World of Warships – DKM Tirpitz – 130K Damage!!

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TK_HALO_SKATE shows us how to run the Tirpitz with great results! 130K damage is a great match and I am very happy that he sent in this replay 🙂

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I use QuickTime on my Macintosh and BandiCam on my PC to record my gameplay, and then export out for editing.


  1. Dommel || Overwatch

    Wirklich cooles Video! ;)

  2. Raymond World of Tanks

    Is this on Windows ten ?

  3. Tonii Curtis Smith

    Tirpitz is my favorite German Battleship <3 also Bismarck and Yamato..

  4. I desperately need to get myself a new PC to get in on this game. Naval
    warfare has always been more interesting than tank warfare.

  5. Graustreif Brombeerkralle

    TIRPITZ!! <3

  6. 〖ƝƁƘ〗 Monstrous

    I used to play WoWs I had the Tier 7 battleship USA it was op

  7. 〖ƝƁƘ〗 Monstrous

    Tripitz is Bismarck’s sister ship

  8. The Derpitz

  9. hey hugh, u have a good nagato replay?
    i cant play this thing, every recieve citadel from the deck `-`

  10. today i start this game 🙂 and i am happy

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