bunch, Blyskawica and Anshan are easily my favorite. Lo Yang seems decent,
    but tier for tier, not as powerful as Anshan, IMO anyway. Mostly due to
    being a Sims with better torpedoes, the BASE Benson or top Mahan set, and
    the Hydro is nice, but is rather short ranged.

    I wonder, does the Lo Yang offer that same camouflage type as the Anshan,
    that gives +100% free EXP? If not, then I am doubly glad to have won the
    Anshan from an Xmas gift! Particularly because the MAIN reason I did not
    buy her to begin with, was largely due to having to train up a new captain,
    but with a 10 skill point captain – she is ready to rock!

    I’m going to be using Dragon Flags on my Leningrad and Belfast til I get
    AFT and Concealment on my Leningrad, and Demo Expert and Concealment for my
    Belfast! Good thing I have 189 dragon flags at this very moment!

  20. So many 15+ point captains….
    I only got my first 15 pointer just last week, after playing since beta!
    How folks have more than one of these is beyond me.

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